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  1. Regardless of how it may affect Torres its pretty evident we do need a new top class striker. I was all for him getting the opportunity to be the main man at the start of the season and whilst I still think he probably would rack up 15+ league goals, we could really do with a striker who is capable of inspiring the attack in games such as today and nicking a goal just when we need one.
  2. Here you are! it may be a repost from earlier but its still priceless. I felt Bayern were convincingly the better team in each leg against Madrid, im sure theyll be back in coming years.
  3. These are the cream of what i've come across so far on facebook lol
  4. Que sera sera, Whatever will be will be, We won in Germany, Que sera sera
  5. lmao, i never once budged from my sitting position from half-time to didi's goal
  6. YESSSSSSSSSSSS the date is 19 05 fellers, it was written
  7. which says alot about our wide players considering hes arguably the best crosser of the ball we have. tbh though i feel the final is going to be too big a game to start playing people in new positions
  8. Welcome to The Shed End Newt :)

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