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  1. His whole match was world class. He not only orchestrated our entire attack, but he was also tracking back and defending.
  2. Yes, but the problem is we often do not generate shots with possession. I think, more than the defense, is that we do not do enough with possession. We don’t get into the attacking third fast enough. Often, once we get there, we do not really generate a serious attack because Azpi and Alonso turn the ball over or Kante resets the attack by passing short or back to the midfield. I really believe that they went after Ziyech and Warner to try and convert possession into shots. Right now, the only guy who does that every week is Pulisic. When the offense was clicking before the break, Tammy and Mount were also doing this.
  3. Doesn't it make sense to let Lampard try Kanté in a few different places over the rest of the season to see if it is a fit? Kanté does a ton of things really well and seems like a great option against clubs like Liverpool and City who rely on quick passing, aggressive counter pressing, and exploit zonal marking. It seems like Kanté provides a way to neutralize that. Kanté is not a regista, sure. But when he plays a holding midfield role, he shuts down passing lanes and angles and prevents the team from getting picked apart in the midfield. A ball playing CDM that controls possession is absolutely one way to play and Kanté cannot do that. But he and Kovacic allows Jorginho, Mount, and Barkley to play as eights and to let the fullbacks focus more on attacking than defending. https://theathletic.com/1897059/2020/06/28/ngolo-kante-claude-makelele-chelsea/
  4. I have followed the EPL for about a decade, but I never had a "club" until I saw Chelsea play Leicester at the home opener. Talk about a great season to become a true fan. The club lost its best player, had a transfer ban, have dealt with lots of injuries, and Frank has them competing to win the FA Cup and finish top-three in the table. From watching Chelsea Unseen, it seems like Lampard is both a motivator and tactical manager. He may not be as clinical tactically as Jose (at least right now), and he absolutely has struggled tactically at points this season, but he does let that stop him from truly experimenting. Meanwhile, all of the young players say nothing but great things about how much they love the "man" as a mentor, not just a traditional tactical manager.
  5. Great article in The Athletic about how Lampard used a back three to tactically exploit Mourinho. Basically, he let Willian, Mount, and Tammy to press early, forcing bad passes, and then had five at the back preventing Tottenham for getting a fifth attacker unmatched - something they've done regularly with Aurier under Mourinho. https://theathletic.com/1481425/2019/12/23/michael-cox-how-pressing-tottenhams-back-three-and-overloading-the-flanks-saw-lampard-outwit-mourinho/
  6. This kid is a special poacher. Chelsea has not had a player like him in a long time. He is full of confidence, athletic, long and tall, strong, and knows where to be at all the right times.
  7. I have not really heard any rational fans calling for Frank’s head. He has an immensely difficult job and is going to take time to learn to manage this club. It is okay to acknowledge that while also criticizing some tactical decisions.
  8. To be fair, James has played in the Premier League before and is being asked to just score goals. Pulisic is being asked to create, shoot, and track back and defend. He has excelled at the latter. I just think it will take at least one or two full seasons before we can evaluate how good Pulisic can be.
  9. We scored five goals against two teams that were just promoted. We scored one goal total against two teams we’ll be competing with in the table. The attack has gotten lucky in the last two matches. Again, the team will be just fine throughout the year. They’ll get healthy and the young guys will develop. But nothing has consistently looked good since the start of the season, including the attack.
  10. But it has been the same every match. It was 27.5% against Man Utd, 24% against Leicester, 32% against Norwich, and 17% today. The team is not attacking well. They are winning possession, sure, but they are not translating that into a good attack.
  11. Disagreed. Today only 17% of our passes were in the attacking third, but we still dominated possession. That’s not attacking well and it opens up the defense to quick counters. The whole team needs to improve. Neither attack nor defense has been sufficient.
  12. I am trying not to overreact... Kante, Pedro,RLC, CHO, and Rudiger were all injured. The team will look very different soon. My guess is Zouma is no longer a regular starter when Zouma comes back, Kante is obviously a game-changer, CHO will allow Mount to play in the midfield along with RLC, and Pedro is a pretty solid substitute. It is just that losses like this, when the problems are very clear, can be quite frustrating.
  13. Kovacic played well today, though he is still leaving his zone, which hurts Chelsea’s shape. I do think that, over time, that will fix itself.
  14. So who starts instead of Azpi next week? He has been mediocre-to-horrendous every match.

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