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Gio Dos Santos to.......Citeh?

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the rumours are dos santos has an attitude problem and is a party animal, thats why their happy to let him go. bojan is a model pro, and the barca fans have turned against ds santos a bit.

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If we were ever truly interested in Dos Santos AND if he is going to leave Barcelona AND if we don't make a bid for him then it suggests we have taken a very good look and decided that he isn't as good as the hype about him, hype which is mainly media driven and partially Football Manager driven!!

We have a very good scouting team now and if we decided not to pursue him then it will be for all the right reasons rather than the wrong ones.

Lets say, for arguments sake, he does leave Barcelona for City - would the fact that not one other European big name made a bid for him suggest that maybe he isn't actually as good a prospect as has been made out.

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im not sure about this kid. he looks like hes got the skills but not the effort. seems to wander in and out of games, barely even attempts to get the ball back if he loses it, same as rolando. and apparently he has an attitude problem which is why barca are willing to let him go.

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Does seem an odd target for us, but you'd hope that we would know all about his supposed flaws and are confident that we can correct them I guess.

Having said all that, given his reportedly playboy lifestyle, moving to London isn't exactly going to do him a power of good is it?

What money we see him in China White with SWP and Co within weeks... icon_eek.gif

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I think that since Messi came through the ranks at Barca, everyone expects any other young, attacking player to be of the same class - hence all the hype surrounding the likes of Dos Santos, Bojan etc.

The same thing happened after Man U had that amazing youth crop of 10 years ago, when Beckham, Scholes + the Nevilles came through their system. It meant that players like Darren Fletcher, Kieron Richardson etc who came through in the years afterwards were hyped up beyond all belief, as they were apparently the "next Beckham".

I have watched the odd Barca match over the last few years, and Dos Santos hasn't looked all that great too me. Definately not the next Messi anyway in my books.

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Funny thing is that Messi's so young and already there's "the new Messi" icon_lol.gif If anything Bojan is as good as Messi. And if we are to buy Dos Santos, why not bring our own youth into matches to me they're better and I'd rather bring in a more accomplished striker than Dos Santos. Let him play at Barca for awhile, develop and then maybe if he's the type of player we're looking for take some interest in him. To me he's too young and haven't seen much of him to spend a decent sum of money for him when we could bring in Huntelaar, Villa, etc.

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Does that mean he's finally gonna stay put at Camp Nou?

i doubt it. it looks to me like its his agents who have engineered a move away from barca knowing they will get a much bigger wage elsewhere as dos santos will be a key player at another club, whereas hes way down the ladder at barca.

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Barca aces claims Blues option

Giovani dos Santos is ready to end his Barcelona career and the attacker has revealed that his agent has spoken with Chelsea.

The Mexico international is valued at £12.5 million after having only played a single season in the top flight.

The former Academy player does not feel wanted at Camp Nou and has expressed his admiration for The Premier League.

The 19-year-old has previously been linked to Tottenham and Manchester City.

When asked if he will play in England, Giovani told the Mexican press: “Everything seems to indicate yes.

“Obviously it is always tempting to go and play for important teams and most of all in England who have, to me, the best league in the world where everybody wants to play.”

The attacker confessed that Chelsea had held talks with his agent regarding a summer transfer.

“Yes, they spoke with my representative and they have always been following me, watching my way and they are interested in my services; I would like to play there, they are a great team.”

The youngster was part of the team who were booed by the Camp Nou fans in their last home game of the season, and he does not want to play for a club where he does not feel liked.

He added: “There are plenty of circumstances, things that as a player make you realise you need to feel a winner, an important player, valued, to improve.

"There are events that you cannot forget, like the fans’ treatment, nobody wants to be where they are not wanted.”


Think he'll be leaving, could depend where Rikjaard turns up though. I think if he does end up here, young Gio won't be too far behind.

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Tottenham are always close to signing players but never do... I wouldn't be surprise if this is another such case. Spuds must have a great link with the media... makes them sound a big club. Eto'o? Dos Santos? They'll be close to signing Messi next.

Plus, I've seen no quotes from him, his agent, or either club regarding that, but we have heard from his agent and now the boy himself regarding talks with Chelsea.

I just don't want Tottenham to sign anyone we're linked to nono.gif Even if its Robbie Savage.

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