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  1. So based on you’re response your happy and content with the way our team is playing? As for the resting question, why is this even a topic of conversation??? Shouldn’t he have rotated accordingly throughout the year? What about Cho & RLC? You seem to just conveniently skipped that. These are two of our best and brightest, that are consistently making way for mediocre at best (out of form) players As for Kante, arguably the BEST in his position, has been made to play out of position, I’d like to hear you’re logic behind this decision. As for tactics, NO I don’t believe subbing Jorginho our for RLC counts as a tactical master stroke. If anything the man is very consistent in this department, he is unwavering in his substitutions, he ...... wait for it......... is very very very predictable, consistently subbing the same like for like players. On the odd occasion he may change it up. When has he started with a different tactic? I do wonder if he actually game plans for the opposition? Based on his consistently I’d say that would be a resounding NO, The problem with Sarri is that he truly believes that “Sarriball” is the be all or end all, that type of arrogance and ignorance is the reason we are we’re we are, unfortunately for us and given Sarris consistent and predictable one sided game plan (NO PLAN B) it hasn’t taken long for opposition managers to figure us out. As for a personal agenda, NO I wanted him like all of our managers to succeed, I was excited yet reserved when we appointed Sarri. I was naturally concerned that he hadn’t put the runs on the board, nonetheless I was still willing to support the man. It’s Sarri who hasn’t shown us or the club the same respect and professionalism. It’s hard enough seeing our season fall away, but I like most Chelsea supporters draw the line at alienating our future and current stars, all because he doesn’t want to adjust!!!
  2. You must be watching something different to the rest of us a) RLC and CHO are in far better form than their counterparts b) everybody in the world, yes the world can see that Kante is played out of position. Probably explains why we’ve conceded so many goals c) Plan B, I think your again watching a different team, our team is predicable. Same system, same rotation, same players = same result d) what not defending his arrogance? Stubbornness? Overall care factor?
  3. 4 - 2 - 3 - 1 with Kante, (healthy) RLC midfield would be crazy, would be up there amongst the best in the world.
  4. Mate now is definitely not the time to be resting our superstars. We don’t have a clear margin in the race for fourth As for Sarri 😡 Doesn’t play in form players Doesn’t play the best players in their position Doesn’t have a plan B Overall an arrogant, stubborn deaf man who just doesn’t give a sh*t
  5. Mate now is definitely not the time to be resting our superstars. We don’t have a clear margin in the race for fourth As for Sarri 😡 Doesn’t play in form players Doesn’t play the best players in their position Doesn’t have a plan B Overall an arrogant, stubborn deaf man who just doesn’t give a sh*t
  6. Mate are you serious? this isnt fifa 19. You’re naive and delusional if you think a manager whose name isn’t SAF has the right to text a high profile player to tell them to f**k off. That’s exactly what he did, Conte had absolutely no right to send Costa anything. A high profile proven PL goal scorer like costa who FYI if you did some research would know scored a lousy 20 premiere league goals (oh and a pathetic 52 goals in 89 overall appearances) in his final year, Im sure would have been in demand with a list of paying suitors. Morata who cost us hmmmmm what was it 60-70 million scored a massive, heroic, galant, unsurpassable 11 goals in the pl the following season. But hey that’s after the fact right, if think we only paid 30-40 million for a player who couldn’t get a laliga game with Real that season right??? NO we paid 60-70 million for an unproven stricker. So yeah its fair to say a proven Premeir league goal scorer would have been worth a sh*t load more than what we sold him for. In the end I t’s up to the club to decide on his future and eventual asking price! NOT conte. By doing what he did, he effectively cost us millions, not to mention the negative effect it would of had with the rest of the team/management. Probably a reason we sucked the following season? Oh btw if it was a so called “no big deal” then why the f**k would the club hold out paying him?
  7. Conte behaved like a spoiled brat in the last few months of his tenure, he clearly wanted to be sacked. Whilst this is probably not the argument in court, it should hold some merit when making the decision. His treatment of arguably the worlds most inform striker was appalling and out of line. He did indeed cost us millions, leaving only one possible destination for Costa. That in it self should be a breach of contract. Would be nice to see both parties come to an amicable agreement and move on
  8. FIFA really are a joke, don’t get me wrong if we’ve broken the rules than we should accept the punishment. That said there needs to be consistency. Barca were handed there ban in April 2014, yet wasn’t fully imposed until 2015. Real and Athletico were also given the same ban/right to appeal. Leaving all clubs a transfer window. To change the rule now is pathetic, makes the decision very biased, even bordering racist? (Yeah I’m playing the racist card) Given the pending sale of Hazard and ageing roster, this transfer window will be crucial to our next 2 campaigns. We need to - sell/release a group of players - integrate youth - reinforce the squad for the next two seasons I’m sorry, but our current youth players alone will not be enough. We are Chelsea ffs, were can’t accept 5-8 place for 3 years running. We are not real and Barca were quality players would be happy to sign and sit on the sideline for 12 months
  9. Thibaut being dropped 😊 Thibaut f**king up for Belgium 😊 Given our sh*t season thus far, Thibauts failings are a silver lining Would love - Thibaut dropped for the rest of the season and then Sold at the end of the season 🤗
  10. Great signing, seriously guys he’ll be the clubs saviour next season. With - No champions league football money - Transfer ban - Hazard leaving - He’s American Hell be our cash cow, He’ll be the only reason we make money next season Seriously though, I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a dud
  11. Clearly his best years are well and truly behind him now, was worth a shot I guess. Hasn’t panned out, he’s slow and way off the pace. Shame really, he was amazing only a few years back
  12. This bloke is as useless as tits on a bull, just like the useless prick Sarri he is way out of his depth. To think this guy has displaced the worlds best midfielder ????? That in itself is a f**king joke ????
  13. Really sick of reading about whether he’s staying or going, wish hed just make up his f**king mind and move on
  14. It’s obvious that He’s not a fullback,
  15. Whoever the moron is that keeps defending him on here is either related to Sarri or on his payroll, surely nobody is that stupid that they can’t see that he’s toxic and is killing our team. Sarri is either that f**king stupid and ignorant or he’s deliberately trying to be sacked

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