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  1. Yeah I managed to swap tickets with my friend as she was like claustrophobic so wanted seats, so I was lucky. I have a fractured rib now though but so worth it, and my arms are killing me from bowing to them haha. Oh yes the amount of weed being smoked was ridiculous, police had to be called and everything - crazy :laugh2:
  2. Un-canny as I was standing like before the second stage, so had good viewings, poor you waiting since then as it didn't start till like 8:30ish. It was just sheer perfection and loved it. The encore lasting 7 times was sublime, just great time, great music, no words really. Get some great photos?
  3. Avengers Assemble: Great movie, loved it so much. Going to watch Thor now because I love him so much.
  4. Yeah thats what I mean (sorry, mind was in festival line-up mode) and yeah it's brilliant they've incorporated their solo songs and mixed it up a bit. I don't think they will alter it too much but may try some new things out so its not the same from the US, as they'd be bored wouldn't they? Can't wait!!
  5. Oh you lucky thing, could only afford seats but hey better than not going at all. Have you seen the line-up? It's insane.
  6. You lucky thing, lots of my friends are going to that. SO utterly jealous, get a tan and listen to Bob!
  7. I so excited for Reading Festival in April!! Foo Fighters, Kasabian, The Cure, The Black Keys.. wowie. Bit of a bummer its on exam day but hey ho the mother will have to wait!
  8. I'm 18 so I'm allowed to like Kanye, its acceptable!!
  9. Oh G4, big fan of the docs if I do say so myself. Although I do think the players should wear blue ones..
  10. DKW, thats quite impressive actually! However I can say in Spanish "your make-up makes you look like a transvestite" and I think that is just as useful really.
  11. I'd just love to see the reaction if he was to actually say it!!
  12. Say this too for chips "willst du mit mir schlafen gehen?"
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