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  1. Up the Chels!! Wearing the club 2020-21 blue home kit proudly this weekend in Orlando at Walt Disney World and Universal Studios. Have already gotten plenty of Come on Chelsea and Up the Blues comments. Have not seen many Manchester City kits around. 🤔 Come on you Chelsea!!
  2. I know we are all riding high still. What a few days it has been! Up the Chels! It is interesting to look back over the whole of this season, starting late due to COVID, Lampard getting us off to a somewhat decent start all things considered, but giving up goals at a rate Chelsea has not seen in decades. As the calendar turned to December, it all started to unravel. We held on to the top spot in the CL Group Stage, Frank’s last hurrah as it turned out. From that point forward for Lampard and the club, play was dreary as the weather on through the end of year and into January. The club just could not get out of neutral it seemed. When we lost to Leicester 2-0 (Frank’s last game), I was really not sure where the team was headed. 50 points in the PL seemed like a stretch at that point. Hope for 2020-21 was pretty much lost. A new manager always breathes some new life into a team, or at least it should short term. But who in their right mind thought in late January Christensen, Rudiger, Jorginho, would be on the pitch at the final whistle of the final game of the European season to help Chelsea hoist the biggest European trophy? Though the team has struggled mightily to score goals, the back line has been the best since Mourinho’s first season arguably. Just incredible the turn around was and instantly. Very happy for all the players listed above and the entire group, including the likes of Alonso, Emerson, etc that were able to contribute some after Tuchel arrived. Though wish Tammy was at least a sub for the Final, am glad no one has given him the business about being uniform for the celebrations like John Terry. I get it. If you have contributed all season and then cannot me on the bench for the Final, and your team wins, you want to be on the pitch celebrating like everyone else. Terry and Abraham earned it. Let them enjoy the moment. This one was truly out of nowhere. Hopefully Tuchel gets some good additions this summer and we challenge for the PL title next season. But we all know the Club’s patience is short, and within 6 months and beyond, Tuchel could be shown the door and we start all over. That has become the Chelsea way. It has proven itself to be incredibly successful. For now, however, we thank you Thomas Tuchel very much for a truly magical run to the CL title. This group of Blues is young for the most part. A few more pieces and we could challenge for awhile. But for now, we all can continue to bask in the glow of the past 4 months!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  3. Oh, my god, what waves of emotions and nerves. I couldn’t post during the game, too nervy. I am rung out with emotion. Champions of Europe 2021! So happy for the players, the fans in attendance and ALL my fellow Chelsea supporters around the world today. Great 56th birthday for me today. Could not be better. What a gift!! Celebrate tonight my fellow Blues fans like we just won the Champions League. Oh, wait, we did!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  4. Well, ugly, but we made the Top 4. Tuchel 38 points from his 19 games and Lampard 29. Not a huge swing. Tuchel had some big wins (Man City, Liverpool and Leicester) but some lame losses (WBA, Arsenal and Villa). A win today and 41 points from Tuchel would have looked a lot better. When Lampard was sacked, we ALL would have taken Top 4 no matter now. If today’s matches were mid March, Leicester loss and our loss, no one would have put much emphasis on it, but it was the last Sunday of the year so it was frustrating. Give Tuchel a top striker and I think things are different. Much better team. Hope Mendy is all set and ready for next Saturday. We don’t look like a Champions League Final team at the moment, but you never know. Come on you Chelsea!!
  5. How great is it to see this thread title?? Come on you Chelsea!!
  6. Alonso, get in! NBC commentators screaming it was a penalty by Zouma. I don’t agree it was a certain penalty. This would be a great 3 points. Come on you Chelsea!!
  7. Ziyech! A draw would be acceptable today. A win is better if of course. Come on you Chelsea!!
  8. Great big Blue day yesterday. Have not been able to post for awhile, but have watched all of the matches. We saw effort and pace today like no other game all year. If we come to the Final with this focus and determination, we have a legitimate chance to win. So many players were top of their game today, Kante, Mendy, Mount, etc. Thought Kai and Timo gave us tremendous effort. Don’t forget Pulisic’s assist to Mount. What a strange odyssey it has been the past nine months. It appears Frank not only got the XI wrong most days, he got little out of them. How does Tuchel turn a poor defense into such a fortress so quickly? He definitely has reached the players and has gotten them to raise their game to an all new level. Frank was not able to do so. What a wild next three weeks. Difficult PL fixture run in, FA Final and UCL Final. What a turn around it has been! Come on you Chelsea!! Edit - I do want to be clear that I am not trashing Frank in my comments above. However, it is obvious Tuchel has taken us to another level quickly that I do not believe Frank could have done this year. Frank got us through into UCL football this year and through the group stage. He gave youth an opportunity. He is a club Legend and always will be.
  9. Another team effort. Another solid performance. Another clean sheet. Another Tuchel master game plan. Another Blue Day! Tuchel is getting so much more out of everyone. Zouma, Rudiger and Alonso look like different players. And he is mixing in a lot of players. Couldn’t be happier right now. Come on you Chelsea!!
  10. Huge save by Mendy. He is very comfortable and steady back there, as long as we don’t roll the ball into our home we met (ha ha). I will certainly take the three points. Still wish we could put some teams away late, but at least the back line is steadier than early on the season. Back in the battle for the Top Four!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  11. Tighten up the passes lads and let’s kill this off. Another goal or two would be super as well!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  12. How/why could it take 2 minutes to come to the decision it should be reviewed. Incredible.
  13. After a sleepy lull in the game, nice build up and then Werner go Mount for beautiful goal. Need to wake up a bit, but will take the goal after some nice work. Come on you Chelsea!!
  14. Not as bad as our third kit this year, lovely pink and blue. Looks like an old Palace kit that faded.
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