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  1. Hope that Odoi extends his contract. He shows incredible potential so it would be a real shame if Bayern signs him up.
  2. I think that Sarri should stay as he needs more time. If he gets the players he wants in the summer than we will have a very strong squad that could go for the big trophies.
  3. It's quite even so far, but we don't have enough of the ball to make a serious attack against City.
  4. I have a feeling that Pulisic will end up as replacement for Hazard.
  5. I would say that Sarri needs time. Guardiola also had terrible results in his first season. He does need to be given the money in the summer so that he can get the players he wants.
  6. I think that Hazard will end up at Real Madrid, while Pulisic will hopefully be an adequate replacement.
  7. Hope that Roman stays. If we would get owners like at Arsenal and Man United than we would be doomed.
  8. Both goals from Higuain was great. Obviously I liked his second goal a lot more (in spite of a slight deflection). I think that this performance was a great response to criticism he got from the match against Bournemouth. Hopefully, he will continue against the next opponents.
  9. I think that Emerson is simply a player in a better form than Alonso at the moment.
  10. United is starting to lose steam under Ole. I think that we will beat them in the FA Cup.
  11. We are controlling this match well, but we need to create more clear cut chances.
  12. I thought that Higuain was quite anonymous against Sheffield but this is only his first match for us. He will definitely improve in time.
  13. Yes, I think this would be the best option. I think that we should try everything to keep him, so he doesn't become another Salah or De Bruyne. We have enough money, and we only need to play him regularly. I mean, if he can score a goal like this one against Sheffield Wednesday than I think he is good enough for us.
  14. A deserved win. Tottenham were very lucky to get that goal, while Spurs simply bottled it with penalties.

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