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  1. Outstanding. I have to be honest to myself. I wasn’t expecting that at all. Happy for the win, although it highlighted the need for a new forward.
  2. Poor play today, no plan b. Never a change in formation just like for like substitutions. Maybe a bit knee jerk, but using fabregas or Jorginho as single holding midfielder we will never win anything.
  3. SimonH

    Alvaro Morata

    Hate to say it, but I want him gone and as soon as humanly possible. his attitude is horrendous, nearly every booking he’s had has been for dissent. He’s just a petulant boy and as my late dad would say ‘needs a good kick up the arse’ although I now fear that I could set a bonfire up under his arse and he would just sit on it and moan about it. I don’t particularly like speaking about any Chelsea player this negatively, but time has come to cut out losses. the biggest mistake we made with Torres was hanging onto him so long. Let’s not make that mistake again. That said, are the board going to petrified of another de bruyne or Salah situation?
  4. Can morata stay onside for the love of god.
  5. Well, that chance at the end wasn’t all that bad. Trying to chip the keeper shows he is gaining some confidence. Plus, it was saved. I've been critical of him, but certainly happy for him and the team today. i enjoyed it.
  6. While I agree I think Jorginho's range of passing benefits from being a bit deeper. 100% agree, I just don’t like Kante in that advanced role. maybe playing more diamond with 2 DM’s and kovacic as more of almost number 10? Might shore up the gaps at the back a little too. I don’t know.
  7. I would rather have jorginho pushed up a little bit and have Kante in the middle too.
  8. You can tell when you get a player within a couple of minutes sometimes. That happened today with Kovacic we have won a watch with this one, issue is Madrid will want him back. I really hope we have a clause to buy the lad.
  9. SimonH

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I get your point, but don’t you take this away from me!! Hah I have to work in Liverpool a lot, and they haven’t shut up about it. This will shut them up for a while.
  10. SimonH

    Kepa Arrizabalaga

    I like this a lot, simply on the basis of taking away Liverpool’s claim of having the most expensive keeper in the world.
  11. SimonH

    Alvaro Morata

    And we pay £60m+ for him, and all the rumours say that it’s batsman that is off? What the hell are we on?
  12. SimonH

    Alvaro Morata

    Fine. He’s a Torres that can head the ball a bit better. sorry, full of rage at the moment.
  13. SimonH

    Alvaro Morata

    Terrible finishing from the lad today. Must improve and quickly. can’t help but feel a touch of Torres about this one. Hope I’m wrong.
  14. SimonH

    Deadline Day Drama

    He was a backup if drinkwater fell though and I think we have probably signed drinkwater and f**ked Barkley off.
  15. SimonH


    I think we had Barkley as a back up if we didn't get drinkwater. i think we have now signed him we've f**ked Barkley off and the agent is making out he changed his mind to save face. watch this space