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  1. Jose is still the face of Modern Chelsea! Don’t forget that
  2. Did you see the jumping headed by Luiz? Do you see it done by Christiansen?
  3. Contrary to the popular belief, the best footballers in modern game are those who can sustain a pressing game. Tony Kroos, modric, casemiro, iniesta, busquests etc keeps composure and wait for late pass when pressed and it takes the defender out of equation creating space which Marcelo / Dani Alves use to debating effect with their ability to burst in pace. We have a similar player in Kovacic, when he went off in Liverpool game we lost our way. Today we lost our way when he was Substituted. Alonso is no Marcelo either
  4. Don’t forget the barca match last season. Christiansen isn’t cut for this yet.
  5. Hopefully this game will teach lot to Sarri about who can’t do what, in this squad.
  6. He doesn’t do his basic job of defending, way too slow, way too much time need to reactive, cross ability zero. Popping at other end doesn’t justify these.
  7. Marcos f**king Alonso and morata needs to f**k off to Spain.
  8. Doubt it. Christiansen isn’t a ball playing center back that Sarri requires.
  9. Bakayoko has promise. If he can get some confidence and game time under his belt, he can be the next Essien.
  10. Do you believe EPL will be EPL without the likes of hazards, de bruynes and Salahs of this world?
  11. What a boring man. I couldn’t watch till the end
  12. We are in safe hands we can’t be this bad for two seasons in a row. Drink to that
  13. Avram grant was half a posts width away from winning CL :)
  14. Mate, yes he has his grudges with the board. Does it give him the excuse to sulk like he has done and transmit it through into the team performances? Or do u believe he handled the costa situation ? Or do you believe he managed the available squad to the best of his ability?

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