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  1. Put all the spin you like, but bottom line is villa are above us with two games in hand, a team we f**king loaned a player to.
  2. Timo is not a f**king winger stop playing pulisic on the right, it severely impedes him we create nothing from midfield, nothing at all, we have no creativity whatsoever abraham is a f**king donkey, I don’t care what anyone says. He isn’t good enough and never will be.
  3. Watching Havertz is kinda driving me crazy, I know he is a young lad but he gives the ball away a ton and doesn’t create anything really either. if we are going to spend a ton, we should spend it on proven quality and never only on promise
  4. Those that were missing Willian, should start to feel a bit better now. This guy is top class.
  5. Any good streams for this? edit, ignore. Was posted at the same time
  6. We have 4 left backs, 3 right backs and 5 centre backs on the books. It’s a disaster really. Hope we find a home for some of these somehow
  7. On a side note, he really on £150k a week that sky sports keep banging on about?
  8. We are going to be heavy there for some years to come.
  9. Good luck Ruben! If he stays fit I think he will be a great signing for them for a season. Bound to play a ton
  10. Now with Ruben gone, we still are overloaded at LB and CB. A couple of loans still needed.
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