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  1. VAVI

    Random Rumours

    interesting take on the Golovin speculation! He does have the physical attributes (high work rate; defensive attributes; etc) but playing that deep playmaker role that Jorginho does requires tons of confidence with the ball and a Fabregas like vision. He is 21 and given that Jorginho became who he is today because of Sarri, I see him as a blank canvas for Sarri to paint on. But I think Seri would be a more realistic move for Chelsea for immediate success, given that he's ready to hit the road running in that position.
  2. VAVI


    So we are getting rid of a 25 year old striker that was given only 1 year in the Prem so we can bring in a 30 year old fatass that scored 5 more goals in the Serie A....so who do you guys think we should buy with our HAZARD money?
  3. VAVI

    Random Rumours

    Guys everyone is talking about how attacking football is going to "UNLEASH HAZARD." That's very true, but I think "unleashing" him doesn't mean he's going to score 25+ goals in the League; its going to be more like him having 15-20 assists along with a solid goal count. Having players like Lemar or Fekir would only hinder his potential. Using hazard along with 2-3 dead shot finishers in front of him would truly be an opportunity for him to light up the Prem. Madrid Morata/Icardi Martial Hazard Bailey Imagine that? I know I'm dreaming, but I'm telling you, the minute Marina gets hit by a truck or has an enlightenment that she's running a football club and not a candy store...THIS CAN HAPPEN. Willian to United is still on...all we need to do is throw in 20-30M and we get Martial. Bailey is a Chelsea fan and has been highly linked to us; might cost us in the region of 60-65M, but that's equivalent of selling Drinkwater (30M) and Zappacosta (30-35M). Now coming to the striker, I would personally like to see Morata for 1 more year and hopefully see him piggybacking on Hazard's success. But if we were to sell Morata and get Icardi...we would over night have one of the best finishers in the league.
  4. VAVI

    Random Rumours

    Lemar and Malcolm are players with excellent dribbling, distribution, and creativity. But they lack what Chelsea need the most...putting the damn ball into the back of the net. I would really like to see us going in for offensive players with more of a goal threat and leaving the creativity to Hazard. IMO Martial and Bailey would be ideal...but its not really something that we can expect from a club who isn't willing to spend 6-7M for a manager during the most important summer of this decade. BTW Lemar has a defensive work rate better than most offensive players in Europe (think Sarri Pressing Style) and his strength is quite surprising given his short stature. Depay does have the better stats...but Lemar has special qualities other than his Distribution and Creativity that may be attracting Chelsea.
  5. VAVI

    Gareth Bale

    NOT a chance. First of all we would never pay the 85M that Madrid is asking for him. Second of all this guy is a 29 year old whose entire game depends upon pace and athleticism...which will drop significantly by the time he's 31-32. So 85M for a guy that's gonna give us 2 seasons...and that's completely forgetting the fact that he is one of THE MOST injury prone players currently. Would rather get Bailey for 60-65. IMO he's going to PSG...I doubt Paris would miss out on the chance for replacing Di Maria with Bale and utilize that Neymar Mbappe Bale combination. And honestly I think PSG and United are the only teams that can pay Bale's wages without having too much of a problem in the dressing room.
  6. VAVI

    Anthony Martial

    JJP I don't think we lost out on Martial yet... Sky Transfer Center reported that Man United have no interest in a swap deal for Alderweireld. News aside my take on it is that Man United know that they have ABSOLUTLEY NO CHANCE of getting Willian if Martial is not going the other way. Especially now that Conte is leaving, Willian shouldn't have too much of an interest in leaving Chelsea. And to put it logically from Man United's perspective, Tottenham have to sell Alderweireld for 40M or so regardless if they get Martial or not...but there's no way Chelsea would sell Willian if Martial isn't involved. So that gives us the much better hand of cards...now its just making sure we play the game right and get our target.
  7. VAVI

    Mauro Icardi

    Honestly speaking I think that "news" about Morata + cash for Icardi came up just because Morata was spotted in Milan. I'm sure if he was to go to Madrid the same article would have been published but rather this time it would say Morata + Cash for Griezman. Sometimes we just have to realize our stars are loaded with cash and they might as well jet over to Italy for something as simple as a midnight gelato. My opinion on Icardi transfer... not until next year. Morata deserves another chance at the Prem, its too soon to rule him out, and having him leave could be something that we regret especially with the amount of potential he has. Even if Morata were to fail I don't think its in Chelsea's best interest to pay 100 million on a new striker that plays similar style to Bats. Though Icardi is slightly better, he's not 100million better.
  8. VAVI

    Random Rumours

    MORATA--> Juventus I know its unlikely but you guys think Morata (65M) +50M-60M cash for Dybala would be a wild fantasy? I mean of course the no CL next year is a bit of a set back...but I just hope if there is any talk btw our board and Juventus regarding the Morata situation, somebody at least inquires about that possibility. According to Marotta, everyone in Juventus is a huge fan but the biggest obstacle in signing Morata is his transfer fee. And they will obviously sell Dybala (either now or in the next two years)...so why not to Chelsea? I know it sounds ridiculous especially with other clubs offering much more talent, wages, and CL...but just a thought for these anxious times.
  9. VAVI

    First team squad outgoings?

    Luiz can be extremely vital as a forward moving CB and his presence in the locker room is absolutely essential. Don't forget Luiz was considered one of the best CBs in the Prem last year. If he can recover from his injury then we have 5 CBs- 2 forward moving centre backs (Luiz and Rudiger) 2 centre backs that keep their ground (Cahill and Christensen) and 1 that can do both (Zouma). That combination of QUALITY experience and youth in both CB roles is something NONE of the other top 6 have. So I say we keep the CBs that we already have and not waste any of the already limited financial resources on a problem that doesn't exist.....well at least for this year.
  10. VAVI

    First team squad outgoings?

    But he is still our best player and if we get Sarri or Jardim there is no way we should let him go. If Conte stays or if the club doesn't make at least 1 ambitious signing...then we start to think about selling hazard. Ideally I think we should not go for anything less that what Barca payed for Coutinho, in fact it should be a bit more than that as we can exploit Madrid's desperation. All in all I would never want to see him go.... but if the scenario arises then we better be able to buy at least 2 up and coming world class players (Martial;Zaha;Bailey;Asensio;etc) with Hazards fee.
  11. VAVI

    Leon Bailey

    Enigma your absolutely right that he plays LM for Bayer Leverkusen, but his ideal position is RW; thus the comparisons to Robben and the interest from Bayern Munich. That left foot of his can really do us wonders on that aging right side; but 60M seems much too steep. Honestly I think it may come down to Martial vs Bailey...but given our history and current financial situation I think we'll probably end up with Shaqiri On another note do you guys think Bailey is ready for the responsibility of regular first team football for a top club. Don't get me wrong, the guy is raw talent with amazing pace, dribbling, and a monster of a left foot...but I think he still needs a couple more years to work on his end product and to improve his "read" of the game. Teams like Bayern and Madrid can afford that because they still have other talent to work with while also providing him with ample game time to develop his game. That is something that no team in the Prem can provide given the competition and especially in our case I think we are looking for a player to start in front of Willian, rather than for someone to sub in for Willian.
  12. VAVI

    Anthony Martial

    Marina: "40M + Willian for Martial!!! So we give them an in form winger that has at least 2 good years left and pay half of their Savic fee while we get a guy that has a handful of "okay" performances in his 3 seasons in the league. Ohh and he can never play his natural position for us nor will we have any more money to spend on another RW. Ohh and lets completely forget about the chemistry between Hazard and Willian that could be invaluable for Sarri Ball." Roman: "Well if you put it that way...I guess it makes sense to go with it" I kid u not I feel like this is exactly whats gonna happen. On the other hand Martial could be the Mythical Legendary Son of "Mourinho Rejects" and "United Rejects" We've seen success of just one category now imagine how the combination would look like. LOLOL Jokes aside Martial seems like a solid young player that I wouldn't mind if the club got for max 45M anything more than that or any of our players going to that sh*t hole called Old Trafford would be a disappointment.
  13. VAVI


    Yea just saw the news: I think this is how its going to turn out: Ancelloti-->Napoli Sarri-->Chelsea Conte-->Juventus Allegri-->Arsenal (this is just my opinion; nowhere in the article does it say any of this except for the Ancelloti part) https://www.101greatgoals.com/news/sarri-to-chelsea-ancelotti-reaches-napoli-deal/ That's the link but its actually reported by an Italian outlet called Oracolorn I personally don't know anything about the reliability of the source but in article that I linked they say that Oracolorn reported a "few very important news pieces" accurately in the last 6 months. Make what you will of it, but I'm excited to see this "Movement of the Italians"
  14. VAVI

    Hello from Hyderabad

    hey Strider6003, From America, but now currently working in Hyderabad on a short term project. I was confused myself on what write for my city but it seemed like everyone was putting down the location they are in currently so I went with Hyderabad...I guess I'll make a new intro once I'm back States side
  15. VAVI

    Hello from Hyderabad

    Hahaha Munkworth....i really hope not LOL But I don't think i could of had a better first match. It was probably my second or third time watching football in my entire life and I went to the bar with a friend of mine who was a Barcelona fan. The emotions, the fire amongst the players, the match drama, and the environment the Chelsea fans created at the bar, and of course the beer...there's nothing else like your first match. On a side note, that day I found myself in the middle of a few scuffles, me a guy that was calling Drogba "Big D"and didn't understand why they couldn't sub people in and out throughout the game. (I grew up on basketball so it was somewhat justified)