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Chopper Harris on Diego Costa - Bleacher interview


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good read ...........although there is another urban myth about why he was really called Chopper , which I did ask him about in person once he laughed out loud but wouldn't commit ..................apparently it has to do with him being the "longest " in the showers ......

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I like the story about when a young Ron Harris, at the beginning of his career, marked Stanley Matthews who was at the very end of his playing days- there was a bit of an unwritten rule that you didn't go in too strong on old Stan, who was fifty odd, and often put ten 10,000 on the gate.

Anyway, Chopper kicked lumps out of him during the first half. At half time, he was pulled to one side by a senior pro- might have been Peter Sillet, who pointed out to young Ronnie that the great Matthews was limping as a result of of the rough treatment doled out.


Met him an Ossie in Copenhagen for the Champions League in 98 in a bar. Gentleman, the pair of them

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They was banned from the bridge at that time by masterbates,he was was alright ken, but once you give him the hump,  he did  not half bear a grudge.


One of the nicer things about when Roman bought the club was that club legends such as Chopper were invited back to the club in ambassador type roles and I believe they've done things such as the stadium tours.


For all the flack that Roman gets from those outside the club for Chelsea fans I think he's helped build the family mentality and that's highlighted by us being the first Premier League club to pay a living wage to all our staff.  

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Here in the US, BeIN Sports TV have a show called "The Express". They were discussing the end of the 'Hard Man' in Professional Footie & Chopper was nominated as one of the Nastiest ever. The funny thing was that they said Chopper was the 'Nicest Bloke off the pitch', but ones he put his kit & boots on he changed into a Monster.

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