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paolo maldini is about to retire


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really no words can describe what a legend this man is, so on the weekend of his final game at the san siro I think it's time to start this thread.


can I highlight one particular line from the article that is frankly unbelievable:

This is a man who has won the European Cup in three different decades.

jesus christ.

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Amazing player and it's great to see a player actually spending his entire career in one place. He's the kind of player that would reduce his wages to a minimum to stay with his team. You can't say that about many players nowadays (maybe Del Piero and Terry).

Maldini has also been one of the best during most of his career and even though he's old now he's still a very good defender.

Another amazing thing is that his father played most of his career (well, 12 years anyway) at Milan, then his son Paolo took over and has played there for 25 years(!) and now his son Daniel is playing for Milan (one of their youth teams) and will probably grow up to play for the first team there.

Now that's amazing. I hope Terry's grandson(s) play for Chelsea when I'm old ;)

A great player and person retires but I guess he'll stay in football and do something else.

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Legend. Simple as.

Quite possibly the player i would most like to have seen in a Chelsea shirt from any period in football.

Seeing Milan without him wont be the same, will be very strange for the supporters. Lets hope he stays in the game.

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When you read that opening paragraph, to see how long ago it was he made he debut, its jaw dropping. Five European cups is also mind boggling.

There is so much thats impressive about Maldini and his career that its hard to settle on something unrelated to his ability on the field, but in every interview I have ever seen the way he carries himself is beyond gentlemanly, totally humble, and within himself, despite the fact that he has been the sun, moon and stars at that club for 20 years

It would have been amazing to see him as a Chelsea player, but I have to say its a great feeling to see him retire in the same colors he has always played in. And I dont know how some people feel about number retirement, but im glad his number will never be worn by a non-Maldini

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Guest bigjockknew

Legend is an overused accolade infootball but not here. He must be the ultimate club player and has been consistently outstanding throughout his career. It must be a strange feeling for the clubs fans to consider him not playing and it must be ten fold strange for him

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this defies belief in a manner that i can almost not put into any words

After Roma had refused to follow the script by running out 3-2 winners on Maldini’s final day out at the San Siro, came another twist in the party celebrations, as the Curva Sud displayed a banner that was sure to spark controversy.

As the legendary captain did a final lap of honour after the game, the Milan Ultras displayed a large banner directed towards another legendary captain, Franco Baresi. Under a large number 6, the words “there is only one captain†were there for all to see.

At the same time, there were even some whistles from the same section of the stands in a display of unbelievable disrespect for a captain who has given a life of service to the Rossoneri.

Despite the disrespect of the Curva, the remainder of the stadium gave a prolonged standing ovation to Maldini, who was quite obviously moved by their display of affection.

Despite his obvious disappointment at the half-witted protest by some of the Milan Ultras, Maldini left the San Siro in elegant fashion, his head held high, his face alive with a broad smile.

After having his farewell party unfairly blemished by a large group of Milan’s Curva Sud, the legendary captain initially refused to acknowledge the ugly scene on what was otherwise a day for celebration

As a sea of journalists hounded the legendary no.3 as he entered the San Siro car park, Maldini announced he would be present on the final day of the season away to Fiorentina.

Then, just as he was about to get in his car and drive away, he smiled and simply stated, “I’m proud because I’m not a person like these fans.â€

As always, the Milan captain proved once again that he is as graceful off the field as he has been on it.

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I heard about that too and all I can say is that it's pathetic and those "supporters" should be ashamed of themselves. Even if they prefer Baresi over Maldini they still have to acknowledge that Maldini has been a great player for Milan and to have stayed his entire career with them is amazing. So why not show some effing respect just this one time? Disgraceful!

Nice gesture from Maldini to those fans though:



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just found this

Milan Ultras response

Milan captain Paolo Maldini led his side for the last time at San Siro yesterday in a Serie A match against Roma, but celebrations took a turn for the worse after the final whistle.

The 40-year-old was performing a lap of honour to say goodbye to his supporters, who have applauded him for 24 years; but as he ran past the Curva Sud he spotted a banner whose meaning was rather obscure to the majority of Calcio fans, but clearly hit home with Maldini.

“For your glorious 25-year career, heartfelt thanks from those you branded mercenaries and mangy,†read the banner, as a group of fans shouted the name of former club captain Franco Baresi, chanting “there is only one captain.â€

Apparently the fans were referring to an episode that happened in the wake of the 2005 Champions League final, when Milan threw away a 3-0 lead against Liverpool before losing in a penalty shoot-out.

A group of ultras awaited the team’s return at Milan airport and Maldini allegedly reacted angrily at their protests, muttering the ‘incriminated’ words.

But there could be something else behind yesterday’s actions, as it has emerged that the Curva Sud Ultras had arranged an elaborate choreography to pay homage to the legendary skipper, but the club opted to be in charge of the celebrations and turned down their requests.

Milan vice-president Adriano Galliani has often condemned the Ultras’ interference in the club’s affairs and it was no different this time around, with the club itself handing out scarves and gadgets to honour Maldini before the match.

But Ultras leader Giancarlo Capelli, nicknamed the ‘Baron’, dismissed accusations on Italian TV show Controcampo last night.

“It was not a protest,†he insisted. “We just wanted to make it clear what we thought about some of his comments and behaviour over the past years. We were not protesting against him at all.â€

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it gets more bizarre:


Apparently it reads "Thank you Captain, on the field infinite champion but unrespectful to those that made you rich"


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luca said that he was interested at one stage but eventually signed a new deal for milan back then. shame, that's not how you treat maybe the biggest one club legend in modern football history?

I hate the ultra culture in italy, but even so this was surprising and sad to read.

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Such a shame that a legend of world football should be disrespected in such a way in his final match infront of his home "fans!" It is sad that these petty individuals take some comment made a few years ago and let that tarnish the career of someone who played for their club for a quarter century!

Paolo, absolutely gutted that you are leaving football as a player. I only hope you stay in football in some capacity


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