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  1. Size doesn’t seem to matter to Messi, Xavi, Maradona, Dennis Wise, Giovinco etc etc. Rice is physically much bigger, who would you rather have? As the Scottish fans chanted at Rice “you’re just a sh*te Billy Gilmour”
  2. To be fair, Pep’s team selection is a bit dubious....they would be 4-0 down if we had a striker
  3. Can you imagine how good Werner would be if he could finish and keep onside....
  4. TT persists in playing experienced, bang average players. Ultimately, this has cost us massively. Frank had the right idea about Jorginho, that is for sure.
  5. Our midfield is offering nothing. Got to give Gilmour a chance l
  6. I wouldn’t mind Gilmour on for Kova - he’s clearly off the pace and McGinn and Grealish have goals in them.
  7. I heard something quite bizarre from a mate of mine who works for Man City. The rumour doing the rounds there is that they have agreed a sell on fee/percentage with Norwich for BG. Norwich will loan him next season with an option to buy, which they will exercise and sell onto City within 12 months. Apparently Pep wants him and Foden in his midfield but knows we won’t sell him to them. Probably a load of bollocks but my mate has been reliable about a few things in the past. Even if it’s not true, it’s a diverting tale.
  8. I wonder what his stats say about Timo...
  9. Because we need 2 left backs in reserve....clearly.
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