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  1. Torres is a Chelsea player, Rafa is Chelsea manager, therefore I will give them support until the day they are not.
  2. Thank you for looking at my profile during December, we must play Pétanque one day!

  3. Thank you for looking at my profile during December, we must play Pétanque one day!

  4. Bonsoir Monsieur Marchand, yoiu have been absence from the boards ower long. Perchance you might feel up to putting in an appearance to relieve the Weltschmerz we are currently labouring under.

    1. DMerchant


      I am so sorry. I have just visualizer this message from August. I have been very busy with bible study and have not had the chance to get back into this wonderfulest website. Do you remember the Weltschmerz, I would most like to know. How is Lady Valeris?

  5. Hello my friends of Chelsea United

  6. I am very sorry to think you were male. I sometimes make that error too off of the internet, when I actually see girls in pubs. In fact, a lot of time, they are actually male. I wish you all the luck with your study and if you need any help with Petanque, please do let me know.

  7. Bonsoir DM. I am disturbed by the fact that your avatar has not changed his/her knickers since last you called. Is this normal on your planet?

    1. DMerchant


      It is true, they are the most appealing gotchies that Franciszka has.

    2. DMerchant


      I will soon change my display picture, but Franciszka is yet to shave so far this year.

    3. DMerchant


      How is Valerie? I would very much like to see her pochwa!

  8. witaj moi, it will seem we are still forum friends, I thank you for that.

  9. I very much hope you are enjoying this fine winter season and the France is not too cold at this time of the year! My friend once went to France and never came home, he was called Kermit and how he use to make us all laugh!

  10. The planet I come from measure time differently.

    I am a shape-changer.

  11. Happy Deer Day to everyone!

    1. moi


      You are my special secret...

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