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  1. Watched a very good film called The way, last week emillio estevez directing his father martin sheen, with james nesbitt and yorrick van wageningen. a very life affirming film.
  2. Me too, i like a good foreign film as much as the next man, senior management not's so keen and i loved cloud atlas as well, but like you say it's good to just switch off.
  3. It was meant as a tongue in cheek comment, as i could tell from your previous comments youlots, that a man of your breeding and provenance, would not appreciate such cinematic pornography such as star wars, but at the end of the day, most people want escape from the hum drum of everyday life, they want entertainment. They don't want to go to the cinema and start dissecting sub-plots and and find the hidden meaning on why a vase of flowers is on the table. you are probably one the few people in the world capable of knowing what mulholland drive was about, i went to see that with a woman i
  4. i like a good spanish/foreign film myself, bombom el perro is a favorite of mine Argentinian/spanish. very good film.
  5. why is the youtube link working for some but not others?
  6. revisiting the heads 'little creatures' today. https://youtu.be/imWnuirIL8o
  7. And this is one of the issues i have with the stinking hypocrisy around the racist incident in paris last week, fifa, we don't care about, racism, homophobia, slavery, subjugation of women,equal rights for all, inconveniencing football fans, wrecking football schedules and leagues, football traditions,i.e football at christmas. what we do care about? a pound note! yippee.
  8. watched interstellar last night great film with another great soundtrack by hans zimmer. 9/10
  9. i never watched the film. cos i thought the book was slow and ponderous in the middle and eventually gave up on it, while everyone else was banging on about how good it was!
  10. o god another micro brewery pub, with some tosser with a beard behind the ramp!
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