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Some of that old time ska & reggae


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Here's some great old ska & reggae - love it!



TOOTS & THE MAYTALS - Sweet And Dandy

JIMMY CLIFF - The Harder They Come



KING STITT - From Russia With Love


DELROY WILSON - Dancing Mood

DESMOND DEKKER - Please Don't Bend

JIMMY CLIFF - Many Rivers To Cross


TOOTS & THE MAYTALS - Reggae Got Soul


KEN BOOTHE - Everything I Own


SKATALITES? - TOMMY McCOOK & THE SUPERSONICS? (whoever it is, it's bleedin' good!)

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Can see you dancing round your living room: Dr Martins, Ben Sherman, Stay-press and a Chelsea scarf. Weakest link must be double barrel never rated it


If only I could find a pair of Sta-Prest!

Yeah, I agree - Double Barrel was a bit lightweight compared to most of the reggae that was around at the time, though Dave Barker did do some good solo stuff.


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Many Rivers!!

Better than the UB40 cover!!



Of course it's better than UB40!! Not that I'm one of those who takes the piss out of the band, some of their early stuff, before Labour Of Love, was brilliant. As for Jimmy Cliff, I've still got this album on vinyl:


And not all that long ago bought it again on CD from Amazon UK if you're interested - check it out, at that price it's one hell of a bargain!

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This summer I took the kids to see Toots at Guilfest and he was still absolutely kicking it. What a total star that guy is.

Four days later we went to a race meet at Sandown at which UB40 played following the final race and they were also good. Whilst appreciating that their pop years really grate (tho' not as much as Aswad's) for my money their very first album was a total classic and a key soundtrack to my teen years. One in Ten and Food for Thought were the best songs of the evening by a country mile.

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I've got a couple of Aswad CDs but very rarely bother with them. UB40 - Signing off and Present Arms are amazing albums. I used to have them both on vinyl, but now Signing Off is available on a CD that includes the incredible "Madame Medusa" and the other tracks from the bonus 12" single. Of their later stuff, Rat In The Kitchen was also pretty good, "Sing Our Own Song" to my mind being an underrated all time classic.

The "only" Toots I've currently got is this 6-CD box set:


which consists of their first 6 Jamaican albums, slightly deceptive because one of these is a greatest hits compilation. Typically Trojan, all 6 CDs could have easily fitted onto a 3-CD set, but those are minor complaints. My copy's got a different cover to this one at Amazon UK and each CD is enclosed in a copy of the original album cover. Got to love it.

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That King Stitt video is fantastic, never seen it before.

I agree with Lofty about the early UB40 stuff. "The Earth Dies Screaming" is one of my favourite ever tracks.

I saw a reggae/ska documentary recently and Prince Buster was on and still playing to packed crowds. He looked amazingly young considering he's well into his seventies.

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Not sure if I got the YouTube thingy right but these are some of my favourites









On the next one it's Pickney Gal. not the first one, though my favourite Dekker song is Lickin' Stick


And finally, some Toots! Again my favourite is


but I got a real soft spot for their version of Country Roads

Almost Heaven

West Jamai - ca

Also I LOVE Holly Holy, but can't find it on YouTube


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