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Frank is out for weeks


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Liverpool used to have this problem back in the days when Souness was in charge and I remember a number of their fans blaming the coaching staff. Having said that when you look at most of our injuries they have been broken bones and not pulled muscles.

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Frank being injured is aout the only injury we can realistically deal with at the moment (especially as it is only a couple of weeks). Ballack, albeit only for a game and a half, loks in very fine form however I fully expect that to dip due to lack of match fitness and thus can fill in for Lampard easily for 2 weeks whilst Lampard rests and hopefully comes back sharper when we lose Mikel and Essien.

In addiiton it looks very likely that we will be signing players in January and that one of those players may well be a more creative central midfielder (although where that leaves the plethora of central players we already have is another point for discussion).

if we assume this is Maka's last season and Sidewell's time with us will be sort then that woudl still leave us at the end of this season with





A New Signing

- if Lampard does end up moving on then arguably that would leave us about the right number, and mix, of central midfielders barring a freak injury crisis.

What we would still need to do is bring in some pace and better quality on the flank.

Gone off subject a little but I guess my iniital point is Lampard being out for 2-3 weeks is not, in my mind, a disaster.

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Well both Frank and JT have played an amazing amount fo football at the highest level over the past few years.

Yeah putting his feet up for a few weeks may actually do him (and us) some good in the long run. Frank did ok yesterday, but it has to be said that when Ballack came on it did improve us. I just hope he can keep it up.

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I for one am excited about Ballack getting more time on the pitch. Between this injury, and the ACN, we will have plenty of time to either enjoy or bemoan Ballack's play. The Boxing Day game was probably the most exciting game of Football that I have seen in my very brief viewing career.

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i know its only been 1 and a half games, but ballack looks a hell of a lot sharper and better than last season. i though he was excellent against blackburn and impressive against villa.

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