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Chelsea V Arsenal: FA Cup Final Saturday 1st August 17:30 GMT

Eight Times

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Seriously though, when you see Azpilicueta of all people going off with a serious injury you know it's not going to be your day.

Not that we were particularly good or anything, in fact we saw a lot of the same flaws which have dogged us all season (non-existent midfield when Kanté is unavailable, huge gaps left in positioning, left-back getting consistently isolated and beaten one-on-one, being completely done on the transition with about three passes by any opponent with even an ounce of savvy), but events couldn't really have conspired against us more unless a meteor were involved. Maybe if it turned out that Giroud had some sort of Dorian Gray situation going on all along. Or some hideous Twilight Zone scenario where our best player is an American.

Written in the stars... whatever the opposite of that is.

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48 minutes ago, PloKoon13 said:

Very bad season for Pep Guardiola, who not only lost the Premier League title to the unwashed, but has now also lost his 'bald fraud' crown to Anthony Taylor.

Might conceivably get turned over by another baldie when ZZ rocks up. I have a feeling Real will be going through.

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2 hours ago, forbzy said:

I agree. From the video it certainly doesn't look blatantly outside the box. Martinez was falling backwards so it would the initial contact with the ball that needs to be looked at. That video, even at slow motion, is too far off to be used accurately. I would say the incident was close enough to merit a review by VAR and it sounds like that never happened? VAR could and should have been used on the Kovacic challenge that led to second yellow too. I am pretty sure I have seen cases where yellow cards have been overruled by VAR this season. If anything Xhaka should have got one for simulation in this case.

While we weren't playing well, the loss of Kovacic put the game beyond us. I think the soft yellows dished out to our players in the first half contributed a lot to our play too. It forced our players to hold off on many challenges. If Arsenal players had received similar cautions it would affected their play too. You could argue that Frank maybe could have taken off some of the players with yellows but with the 2 injuries he was then limited to one tactical window for subs. 

yellow cards can't be checked by VAR, only straight reds. 

I don't know if VAR checked the handball , it's supposed to help the ref so it should have been. Why wasn't it shown from different angles etc by the TV, just one brief image, and that was it

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On 31/07/2020 at 22:51, just said:

Well let's hope we get the usual Dave "Calamity" Luiz tomorrow Sonic.

God forbid if he did have one of those extremely rare good games Roman might see him as the answer to our own centre-back troubles and buy him for a third time!

@just, I personally blame you for Luiz having a decent game and us losing the cup final! Think he came on here and read your comments and he thought "I'll show Just what Chelsea are missing. Me, Calamity? Has he not seen Rudiger FFS?!!"

Have to say, Luiz won the battle with Giroud and kept him pretty quiet, whereas we never got to grips with Aubameyang. I love Giroud - he's a good pro and a lovely bloke and has done really well for us. But you look at Aubameyang and even Lacazette and see why Arsenal off-loaded Giroud. How have we let ourselves get in the position where they have two betters strikers than us? Hopefully with Werner the balance will be addressed.

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Disappointed but not surpised. Special mention to Pulisic for going thru the pain barrier to get his shot off.

Frank identified the problems , as he has been doing all season, somehow the players ignore him too frequently

For us to have finished 4th and to reach the Final with that appalling defence is an achievement in itself.

And there's a few teams would have been ecstatic to have achieved what we did.

Come on the Blues !

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3 hours ago, Stretford Ender said:

Might conceivably get turned over by another baldie when ZZ rocks up. I have a feeling Real will be going through.

I have a suspicion that might happen too. There is only 1 goal in it, and Real probably benefit more from the massive break between the 2 legs. They have improved significantly since the first leg.

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