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  1. Dont wanna argue but we should be happy to have both kova and jorg in the team... They work wonders together.. Like true midfield brothers.
  2. You wouldnt say that IF our forwards score... I think they bossed midfield but front 3 were sh*tt as usual lately.
  3. Yes. But only because we dont have good forward 3 😕
  4. I still preffer Kova-Jorgi mid then anything with Kante. Yes we were bad in defensive part of the game but in those times we played some, if not the most, attractive attacking football IMO. If Lampard wanna play direct attacking football (like he told at the beggining of the season) there is no room for Kante in first team. But he could be tactical subb for one of midfielders when you need to defend the lead.. And rotation ofc. My two cents.
  5. I had to create acc here.. You are talking about Jorghino like he is the best CM in the world... But he is not even in top 10.. Yes he is good (great) player but far from complete midfielder. What Jorg can do that Kova cant?

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