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Deco confirms he's on his way | Inter or Chelsea


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Deco has confirmed “my future lies between Chelsea and Inter” and Jose Mourinho could prove a decisive factor.

The midfielder has been one of the Nerazzurri’s prime targets ever since Mourinho took over at the club, although he had also been wanted by predecessor Roberto Mancini.

“At this moment I have only two possibilities – Chelsea or Inter,” the Barcelona man told El Mundo Deportivo.

“I have not sealed a deal with either of them, though. I have not yet decided upon my future, as I have to meet with me agent and see what is best for me.

“I certainly will not go to a club that I don’t like or that won’t allow me to win trophies, as that is my objective.”

Inter have won three consecutive Serie A titles, but that wasn’t enough to prevent Mancini’s dismissal.

Mourinho has been brought in with the express intention of aiming for the Champions League victory and he has already won that competition with Deco at Porto.

“Undoubtedly my rapport with Mourinho is excellent and that does factor into my decision, but I have to view many other elements too,” continued the Portuguese international.

“Inter are a good squad that satisfy the aspirations of any player. So do Chelsea, where many of my friends currently play.

Link - http://www.channel4.com/sport/football_ ... jun9o.html

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If the fee is reasonable i don't see how signing Deco is a bad thing. He is a class player, very technical and creative, great passer of the ball, certainly can add something to our midfield and has a load of experience of playing at the top level.

I'm not saying start him in every match but he's certainly can be of use. Doesn't mean we shouldn't also go for someone young, like Van Der Vaart.

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id obviously rather lamps stayed, but if he does leave then deco would be a pretty good replacement. theirs not much difference in age, and ive got a feeling him and ballack would work together pretty well. theres midfielders id rather go for, but theres a good chance hes the choice of our next manager...scolari!

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I honestly don't see why buying a 30 year old for about the same amount, if not more, that we will get for Frank is a good idea in any way, shape or form.

If we are to replace our best and most consistent midfielder, then surely the only sensible option is to get someone young, with oodles of potential, who can become an ever present in the side for years to come, a la Frank?

If I was a youngster and saw that Chelsea were buying Deco/Pirlo/whoever, I would probably go elsewhere as it would be clear that the club are happy to keep buying for the short term, and will never be prepared to take a risk or two in order to build a team that is capable of growing and playing together for a good few years.

Fingers crossed this is pure speculation, and we have a bit more ambition that picking up Barca's cast-offs.

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The BBC 'understands' that he is going to join Chelsea:

Barcelona midfielder Deco will join his Portugal boss Luiz Felipe Scolari at Chelsea, BBC Sport understands.

Reports in Portugal that Deco had met with Blues owner Roman Abramovich on Thursday were denied by the player in Spanish newspaper El Mundo Deportivo.

But Mike Sewell, BBC Five Live's man with the Portugal squad, said sources were tipping him to move to Chelsea.

"They believe Deco will go with Scolari rather than join up with old boss Jose Mourinho at Inter Milan," he said.

Barca confirmed recently that Deco was free to talk to other teams. Scolari takes over at Stamford Bridge on 1 July after overseeing Portugal's Euro 2008 campaign.

The Brazil-born star joined Barcelona from Porto in 2004 after helping the Portuguese side win the Uefa Cup, Champions League and domestic league titles under Mourinho.

He won two league championships with the Catalan giants, and was part of the team that beat Arsenal in the Champions League final in Paris in 2006.

However, a series of injuries have hampered his season, and he made just 14 starts in Barcelona's La Liga campaign.

Sewell added that Deco had left the Portugal camp on Thursday after being granted 24 hours' leave by Scolari.

"He flew to Barcelona to sort out a personal matter, believed to be the finalising of his divorce," he said.


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Don't really see the point of this, we buy Deco and probably have to let Frank go?

If Deco comes you have to wonder what Frank will think about this.

What have we really gained out of this, unless we think that Deco is going to be far more productive than Frank or play much prettier football than Frank?

Deco on his day can look great but on other days can make you wonder why the hell you bothered.

I never feel that way about Frank.

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deco is brilliant and plays in another position to lamps (to some extent)- he offers different things.

however, I do think that if we did sign him it would be because lamps has decided to leave. but if scolari wants deco, I'm more than okay with him as a signing.

van der vaart would probably be a better long term signing, but right now deco is the better player.

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On a seperate note, regardless of the club that he's probably going to, I can't wait to see Deco in the premiership. Him and an in-form ballsack could be absolutely devastating.

I'm inclined to agree - Ballack and Deco have been the best players on the pitch by quite some way IMO.

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