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  1. I’m sure this will go down as well as a fart in spacesuit with a portion of the fanbase but CHO, Mount and Tammy aren’t Chelsea standard. This game should’ve been done and dusted well before Spurs equalised. It’s comical that two simple passes, passes that boys teams would make, were cocked up so badly. As for sacking Lamps, I’ll reserve judgement until we’ve seen our best starting XI play a number of games. Once Ziyech and Pulisic are back I think we’ll improve significantly even if we still leak goals.
  2. Pretty surprised we didn't just cash in on Moses this summer tbh. Must be a decent list of teams that would pay £5-8M for him, especially considering he's only 23. But yeah, fully expect him to be gone by this time next year. Salah's 1v1 play is pretty disappointing given the pace he's got, as is his end product. Reminds me a bit of Walcott in that regard. The potential is there but, at the moment, I can't see it being realised at Chelsea purely because there are so many players ahead of him. Sad to say but I think his only likely shot at getting regular minutes would be someone else getting
  3. Was it FSW who signed him? I think it was but I can't remember. Anyway what I do remember is, at the time, Moses had the highest 1v1 success rate for an attacking player in the league. He didn't get a lot of game time with us but when he did get a chance he was inconsistent and generally did nothing. He'd do a job for a mid-table team but don't think he's title-contending calibre. In regards to Salah, he is very similar, but he's also younger and is lightning quick. Don't think he's done a lot since he came to us either but Jose obviously sees some potential in him and I hope it works out. I
  4. No point in spending £30M+ to have him sit on the bench/rotate with our other £32M striker/have to change our formation to accomodate him. Quality finisher but not right for us. FWIW I doubt he'll be signing for Liverpool either. He's had his eye on a Real Madrid move ever since he announced he was leaving Atletico.
  5. Any word on Tiago? Seemed like a done deal a couple of weeks back but haven't heard anything since.
  6. It's not so bad for us because it happens so rarely. Mata's about the only key player I can remember going to a direct rival. Just think of all the rage and frustration created by Arsenal fans alone over the last six years.
  7. Koke, Vidal and Pogba all have buyout clauses of at least £50M. Fabregas may be fourth choice (or possibly even lower) in Mourinho's ideal world but if it comes down to £25-30M for Fabregas or being bent over a barrel for any of the rest, it's just smarter business. I don't particularly want him on a personal level (tiffs with Lampard, diving to win penalties against us, being critical of Jose and how we play) but he is definitely good enough to sit next to Matic and pass the ball about. Bottom line is, if he's willing to come here after slagging us, that says more about him than it does abo
  8. Probably off in the summer - along with Lamps - to Beckham's new club in Miami.
  9. One on one defensively Azpi might be the best player in the league. It's almost a shame that after so many years of having huge RB problems we've now got two very decent options, and one has to lose out.
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