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Ballack as holding role midfielder?

Essien's Strike

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He played the holding role a lot in his days with both Leverkusen and Munich - it was really more in the German side that you saw him get forward. As he gets older it would be no great surprise if he reverted to being more of a defensive midfielder.

Ballack is a player of true class and I really hope we get to see him show it in a Chelsea shirt. Ballack at his best is better than Mikel, better than Essien and better than Lampard (there I said it!)

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I think that is going to be a problem c3blu. Ballack hasn't got anywhere near his best for us yet and people's patience is definitely wearing thin and as a consequence there is a danger that people are going to demand to see pretty instant results from him on his return to the first team and that is very very unlikely given how much football he has missd.

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In Germany Ballack had something like a one goal in every 3 games ratio, which is very impressive for a midfielder but has no where near showed that form here. Problem with Ballack is he looks lazy on the field and then moans house prices in London, when he earns something like £130,000 a week! You have to wonder his true motives for being here towards the end of his career.

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I think he would do good in the holding role since he isn't far away from that role normally. Only problem is Chelsea has the best holding midfield players in the world. I don't think anyone will disagree. I mean names like Essien, Mikel and Maka are something that I don't think any team can match. Mikel is already showing his promise and to me looks like Vieira in his better days.

Ballack should play the role Essien and Lamps play at the moment(when Mikel or Maka is playing the holding role). But again three is a crowd. Ballack will probably take Essiens place while is playing for Ghana.

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Ballack isn't lazy. Last season he was often the midfielder who got back behind the penalty area when desperately needed.

He was also the midfield who could find Acole or Jcole screaming down the wing so he can pass a bit. His one touch football was also good.

Whether he should do the holding role is another matter. I didn't see much evidence of ball winning. I would prefer to see him in front of Mikel with Essien doing the running work.

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