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  1. It's City's weird lie-up or I drank too much
  2. Time is a bitch. I managed to fall asleep around 5 in the morning. When I looked at my watch I said ok, I sleep more, the time of the final comes faster. It didn't work, I woke up at 9 am. There are still 3 hours and something until the game. Time passes hard now, I feel more and more nervous. I've been waiting for the final for 9 years. When did this time pass? It seems to have passed quickly, these hours seem to pass harder than the 9 years. I started drinking. When I think that the match lasts only 90 minutes ...A year of waiting for 10 minutes in the final. Minutes that go fast when you are behind and slowly when you are in front. Those moments that you perceive as an eternity until the ball passes the goal line. Those moments when you enjoy instantly but you enjoy with fear. sh*t. f**k anxiety, grab another beer.
  3. Mendy 8 Good transfer. The defense gave him a lot of security. I'm waiting to get rid of Kepa since Sarri. Silva 8.5 Silva's arrival is very important. All Chelsea players have something to learn from his experience. It was seen that he came as a leader. He knew how to organize the defense, and the players around him gained confidence. Now we are talking about Rudiger as being in the top 3 defenders from PL (Rio Ferdinand). I think Silva had his impact. Chilwell 7.5 Ups and downs, as if it is not fully adapted to the game tactics imposed by Tuchel. I think he has a positive impact in the locker room, always with a smile on his face. Ziech 6.5 I didn't expect much from him. However, he came from the Dutch championship. He seems to me an emotionally unstable player. Havertz 7 The most expensive transfer this summer. He was supported in statements by both Frank and Tuchel. He behaved well in a few matches under Tuchel, but I think he is the player who needs the longest period to adapt to PL. I think we'll see Havertz at another level next season. I like his donkeys. Werner 8.5 He has the face of a sucker child when he speaks. He can miss from any position and can score from any offside. He has moments when he takes the ball that make you think he's learning football in that moment. But, I think it's extraordinary from a tactical point of view. It has a phenomenal speed, tactical intelligence and high work rate. It is very difficult for the opposing defense to reposition itself when he plays. Put pressure on central defenders, create spaces for teammates, assits, etc. If he scored at least 60% of the chances ... Overall, I think Werner helped us the most this season among the newcomers. His first season in PL, I hope he regains the finishing he had in Liepzig. If he does that, he will be an incredible player for us.
  4. That's not journalism, it's City's PR. That's what a paid article looks like. It's something that happens quite often. The PR of a company comes and says that it has some interesting things to publish and it pays you to do it. They don't write for the journalist, they just give him the information to publish. Pure journalism is long dead. The practice is common everywhere..
  5. Chelsea squad listed below in squad number order: Kepa Arrizabalaga,Antonio Rudiger, Marcos Alonso, Andreas Christensen, Jorginho, Thiago Silva, N’Golo Kante, Tammy Abraham, Christian Pulisic, Timo Werner, Willy Caballero, Kurt Zouma, Edouard Mendy, Mateo Kovacic, Olivier Giroud, Mason Mount, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Ben Chilwell, Hakim Ziyech, Billy Gilmour, Reece James, Cesar Azpilicueta, Kai Havertz, Emerson, Tino Anjorin Full squad available. Kante, Christensen and Mendy with full training today and yestarday.
  6. I agree with you. But even in psychology sessions, those who have gone through similar situations respond better to therapy.
  7. I think that the form from the last matches has to do with qualifying for the Champions League final. There are many young players and it is difficult to keep them focused when the most important match they have ever played in their career is approaching. It's a unique chance that some of them will probably only meet once in a lifetime. It's hard to stay focused, not to think all the time about the match with City, not to be afraid of an injury that can lead to missing the final. I'm not more afraid of the final than I was before. The recent results should not scare us too much. I don't think the players have lost confidence and we will make life difficult for the citizens on the 29th. It's already an achievement that we've come this far. It's a final, anything can happen. It wasn't something we could have imagined a few months ago. So we have to wait for the final with a smile on our face, trusting the players and coaches because they made this possible. Hope they will make us proud in the end.
  8. Real Madrid is a team to beat, as well as City or PSG. The problem is whether our players can cope with the pressure of the UCL semifinals.
  9. All my respect to the fans who protested at the stadium today. I didn't feel eager to watch tthe game. What matters is the legacy they left behind after today's action. A legacy with which future generations can grow. Proud of them.
  10. -ESL defies common sense. I'm ashamed that Chelsea is involved in this historical mess. It's all about money, about greed. They say it saves football. How the f**k sake we expect Perez to save football? Are they in debt and have financial problems? Deal with them and start again from scratch. Rangers just won the Championship after going bankrupt. It's not the end of the world. What the f**k is this sh*t? Normal teams have to take care of finances, but the big ones don't? Why is that? Are they to big to fall? I've heard that before. -How will they play in PL? The only stake would be the first place, as the other 5 are already qualified in ESL anyway. They are the founding fathers for f**k sake. If you have a team at many points difference like City this season, the rest play in vain, they have no goal. Besides, there will be a huge difference between the financial possibilities of the ESL teams and the others. And if they are excluded, we will have the first clubs with new global identity. No nations, no borders, no flags. -Esl clubs will be happy if FIFA does not give players the right to play in national team matches. The problem has been raised in the past, that they do not want to pay for the injured player to return from the national team. But what about the players? Did anyone ask them what they wanted? Will transferring to the "founding fathers" in the future mean giving up the national team? Will that be a joy to watch or what? -UEFA laid the foundations of this monster when it moved from the European Champions Cup format to the Uefa Champions League. Clubs in several leagues have gained more and more power, and corruption in UEFA has only increased it. In Eastern Europe there was a discussion about separating a few years ago, because they felt discriminated by UEFA compared to the big clubs in Europe. -ESL is an American project that wants to impose their style of making money in Europe as well. Americans go to football or basketball as a show. They are not like the Europeans, they do not have the same passion, the same hatred, the same frustrations, the same understanding of rivalry.
  11. CL qualification is mandatory. Good players do not want to transfer to teams that do not play in CL. There is more money involved and there is also financial fair play. For me, the target is the title in PL in the next two years. We need a few transfers in the summer to improve the squad. I know it's sad when we think that the match with Brighton is more important than an FA Cup semi-final at Wembley, but we have to adapt to the situation. Maybe UEFA should pay more respect to the oldest competition in the world and its winner should go to the CL instead of the 4th place. But until then, we have to think about the near future and what we want to achieve as a club. We have a busy schedule and I would like to see physically fit players in the last PL game and, why not, in the CL final.
  12. We play two matches a week until the end of the season. I hope we rest a few players this match, even if it can lead to defeat. Personally I prioritize top4 and UCL.
  13. It seems so, but playing against Real also intervenes the psychological factor. Plus they have more experienced players than us and that's a big advantage in the higher phases of UCL. Mount is 22 years old, Havertz 21, Pulisic22, Chilwell 24, James 21. It is difficult for these kids to face the pressure to play a semifinal with Real Madrid.
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