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  1. I see no problems at all with Werner, in fact I should probably calm down a bit, I’m too much on the hype train. But also woooooo, he is going to bang then in for sure. Great player for the price we paid too. Happy days.
  2. He seems to float about a bit without the ball, solution is to get him on the ball more, that is only going to happen if we play him in number 10.
  3. The chap is like the poor outfield player that always got made to go in goal when I was a kid. We need Mendy and we need him now. The only reason he is getting game time is the sum we paid to get him. We must find a solution for this season that doesn’t involve Kepa at all.
  4. All I know is that I still don’t want to see Kepa Icouldntbeanysh*ter in between the sticks still. Feelings from last season came straight back. He is a lost cause.
  5. Would have been nice seeing havertz in the no 10, also if pulisic could have made it in too. But is what it is, come on Chelsea!!!
  6. We will know the team in under 45 mins, all I can say is I feel like a kid at Christmas right now.
  7. This is the signing I’m actually looking forward to most, think this chap is a class act. really hope he starts the season well.
  8. I’m a bit torn on this one, but another option that isn’t Kepa has got to be better that what we have now.
  9. Me too, but don’t tell my wife
  10. Interesting move by most leaving out Kova from the starting 11 - our player of the season. To be fair, we are going to be cramming a load of games into a small timeframe this season. Mind that, we are stacked in midfield, I can only assume either Ruben or Ross are on their way out. But to be honest I can’t decide which, thankfully it’s not my job!
  11. Target him? By that I assume, it’s just shoot and if you don’t directly hit him you’ll likely get a goal.
  12. Literally useless. He simply doesn’t even try, accepts every single ball that isn’t directly at him is a goal. I seriously cannot believe we paid £70m+ for a keeper, let alone this one. Shambles
  13. Can you not just wait to the match is over please??
  14. Alonso again, with a miss placed pass, then a push after. Wouldn’t mind never seeing him start another game if I’m honest.

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