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  1. Fake. It will be something like that.
  2. At least we wont lose Community Shield for the 6 time in a row. Not now.
  3. When we played final in 2008 wearing 08/09 kits we lost. When we played final in 2012 wearing 11/12 kits we won. Bad omen.
  4. Izzy Brown - £1-£2m Fixed that for you 👍
  5. And we got 2 points of them... And 1 against Wolves... And 1 against WBA...
  6. We made mistake by holding to Torres for 3 years, when he should be sold after first season. Hope club doesnt make that mistake again. There is a reason why Chelsea won Premier League with Drogba and Costa and only fight for top 4 with players like Torres, Morata or now Werner. Club need better striker.
  7. West Ham scored more goals than Chelsea with Werner, Abraham, Giroud, Havertz, Ziyech, Pulisic, Mount in squad. Embarrassing.
  8. Full picture of the Nike Chelsea 21-22 home shirt has got leaked.
  9. Yes, you cant have more than 5 clubs from one country. It would be TOP 3 and EL winner + CL winner. Means that 4th team would go to Europa League.
  10. Updated pictures with not yellow badge and first real leaked photo. Plus away and third. Away colours Third colours
  11. Mourinho was sacked after Leicester away in 2015.
  12. Looks like another 66 points season Frank. 5 games in. 1 decent match against Championship side and they still could score 3 goals.
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