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20 hours ago, Imran_CFC said:

I am surprised they went for Reguilon who is an incredibly attacking Left Back, they already have a suspect back line and will be interesting watching Aurier on the right and Reguilon on the left.

Appears to be developing into a very unbalanced back line 

Its Doherty at RB..

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8 hours ago, dkw said:

Boy wont that be fun, the usual f**king idiots bringing up every little positive thing he does to insist hes better than our player, but then disappearing as soon as he has a f**k up or bad game.

Yeah, can’t wait!

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  • 3 weeks later...

Does look a good player for Tottenham, but in all honesty I'm more than happy with Chilwell atm and he did excellently last game!

I was definitely a Chilwell doubter and was against the signing, but the main reason for that was the 80m pricetag, for 45m though it could actually turn out to be a very good deal

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