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  1. Potentially 60 matches with up to 3 a week at some points. It only takes a slight injury to go to be left with no cover at all. It's why I've been a big proponent of Sanchez, we haven't had a backup CF who gets games elsewhere on the pitch since Anelka.
  2. You mean the three games in which Michy was the only CF in the squad not wearing an Athleti Shirt. i think Bats should be second choice, I also wouldn't think that LLorente would be a bad purchase but we can infer nothing from pre season friendlies whilst conte is reshaping the entire team.
  3. I dont disagree, however we have truly made our bed with the Diego situation, had we played Batman we wouldn't be held at gun point with our other negotiations now Diego has made his intentions clear. He is either: Not good enough and thus we spunked £32 million for no reason or We were incompetent in our utilisation of him thus we have spunked a years worth of development time and potentially decreased his value. Either way it paints a poor picture on his transfer. I think he has potential, we wouldn't have parted with so much money without, I just don't think we have any idea how good he could or how he'd fit Contre's system because we haven't seen enough of him.
  4. Lets be frank, Oscar for Kante + £33million is the best piece of business in the PL ever. Shame we blew that £33 mil on Michy and then never played him but hindsight eh.
  5. No1 thing Conte has to work on... The one big this I cannot stand watching is players spray balls out to our wing, 10 yards behind the recipient. Kills forward momentum and when you are dealing with Bane, kills everything. Add that to non existent player movement ahead and supporting the ball carrier and we have nothing going forward. Next time you watch a Chelsea match see how many times a player has to check his forward run in order to receive a ball. Its infuriating to watch. Especially when we set up to counter like on Friday Remedy, I cannot for the live of me fathom why Fabregas isn't in the team. He actually see's a pass, not just a blue shirt. HYe can play the quarter back initiating attacks and he is our best player at 10 for the intricate movement that unlocks defenses. Why when we have our best defensive midfielder since Makelele, and almost certainly the best in the league, are we trying to play Matic (a defensive midfielder) and Oscar (the most defensive 10 on the planet)? I can handle the front three. I could (nearly) handle our fullbacks IF we could do the SIMPLE things well. Unfortunately we cant. What I'd like to see is Matic and Kante playing behind Fabregas. Fabregas playing similar to how he had to at Barce, free roaming, supporting the striker when required. He has the game intelligence to do this more than effectively than Oscar and you hide his physical attributes with Kante and Matic.
  6. If you are purely looking at defensive cover for a year until Christiansen and a well though out, well executed defensive transfer comes in then yes, id have taken them and Calum Chambers, over spending £32mil on Luiz or £60mil on Koubaily. Our first choice players are not that bad that we can make a real run at 3/4th especially with less games, thats what we SHOULD be doing, keeping our powder dry for next summer. However we have now left even this too late and are left with the only real choice I can see.
  7. I hate it when people say X player is / isnt world class. Unless you are talking about Forwards it makes no difference. What matter is how the players in defence and the center of midfield compliment each other. I remember when Real sold us Makelele Zidane said whats the point in putting another coat of paint on if you havent got an engine, Perez has never had a well balanced squad because they were too focussed on galactico's. Balance is more important. We were desperate for Magala until City blew us out the water, we signed Zouma for £13mil, who got the better deal? Ivan £9m, Dave £7m, Cahill £7m, Money isnt the first and most important factor in defence.
  8. I'll have a go. When he's not gone walkies and in combination with a solid positionally aware or athletic defender, he is an extremely good proactive defender. Reads the game well and makes interceptions rather than last minute blocks. Attacks start fluidly from him due to how he wins the ball moving forward. Pair him alongside Zouma and Dave, we will have an extremely able defensive unit that have pace and are all comfortable on the ball. He may not have changed his game massively but he is surrounded by players of a higher quality than when he left. Matic and Kante able to drop back and cover the odd stupid run, (Unlike Lampard in DM) Zouma able to athletically cover him if he steps up for a interception (unlike JT or GC).
  9. He's 29! and at that he's actually quite an athletic player. Injuries permitted, he has at least until he is 33 as a viable first team option. Next year we could be looking at Christiansen, Zouma, Luiz and Cahill as our first team CB's. IMO Its a vastly superior position to Terry leaving next year and us hoping Christiansen hits the ground running.
  10. He may not be that man, but right now we do actually NEED someone. Maizga is unproven, Terry and Cahill are our first choice who came 10th last year hardly keeping a clean sheet. Zouma has f**ked his ACL, from which there is a decent chance he will never be the same again, Ivanovic is a 5/10 defender at the best of times, Dave is quality, playing out of position. I would have been just as happy to loan someone like Mangala or Jones for the year and allow Christiansen to move into the squad but we'd have been in the same position as this year With needing a defender, Ivan, Cahill and Terry a year older and all out of contract. This is at least putting a sticky plaster on the problem.
  11. Reasonably happy with the signing. Love his personality, hopefully Kante and Matic in the middle allow a bit of cover when he does go walkies. Not super happy about the fee but he is a better CB than Cahill and more athletic than an aging JT, at 29 we can reasonably expect him to see out a 4-5 year contract which if he does will be worthwhile. With him and Alonso I feel we have met the needs of the squad if not with our first choice players we've certainly done better than Papy, Hector and Miazga last year. We have to remember that; 1.) We literally are desperate 2.) He wants to come 3.) We havent even been linked with a better CB this summer 4.) If he cements himself in the first team, Terry moving on next year and Christiansen coming into the squad will be a decent transition. Especially if Zouma comes back well.
  12. Happy with the news, I hope the "new role" he mentioned was a slight step back in playing terms and a much bigger role in coaching. Maybe a move to Club Captain and play a big part in the team/staff interface. I don't know whether it's a testimony to JT or a damning indictment of Emenalo that at 35 he's still our best defender. It is certainly is better to keep him in that release him and hope to buy a quality replacement.
  13. Not sure how I feel about this. He's one of the best managers in the world and I hope he gets the England job at some point. However I'm not sure the club was heading in the right direction even when he was winning but now we need to find the right manager for the job. This squad is too good for a jobs worth manager to take over. We NEED someone who has the ability to holistically develop the squad. This was never going to be Jose and I'm not sure it was ever the right appointment. But who? Ancelotti plays good football, but we've burnt that bridge once, Pep is another short term manager but we'd play great football, Klopp would have been good, Pottechino? Rogers? Martinez? I would definitely say NOT Simeone or Bielsa but that just means they'll get it. I only hope Mourinho goes abroad, could bare to see him win with Utd or City.
  14. JT got the plaudits because of the goal but for me Zouma was our MOM yesterday. Excellent in a position he hasnt played before. Tottenham just didnt look like scoring, even when they tried to pick up the pace in the last 5 he was everywhere.
  15. I'm a c**t wishing him well, anywhere but at Stamford bridge.
  16. If they don't laugh, they'd probably cry. I hope he has a good time there but I just can't see it ATM.
  17. For £8 million, if he stays at the same level he was for Newcastle, 14 goals in 26 apps he will be an absolute steal. Him or Bony backing up Costa is exactly what we need both will lead the line and score 15 goals a season in this team. Add to that Costas 25 ish goals this season and 5-10 from Didier it's a massive improvement on last year. Cannot wait. As long as we are able to replace Torres this is by far and away the best transfer window I think we've ever had... Scratch that I can't think of a better transfer window for any team ever.
  18. I don't see us buying a HG striker. Tells me we will buy a striker and still allow another non HG player go.
  19. Feels like signing him all over again. Wow. Now if we can bring in a player who can compete for a starting berth, Destroyer, Remy don't care as long as he's good enough, I think we'll have a real chance this year.
  20. It's not about money owed in the contract. Chelsea obviously want rid of a massive wage drain and Torres wants to go. There is a game of brinkmanship where his agent is trying to get him the best deal, away from Chelsea with a severance pay which his is agent basically saying we could stay if you want, but if you don't well require X amount. Chelsea have to decide whether it is worth keeping his entire salary, having a player who doesn't want to be there and isn't much cop or paying him 2.5-5 million to get shot of him and save 5-7.5 million on his overall wage and buy a decent striker. Will Torres blink if Chelsea say no and forgoe the wages or will he bite the bullet and stay for another pointless year? I think he'll move without severance but I hope we don't leave it too late and don't get a quality replacement.
  21. One of the best reasoned posts on here. I hope the club (i.e Abramovic) learn from the experience of Torres and Sheva. They have wasted vast amounts of cash on two players the managers at the time were not set on, were at the peak of their abilities and were depreciating assets, if there ever were such a thing in football. Real and Barcelona can keep up with this model because they dont give a f**k about their players and will move Galaticos on like its nothing and they have lopsided TV Revenue which mean they can waste £56 million on Kaka and not care. This is not a model that works anywhere else in the footballing world. We need proper management by footballing people who can assess player by more than stats and figures. Hopefully Mourinho stays around long enough to manage this. If we dont learn from this situation then we dont deserve anything less than Torres and his £100 million return of 45 Goals in 3 1/2 years
  22. Bang on, We were al celebrating when we signed him. Unfortunately for us he was either a busted flush or just not built for our system. Im not sure either way and it will be interesting to see how well he does this year.... as long as he's not wearing Chelsea Blue
  23. Good to see him choosing us and backing himself, unlike some Kraken who shall remain Legendless. He has the option to choose a truly great name in European football and in real terms, I think he could nail himself on as 3rd choice for the pivot positions this year. I'd already out him above Mikel and I think he has the potential to be better than Ramires there.
  24. Im guessing you missed the fact that a 400 year old who spend the last few years in the cold barren wasteland of deepest Siberia managed to outscore him last year? An average of 1 in 5 which coincidentally is worse than Salomon Kalou and Emile Heskey... only without the comforting fact that their wages were 1/3rd of Trolles. I hope we can move on and learn from this Saga, hopefully after Sheva and Torres; Abramovic now knows he cant just buy shiny baubles, they have to fit. If he hasnt even learnt that then this entire debacle is worth nothinng to us.
  25. I am getting slightly moist http://www.acmilan.com/en/news/breaking_news_show/63350 That being said, I don't want him to leave. I want him to stay and score 30 goals this season. It won't happen in a million years. I don't want a player poisoning the squad and if he can't be the professional we all want to see then he shouldn't be around any of our teams. Any professional footballer who thinks, regardless of a contract, taking home £10 million a year whilst doing diddly squat is acceptable, is a bad influence on others in the squad. I've heard that AC Milan have asked us to pay them £5million, anyone fancy a whip around?
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