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Swp To Pompey

Mr Chelsea

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its a shame he never really quite made it at chelsea, he has the potential, but there was hardly ever any end result in what he did

he had some good spells but spent most of his time in the stands which didnt really help him

he would do well at somewhere like portsmouth wit regular play, he could fulfil his potential

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Well nobody can say he didn't have his fair share of chances at the Bridge. Ok he put in the effort, but by Christ he's so wasteful. And waste sums up the whole SWP sage, bought for a ridiculous price, it pretty soon became apparent that he wasn't up to it. He had his moments, and even the occasional MOTM perfomance, but consistency was always a huge problem.

If he goes, good luck to him.

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Totally Agree Coombsie, I think Sweepy was over priced, and under performed the whole time he has here. I really only remember a few flashes of brilliance from him, notably a half volley cross for Crespo to nod home!

Anyway, I think Arry had stated an interest in him before, and I think he'll get the best out of him. SWP is a City and Pompey level player, so I expect him to go and have a good run at Portsmouth


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He is a regular in the England team right now, but I agree, we need a better final ball. SWP could do anything on the park right up to the penalty area and was a wast e of space after that.

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I never thought he had enough to sign for us. His distribution was always suspect, and he is just too inconsistant. £21m always was a JOKE!!!!

To be honest we ripped you off good and proper for Shaun. I can tell you now that he never wanted to leave in the first place. We were in a real mess financially and possibly facing administation. When the 21 million figure came in he was forced to leave by the City heirachy.

A lot of fans were left hurt by him never saying thankyou to the club or City fans but the reason above is why. He had already turned down a ten million offer from Arsenal, which was a more realistic price and a more likely destination in City fans eyes.

I would love him back at City. He was a hero here. He never looked the same player when playing for you. Maybe he was out of his depth but he just didnt seem to have the same desire or passion.

Im getting sick to death of uncle 'arry. He is literally rebuilding man city circa 2004. In the last few years he has taken. James, Distin, Cole, Berkovic, now he wants Dunne, Wright Phillips and Anelka.

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Don't sell him yet!! Take that flamin' Malouda off and put SWP on!!

I would still pick Malouda over SWP although there is little to back that up. I see the talent in Malouda but not in SWP. SWP has shown his best and it wasn't enough. SWP runs his eyes shut and I don't like that. He looks like a beheaded chicken at worst. All physics no brain.

I can see Malouda and Kalou do good to us next season, that is if Malouda stays.

I also think Scolari could/can find Malouda's lost form.

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Thanks for the effort but wont really be sad to see him go, good attitude like, always wanting to fight for his place and get better, but just isn't good enough, can only run in a straight line using his pace.

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