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  1. Well you can say everyone played like sh*t yesterday.. Kante? Why he almost everytime left kova alone at a back but kova was "8"? If we played 433 and kante dm then stay there... 433 is to attacking football and only few teams can pull it out vs top teams (teams with great deffense) and chelsea is not one of that team.. You can clearly see that kante likes to roam same as kova... We should play 4231 until our deffense get sorted to the highest lvl.. I think that Bayern play the best football out of all clubs.. They just killing it with 4231 vs 433 they sometimes play 433 but thats when they pl
  2. Well. If we get Kai (i hope we do) we should play to our strenghts. Both Kova and kante are better when playing as two men midfield with one attacking in front of them. Yes with those two we lack creativity going forward but Kai would solve that problem. Also Kai has the vest stats when he played as 10 behind the striker. I think 4 2 3 1 would be best and most balanced formation for team.. Kante and kova would be great at helping our deffence and with kai we would still have that one midfielder who will be threat going forward. If we play 4 3 3 with one DM I think we would be more of attacking
  3. In my opinion all deep-lying playmakers depends havily on good forwards and attacking midfielder... Both jorg and kova would have at least 7+ assists if they had better front 3. Also i think that kova have more open play assists then mount if i read corectly.
  4. First you should see some off the ball movement of our attackers.. And when you look closely you will se that its not easy to make killer pass.. Off ball positioning and movement is bad in whole team... You think that attacker just need to stand and wait for pass direct into his legs? Thats not how it works... Even KDB wouldnt have much Asissts with these forwards..
  5. He left because he wanted to play... Tell me: who would play in RM? There is no much midfielders that could replace trio of RM in that time. I can say, only few of them out of all CMs in the world. But that doesnt mean he is not that good.. By the way CR isnt that good how others are talking... If he is that good he would never left RM.
  6. Kova is more like Modric imo.. But difference is that Modric have deadly front 3 who make something out of his passes.. Also he has years of experience in Real (great understandig with his teammates), also modric transfer was considered as the biggest flop for RM. Do i need to tell you how that turned out? With better front 3 Kova will look even better then now. Give Kova, actully give the whole team some time to make their own chemistry between them. Many players are young and many of them are playing their first or second season in chelsea including Lampard as a coach.
  7. As someone said in other thread.. Modric doesnt score or assist to much... But in the end he is in top 5 midfielders.. Even at 34 or 35 he is top player for RM.. Modric himself said that Kova is very similar to him but with greater potential. He does something that statistics wont tell you. He moves ball forward as much as he can, as fast as he can.. Doing risky passes (not to much but he play smart), help defending (he is helping Alonso very much if you watch when they play), he always try to be free so other can make a pass to him. Etc etc... Problem is... Only Pulisic actually try to follow
  8. He wont be squad player.
  9. So every team have the best/starting 11.. I feel like we are the only team of all top 5 leagues (Talking about top 4 or top 6 teams for every league) that dont know its best 11.. We dont have some "standard" formation like almost every other top club have. You can say rotation is key... But as i see in all top clubs (not PL only), they dont rotate that much like we do. Every second game totally different formation or 3 to even 5 player changes.. This is not good as someone thinks.. You need to have standard front 3, middle 3 and back 4. Play with them, train them, know your weaknesses, adapt a
  10. Im afraid that he will be gone in two or "Three" years.
  11. Dont wanna argue but we should be happy to have both kova and jorg in the team... They work wonders together.. Like true midfield brothers.
  12. You wouldnt say that IF our forwards score... I think they bossed midfield but front 3 were sh*tt as usual lately.
  13. Yes. But only because we dont have good forward 3 😕
  14. I still preffer Kova-Jorgi mid then anything with Kante. Yes we were bad in defensive part of the game but in those times we played some, if not the most, attractive attacking football IMO. If Lampard wanna play direct attacking football (like he told at the beggining of the season) there is no room for Kante in first team. But he could be tactical subb for one of midfielders when you need to defend the lead.. And rotation ofc. My two cents.
  15. I had to create acc here.. You are talking about Jorghino like he is the best CM in the world... But he is not even in top 10.. Yes he is good (great) player but far from complete midfielder. What Jorg can do that Kova cant?
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