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  1. CL qualification is mandatory. Good players do not want to transfer to teams that do not play in CL. There is more money involved and there is also financial fair play. For me, the target is the title in PL in the next two years. We need a few transfers in the summer to improve the squad. I know it's sad when we think that the match with Brighton is more important than an FA Cup semi-final at Wembley, but we have to adapt to the situation. Maybe UEFA should pay more respect to the oldest competition in the world and its winner should go to the CL instead of the 4th place. But until then, we ha
  2. We play two matches a week until the end of the season. I hope we rest a few players this match, even if it can lead to defeat. Personally I prioritize top4 and UCL.
  3. It seems so, but playing against Real also intervenes the psychological factor. Plus they have more experienced players than us and that's a big advantage in the higher phases of UCL. Mount is 22 years old, Havertz 21, Pulisic22, Chilwell 24, James 21. It is difficult for these kids to face the pressure to play a semifinal with Real Madrid.
  4. Real it's like an animal in CL. I'm afraid of them, especially since they're in shape lately.
  5. It was not a game that would delight us, but we achieved our goal and did not receive any yellow card. I'm happy with that.
  6. Normally I would have liked to play with Real next. Since we are fighting Liverpool for the top 4, I would like to meet them in the semifinals. If they are eliminated by Real, they will only focus on the championship and they have easier games than us.
  7. Mendy (GK) 2Rüdiger 5Jorginho 6Thiago Silva 7Kanté 10Pulišić 19Mount 21Chilwell 24James 28Azpilicueta (C) 29Havertz
  8. Does anyone know the situation of the yellow cards? Which player risks suspension?
  9. I did not see the usual pressing in the opposite half. I didn't understand those long balls sent by the defenders. A bad first half,lucky thing we scored. It was as if the break for the national team matches f... us.
  10. I think we will see Sergio Conceicao in PL in the next 1-2 years.
  11. Mendy Azpi--- Silva--- Rudiger CHO--- Jorginho--- Kovacic-- Chilwell Mount--- Giroud ---Havertz
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