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No again...


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Wasn't sure where to post this, but some Chelsea fans (tourists) have shown themselves up again for talksport.

It's pretty funny and so is the first one but it is annoying that they just target Chelsea, it would of been much better to do it with other sets of fans to show its just a general thing people do. But they clearly have an agenda to make it look like only Chelsea fans are clueless, gullible idiots.

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Interviewer kinda leads them on at times. Obviously it's a bit thick saying you know players that don't exist but if he says a name and that they're quick/physical, well that is what we need/you look for in a player.

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As undertow mentions, a lot of footage was probably cut, I bet that there was quite a few fans who said I don't know that player, either that or they knew that they were being mocked.

You can see that they mainly picked on foreign fans, but they also lead on who ever they talked to and fans do not want to look stupid, plus they don't want to be classed as plastic etc..so they pretend to know who the player is, it's understandable and there's nothing really funny or clever about what TalkSport are doing here.

Basically, it's just typical childish nonsense and I'd expect nothing less from Talksport, of coarse they are only picking on us, because it's us, nobody in the media likes us, but if fans of other clubs actually get a kick out of this, I feel sorry for them, because it could easily be done to their fans.

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Thing is some of those didn't make sense, you're saying brother of Columbian forward Bacca, 6ft 5 strong centre forward target man is that what Chelsea needs some of the replies are fans saying "yeah a tall target man would be a good signing" not necessarily saying yes to a fictional player.

Same with the name they said is a pacey left winger... Seeing as Salah has been poor the guy saying "yes some pace up front is always good" is an answer to that question.

I dunno I just don't think it is as clever as it thinks it is.

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To assume all football fans know all players from all leagues is stupid. Got better things to do with my time than look up whose tearing up the MLS.


Also, when you don't know a player and the guy asking tells you about him you'd take his word for it.

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