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I think Torres, Drogba and maybe Malouda/Josh/Kakuta may have a thing or two to say about that!

I love Kalou, and yes maybe he does do a few more tricks than our other players, but I certainly wouldn't say he was our most skilled.

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chelsea havent got a proper winger.

malouda comes inside too much

zhircov isnt really a player that would take somone on.

kalou is a striker. anelka really isnt sharp enough and he lacks in wing play

we need a winger like

alex sanchez

arjen robben


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he is chelsea's most skilled player

he is the only one who does skills

He can be pretty skillful. Then it all goes wrong when someone puts a football in front of him.

Anyway, it's unusual for a player to be loaned out when they are the age Kalou will be next season. If they haven't convinced by then, it's sell rather than loan.

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