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Just saw a little movie called "Moon" which was a nice little surprise.

It's a one man show by Sam Rockwell (a very underrated actor) who plays Sam Bell - an astronaut managing a station on the moon. He has a three year contract and its about to run out. Finally he'll be heading back to earth and his wife and daughter. He can't wait.

It's not easy spending three years all alone in space with only a computer (voiced by Kevin Spacey) as company.

I wont tell you any more about it because I don't want to spoil it. I found it very interesting though and much of it is because of Rockwell who really is great in this movie.

I recommend it.

I really wanted to see that when it was in the cinema. I shall invest soon enough I think.

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I watched The Age of Stupid the other day and I have to say I was a bit disappointed. Their cause is an important one, but as a movie this just wasn't all that great. These kind of movies are supposed to make you so angry about the state of the world that you're ready to start a riot before the end credits have started to roll, but in parts it felt more like a children's school report than a hard hitting documentary. Well, it's not 100% documentary, but you get the picture.

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Last night I thought I would try and watch Halloween 2, no not the original one from 1981, but the new one from 2009.

It is the 10th Halloween movie if I'm correct and one has to wonder when the series will end.

The two most recent movies are made by Rob Zombie - a musician who started making his own music videos and then thought he might start making movies.

I watched his first Halloween last year and I thought it was pretty bad, but had some elements that was mildly interesting.

One has to realize that it is easy to fail when one tries to make a new version of a cult classic like Halloween. But he didn't screw up to badly.

So last night I decided to watch Rob Zombies sequel.

It was horrible! One of the worst movies I have seen in a long time.

Story? Bad

Actors? Awful

Scary? Not really

One thing that really annoys me about Robs movies is his characters. There are very few I can at all sympathize with. Most are just awful. Girls are rude b*tches and the men are filthy ba*tards. In Halloween 2 there was perhaps 2-3 people who I kinda liked. One of them was killed after about 2 minutes on screen.

I might be wrong, but what is the point in making a movie about a killer when you actually want him/her to kill his victims?

I wanna cheer for the victims and hope that they will make it. I don't wanna sit there and say "Come on Michael, kill the f*ckers!".

But moving on there were other things that wasn't good. First of all the movie spent alot of time in some kind of dream or hallucinatory state where Michael Myers saw himself as a boy and his mother. It just didn't fit in really.

Now in the first Halloween Rob showed us alot about how Michael Myers came to become the murderer he is. We see him as a small boy, both before he starts killing and after. That was kinda interesting.

But now it's gone too far.

One of the reasons why Myers are as scary as he is, is because we don't know much about him. He is hidden behind his mask and we can't really tell what makes him kill. And we see no emotions, which add to the fright as well.

This leads me to another bad thing. We get to see almost all of Michael Myers face in this movie and that really sucks!

As I stated above, one of the reasons why atleast I like Michael Myers is the fact that we can't see his face - we can't touch him.

Now we get to see a man, not a strong, silent, mysterious murderer.

And speaking of silent. I've see almost every Halloween movie and I can't remember hearing Myers talk. He does in this movie. He grunts when he stabs people. It makes him more human of course, but we/I don't want him to be human.

I've already mentioned the bad acting. It is amazing to see someone like Malcolm McDowell who was great in A Clockwork Orange go on and make crap movie after crap movie. In this one he is quite bad and his character is a jerk.

Brad Dourif is in this one and he is one actor that I sometimes like. Not sure why though. He is decent in this one, but not great. Maybe it's down to how Rob Zombie handled the actors.

We also get to see Margot Kidder. Yes, Lois Lane is in this one and she is as boring as watching paint dry,

Crap movie that I wont watch again. I've seen three of Rob Zombies movies (he's done 5 I think) and I wonder if he can do something different for once. In all of his movies there is sex, blood and dirty/filthy characters that mostly don't feel natural. Also, we get to the the F word in every scene. I know it's a quite common word nowadays, but surely nobody uses it in every sentence?

I've just read that Mr Zombie is going to make a remake of "The Blob" - another cult classic. I expect him to mess it up completely.

I can't understand why they keep letting him make movies. It's not like they are hits at the boxoffice. The latest Halloween movie has apparently made just over twice as much as it cost making. I guess that is good, but surely there are other movies that can do better?

And I also can't understand how his movies can make money at all. And before you say that I watched the movie I want to point out that I have never paid for a Rob Zombie movie and I probably never will unless he somehow becomes great at making movies in the future which I really doubt. He's not as bad as Uwe Boll, but he's still crap.

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finally got round to watching the latest Terminator film on friday and was pleasantly surprised. ok it wasnt the best storyline but the action sequences were excellent and the cgi was impressive. the only downside was Christian Bales growling, he did it in batman and in this and its bloody annoying and sh*t.

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the only downside was Christian Bales growling, he did it in batman and in this and its bloody annoying and sh*t.

Why is he doing it in that film? I sort of understood(although I thought he sounded stupid) why he did it in Batman, but I don't see why he should be doing it in other movies as well.

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Why is he doing it in that film? I sort of understood(although I thought he sounded stupid) why he did it in Batman, but I don't see why he should be doing it in other movies as well.

i dont honestly know. hes a good actor but ive a feeling he thinks its a way to come over all dark and moody. but its just bloody annoying.

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Having seen both Saw II and Saw IV, I thought it best to actually get round to watching the first one. I've only watched the first 15 mins, but those first minutes are already better than II and IV combined, it's suspensful, plays with your head, rather than just a reason for gore gore and more gore. I'll give you my full summary when I get round to watching it all, but it's so far looking very promising!

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Having seen both Saw II and Saw IV, I thought it best to actually get round to watching the first one. I've only watched the first 15 mins, but those first minutes are already better than II and IV combined, it's suspensful, plays with your head, rather than just a reason for gore gore and more gore. I'll give you my full summary when I get round to watching it all, but it's so far looking very promising!

Saw 1 is the best in the series. After that one it just goes downhill. I found the latest one slightly better than the others (apart from the first), but it was still not that great.

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Anyone going too see Avatar in the cinema? it looks one of those films that you have to go watch it on the big screen. If so would anyone be kind to give thier review on the film after it.

It's definitely one of those movies that you have to see on the big screen if you're going to see it, but the trailers they've released so far haven't looked very convincing. The footage has looked more like something out of a video game than a movie. It's gonna have to be something very special if it's going to live up to all the hype that surrounds it.

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it does look a bit like a game, but it's because it's a totally CGI world, so it's not going to look completely real!

I know it's hard to make it look real, but so much has been talked about the movie and how photorealistic it's supposed to be, so when I've seen the trailers, I haven't seen anything to suggest that it's such a big leap forwards in CGI technology as has been suggested. And when it's been a work in progress for so long, my expectations were even higher, but like I said, I've been very disappointed so far. It's supposed to be this milestone in movie making, but I'm not so sure. Maybe the story will be good if the effects aren't mind blowing. I'd actually prefer to see a movie with half decent special effects and a great story instead of vice versa. Ok, I'd prefer to have great effects AND great story, but let's not get too greedy.

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I saw Avatar in 3D on friday night!

It's a really well made movie and the special effects are extraordinary. They have created a whole new world and worked on every freaking detail.

However, I must say that 3D effects were not that good and I could have done with watchign it in 2D itself. Or perhaps, it was becasue I didn't watch it at an IMAX. From what I saw, 3D meant the popping out of randomly chosen objects a few metres from the screen, and at times, a bit more than that. In all honesty, it was a popped out 2D movie.

That said, every character has been worked on and there are some great performances.

Worth watching with all it's hype though 3D or 2D wont make a difference unless it's an IMAX.

*Enter the world*

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I write film reviews for a local website, here's mine of Avatar:

Here we go. The film everyone has been talking about for months. The return of James Cameron, director of Titanic and Terminator. Revolutionary special effects, we were promised? Are they? Oh hell yes. Was it worth the wait? Oh hell yes.

If you don't know what this is all about, where have you been for the past 6 months? Well, this is the story of a man named Jake Sully who takes part in the AVATAR Programme in 2154 (yes, I paid attention to the video logs) where he takes control (drives, as called in the film) of a member of the Na'vi, a tribe of aliens that live on a planet named Pandora, where he becomes one of them in order to find a rock named "Unobtanium" (stolen from "The Core"?) and, well, obtain it. The story is one of simplicity, and yet the manner in which the movie goes about it is so incredibly epic, that you couldn't care less about the story until it all kicks off in the last 30 mins, you just want to watch Jake's progress as he learns the ways of the Na'vi.

When I first saw Jake's Avatar, around 10 minutes or so in, I was a bit apprehensive. He started running around the camp in which he was "made" per se, and he easily stood out as a CGI creature, and I was wondering "oh no, please don't say it looks like that for the rest of the movie!" and two things occured. 1) It doesn't. 2) Even if it does, you don't notice because the creatures are so immaculately created. After the bump in the first 10 minutes, it was pure jaw-dropping sights. The Pandora'n jungle is simply stunning, everything has been created to the tiniest detail. The space is so vast, it's unreal how, err, real it actually looks. But, what's even more impressive than that are the creatures in the jungle itself. Every tree, flower, strange floating insect has had time spent on it, getting every detail precise. An astonishing feat considering the vastness of the whole project.

I'll talk about the Na'vi later, I'll begin with the animals. Well, not animals, creatures. The bizarre dog-like aliens that attack Jake early on his Avatar experience, are incredible. Even the way they're mouths open is astounding. The big dinosaur crossed with hammerhead shark creatures are cracking too, but the big achievement animal wise has to go to the ikran, or however you spell it, commonly known as a Banshee. They're just amazing. They're pteradactyl likeness and the different colours on their heads are of such detail that it'll take hours and hours of viewing to see every little thing they've put on these incredible animals.

The Na'vi. These 12ft beasts are just astounding. Where Cameron came up with this tribe is beyond me, it's like Smurfs have been subject to Gamma radiation and this is the outcome. The fact that Jake and Naytiri look so real is one thing, but to have thousands upon thousands of them, all with they're own personal traits and evident trademarks, set them apart from everyone else in the crowd of thousands. Though the female Na'vi remind me a bit of Mystique from X-Men, they're originality is breathtaking.

After leaving the cinema, I had time to have a real think over what I just saw. I did that with Transformers 2 and look how that turned out. But this one really is a spectacle you mustn't miss. It's been twelve years in the making, and it shows. Everything has been meticulously planned. Everything from that huge mean animal called a Thanator, to that has wings that spin colourfully when it flies. The added effect of when at night, everything sort of glows, with a fairytale like appearance to it all. Clearly, Cameron as taken time. In fact, to make one scene, it took 2 years. That's just phenomenal (I'm running out of superlatives here). He's not rushed into anything, he's planned every scene to a tee, every conversation, the Na'vi language, the shrieks of the Banshee's, everything. Exceptional.

Cameron has said that if Avatar is a success, he's planning 2 sequels. We only see a snippet of the wonderous world of Pandora, it has so many different directions it could go to. If so, I've already booked my tickets. But please Mr. Cameron. Don't rush into it, you've set a brilliant foundation. Don't ruin it.

Though the film is a bit weird, and it probably won't be everyone's cup of tea, it really is outstanding. Make sure you go see it, make sure you can say that you were there when the future of cinema truly began.


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