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  1. Strootman was the deepest in their 4-3-3, Van Ginkel played a box to box role alongside him and Maher. Really happy that we've got him now and it's always great to see us moving so efficiently in the transfer market this early on.
  2. The worst is when Sky love to do their 'Sky Sports understands ..' or 'According to Sky sources ...'
  3. Oscar's contributions are too subtle for such deluded MOTD fans. I bet they think that because they see someone like Coutinho more than Oscar on highlights and jump to such conclusions or because they hear Hansen creaming himself over Coutinho. It's fairly obvious that you'll stand out more in an average side as opposed to when you're playing with a team stacked with world class players. (I think Coutinho's a good player but he's not better than Oscar, no way).
  4. Have you watched the Nigeria-Spain game? Nigeria have done really well today and if they had their best striker fit today, they'd have scored at least a couple.
  5. Ugh. I can't bear to think about the possibility that the waste of oxygen will be wasting a spot on the bench and will be on a handsome £175k p/w whilst doing benchwarming duties.
  6. In fairness, that was more injury related as opposed to just a sudden erosion of the player's ability as has been the case with Sneijder and Torres
  7. Sneijder can jog on, tbh. Mourinho simply cannot bring back his 2010 form. His decline is probably the only thing remotely similar to Torres' one.
  8. Sheva was different too as when he came he wasn't at his peak, whereas Torres was meant to be in his prime years.
  9. Routledge, Pablo, Michu and De Guzman are all players who are capable of playing as the central attacking midfielder in a 4-2-3-1 and are all better players than Piazon. You're making out as if Piazon was a key player for Malaga or that he excelled there on loan, too, which isn't the case.
  10. Because their attacking midfield options, currently, are all superior players to Piazon. For all we know, they could strengthen in that area even further (or drop Michu back to play in his 'natural' position, which is behind the striker) which would potentially drop him further down the pecking order if he went there on loan and struggle to get suitable minutes like Josh struggled too at Swansea. Style of play shouldn't be the key factor in sending him out on loan, it should be how much playing time he should be getting. It's not as if Palace are some hoofball team who aren't able or interest
  11. His playing time at Swansea would be significantly less than what Palace could be offering him (and he won't be a guaranteed starter there). At this point of his development, playing time is crucial.
  12. I'm sure there have been cases when a player's been injured but still signed for the club. Carroll to Liverpool springs to mind but there must be other examples.
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