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Can anyone near Anfield pop out and report on the queues

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Because I can only imagine there are tens of thousands of Liverpool fans out protesting about the news that the investment arm of the Dubai government is reported to be about to takeover the club and invest vast sums of capital.

Horror, outcry.... it shouldn't be allowed in football, it is ruining the game, the club is just an asset, there should be salary caps, an owner with no knowledge of the club, our wealth is based on our history .. etc etc etc etc - any of this ring a bell?

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Here's an interesting bit on alleged new Pool owners


"In September 2006, Al Maktoum and his brother Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum were served with a lawsuit in US district court in Miami, Florida for the enslavement of 30,000 boys in the past three decades for use as jockeys for camel racing, a popular and lucrative form of entertainment in the UAE. The suit was filed on behalf of parents of six victims on the basis of international laws banning slavery and the use of child labor. The case was filed in Miami because the defendants own property in Florida, including a horse farm.

Later in September, the UAE removed all the child jockeys and sent them back home, to countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sudan, et cetera, with the help of UNICEF."

And these twats have the nerve to moan about us and Roman.

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Also from Wikipedia

"On 4th December 2006, through his Dubai International Capital (DIC) Investment Group, Sheikh Mohammed has engaged in takeover negotiations for Liverpool Football Club in a deal rumoured to be worth ?479m. As an adjunct to this takeover, the Dubai International Capital Group have also initiated a bid to purchase Tranmere Rovers F.C. for ?19.75m. DIC see Tranmere Rover's role as being a nursery club to Liverpool Football Club as Tranmere Rovers are based near Liverpool but play in a lower division in English professional football."

Wouldn't that be illegal? I thought you can't own two clubs that could face eachother in a competitive match. I mean, we all remember that Roman's ties with CSKA were investigated after it was suggested that Roman owned CSKA and we played them in the Champions League.

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Here's more on that


Lawsuit claims young boys were forced to ride camels

A lawsuit alleging the royal family of the United Arab Emirates has been forcing young boys to work as camel jockeys has been filed in -- of all places -- Miami.


Thousands of young boys who claim they were enslaved by the rich rulers of the United Arab Emirates to labor as jockeys for the popular sport of camel racing have sued their alleged masters.

But not in Dubai, the crown jewel of the emirates. In Miami, a place often used to file exotic lawsuits.

The proposed class-action claims boys from 2 to 4 years old were allegedly abducted from South Asia and Africa -- then sold and enslaved to serve as camel trainers, tenders or jockeys for the wealthy elite in the United Arab Emirates. More than 30,000 boys could have been victimized in what the suit calls ``one of the greatest humanitarian crimes of the last 50 years.''

It accuses Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai, and his brother, Sheik Hamdan bin Rashid al Maktoum, the deputy ruler, of being ''the most active participants'' in the slave trade for camel racing.

''The defendants robbed parents of their children and boys of their childhoods, their futures and sometimes their lives, for the craven purposes of entertainment and financial gain,'' the suit said.

The Maktoum brothers, who were buying thoroughbred horses in Kentucky on Wednesday, could not be reached for comment.

Although the suit seems rather foreign even by Miami standards, the plaintiffs' attorneys say it was filed here in part because royal family members of the United Arab Emirates maintain hundreds of horses at farms in Ocala -- among their billions of dollars in U.S. assets. The case -- filed under an ''alien tort'' law adopted in 1789 to address injuries during acts of piracy -- could have been brought anywhere in the United States.

''There is no venue outside the United States in which the [boys] can possibly get redress for being trafficked internationally and enslaved,'' their attorneys wrote in court papers after announcing the suit Wednesday.

John Andres Thornton, a Miami Beach lawyer involved in the case, said the Maktoum brothers were served with court papers on Monday and Tuesday -- the Dubai crown prince during a thoroughbred horse auction in Kentucky and the other brother at the royal family's farm. Thornton declined to comment further late Wednesday.

The civil complaint, filed in Miami federal court last week, portrays the United Arab Emirates as a longtime hub for the slave trading of children for camel racing.

''Boys as young as 2 years old were stolen from their parents, trafficked to foreign lands, and put under the watch of brutal overseers in camel camps throughout the region,'' the suit said. ``These claims are brought to punish the perpetrators and compensate the victims of child slavery and an international slave trade in small children that seems unimaginable in the 21st century.''

It does not specify the amount of damages sought by the children and their parents. The complaint describes camel racing as a ''favored Arab pastime for centuries,'' exploding in popularity as the Arabian peninsula's royal families acquired extraordinary wealth from oil riches.

Preadolescent jockeys weighing less than 44 pounds became the standard in racing for the past three decades, the suit says.

But there was a shortage of them, according to the complaint. Enter the illicit slavery market, which persisted in the United Arab Emirates throughout most of the 20th century.

''Because camel racing is extremely dangerous and arduous, especially for children, the Arab sheikhs would not make their own children jockeys and trainers,'' the suit said. ``The sheikhs instead bought boys who had been abducted and trafficked across international boundaries.

``A vast conspiracy flourished among all the camel owners participating in the sport to buy boys in the slave trade, hold them in bondage in brutal camps in the desert while extracting their labor to care for and exercise the camels, and then race against each other on race days.''

The suit accuses the Maktoum brothers as the main perpetrators of this ``conspiracy.''

It claims the boys were taken largely from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sudan and other countries -- some were sexually abused at desert camps, given limited food and sleep, and injected with hormones to prevent their growth.

''Sheikh Mohammed and Sheikh Hamdan treated their camels better than they treated their slave boys for the simple reason that the camels were far more valuable,'' the suit said.

The plaintiffs' attorneys cite a U.S. State Department report to support their claims.

In the Trafficking in Persons Report issued in June 2005, U.S. officials condemned the practice as ''slavery.'' In a section on the camel jockeys, the report includes a picture with the caption: ``Children trafficked to the Gulf states in the Middle East are forced to race camels for the entertainment of the elite. These children were training under the shadow of Dubai's skyline in early 2005.''

Calls to the United Arab Emirates Embassy in Washington were not answered and there was no way to leave a telephone message after hours. A telephone message left Wednesday night at a Kentucky farm owned by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum was not returned.

The Maktoums are heavily invested in U.S. horse racing and the crown prince owns Bernardini, the winner of the 2006 Preakness Stakes. They also own Dubai Ports World, which sought to operate seaport facilities in Miami and other U.S. cities until Congress raised terrorism security concerns and forced it to sell its interests to a U.S. buyer. They also control the Dubai Holding Co. and its subsidiaries, which own hotels, apartment buildings and healthcare facilities.

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I just can't wait for the liverscum's double standards to reveal themselves...I wonder if they'll be accused of buying the title like we were...personally i'm not worried...considering their bank manager has had money to spend and used it on such top class players as bellamy, pennant etc he won't be much good with a bigger chequebook

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the scoucers will claim that at least their dirty laundry is out in the open, and that Roman is still an enigma! However, if this were to go ahead, would Britain allow a company that was being investigated in matters such as child kidnapping and trafficking to invest into Liverpool?

Also, if there is any truth in the matter, then I hope that we realize just how tough it is all going to become for us to dominate! I also think that real focus will be placed on the managers in future, and not just the players! I am hereby advocating that we offer Jose a contract until the year 3000


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I just can't wait for the liverscum's double standards to reveal themselves...I wonder if they'll be accused of buying the title like we were...personally i'm not worried...considering their bank manager has had money to spend and used it on such top class players as bellamy, pennant etc he won't be much good with a bigger chequebook

I just can't wait to see Bellamy on a camel.

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I just can't wait for the liverscum's double standards to reveal themselves...I wonder if they'll be accused of buying the title like we were...personally i'm not worried...considering their bank manager has had money to spend and used it on such top class players as bellamy, pennant etc he won't be much good with a bigger chequebook

I just can't wait to see Bellamy on a camel.

Ha ha ha. I can envision a spitting Craig Bellamy tied to a laughing camel racing across the desert.

Another point. The Maktoum family (who rule Dubai) member Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum is Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum is also the ruler of Dubai.

Emirates Airlines (which is based in Dubai) is part of the Emirates Group. The Emirates Group is owned by the Dubai government - which of course is the Maktoum family. The Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of Emirates Airlines is Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum.

As far as i can work out Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoum (the ruler of Dubai) is the older brother of Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum (the boss of Emirates Airlines).

Can you see where i am going here?

Yes. The proposed owner of one leading club in the Premiership (with the most notable history) is the brother of the main sponsor and stadium namer of another very important Premiership club ( the one with the finest tradition).

Would the fine and upstanding guardians of our national game (that's the FA if you ain't worked that one out yet) find any possible conflicts of interest there.

I wonder what the sane and upstanding guardian of the Global game, Sepp Blatter, would have to say about this intriguing development.

carefree - flasher10

PS. I was going to mention who was sponsoring the refs in the Barclays Premiership - but then i thought better of it B).

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and today's update is

Liverpool have decided not to formally accept the ?156m takeover bid from Dubai International Capital (DIC).

It is a turnaround from what had been expected and comes after a board meeting on Tuesday evening, casting doubt on the proposed buy-out.

Liverpool now appear to want more time to consider a revised offer from George Gillett, the owner of Montreal Canadiens ice hockey team.

George Gillet - that well known Scouser with his heart in Liverpool and his love of football paramount in all his decisions.

Sissoko and Stevie Me will still be guaranteed a match


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http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/footbal ... 318091.stm

Consortium pulls out of Reds bid

Dubai International Capital has pulled out of proposed takeover of Liverpool.

The announcement follows the failure of the club's board to formally accept DIC's bid in the wake of a second offer from American George Gillett.

DIC claimed the offer had been accepted in principle by majority shareholder David Moores but they were unable to make a formal offer to shareholders.

DIC chief executive Sameer Al Ansari said the group was disappointed but added: "We won't overpay for assets."

More to follow.


Here's a few probable headlines for tomorrow

DIC-less Scousers

Makhtoum pulls out the DIC

Gillette-the best a scouser can get.

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What is the general reaction from amongst the regulars on the Liverpool forums?

Personally I am not convinced the DIC deal is entirely dead in the water. Obviously none of us know what has gone on/is going on behind the scenes so all we can do is speculate however unless the DIC corporate team truly feels Liverpool have acted in a way that is disrespectful and they are refusing to do business on some kind of principle/moral ground then it wouldn't surprise me if the deal is resurrected.

Also curious what the reaction is to the potential deal with the ice hockey geezer. On the face of it the deal with DIC seemed a far more stable one (being as it was not supported by debt) and therefore it seems insane that Liverpool even considered it in favour to the DIC one however again I would point out that none of us a re privy to the details (which is where the devil is.. that is when he is not playing up front for Liverpool and scratching off his 'Newcastle till I Die' tattoo.

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