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  1. My spud friend is giving me sh*t at the moment. I need something to shut him up! Fingers crossed people.
  2. We are f**ked. I like to stay positive normally, but I simply can’t. things we know: Jorginho will be holding Kante will be out of position subs will be at 70 mins CHO will warm the bench regardless how the game pans out We will play the same formation
  3. SimonH

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    Woah. Wanting him out is one thing. Your post is another. calm down.
  4. SimonH

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    8 goals conceded and 0 scored in two games. This is not acceptable for Chelsea football club and the players we have. i don’t care if this is a change in ‘philosophy’ it’s simply not acceptable and he must go. ive said before, and I’ll say again. This is why he hasn’t won’t anything. too stubborn no plan B
  5. SimonH

    Gonzalo Higuain

    Someone’s been on Reddit....
  6. SimonH

    Michy Batshuayi to Chelsea

    Loan or perm?
  7. SimonH

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    This is why Sarri as a manager has won f**k all.
  8. And that’s Arsenal now above us on GD. Not to mention spurs have scored an equaliser. f**k that.
  9. Did Bournemouth know how we would set up? Yes Did they know what formation we would play? Yes Did they know that Jorginho would be a sodding DM? Yes Did they know we would press high? Yes did they know we are void of a plan B? Yes. Sarri must shoulder the majority of the blame IMO.
  10. To be fair, a result like this was coming. no knee jerking but Sarri system doesn’t work here. Only works on teams that try and play. 90% of the teams we play sit deep and try to counter. Its a bore fest and a waste of time!! PS, I never want to see Jorginho play as a sole defensive midfielder again.
  11. Jorginho. Waste of time. Offers nothing going forward. offers nothing defensively. pointless player.
  12. Some things from the first half. we spend too long on the ball - we need to take less touches and move it quicker. must try more decisive passes. We get to 20 yards out then we just work it sideways id rather not see Pedro start for a few matches. we could buy any forward on the planet and they would struggle to score.