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  1. Continue to be impressed (and pleased) how Frank has this squad ready to play against smaller clubs, which have given us a good bit of trouble in recent years. Best of all, our players seem to actually enjoy the sport and game. There have been times in the past few years, we have had some players on the pitch that look miserable like they were working in a coal mine. All these guys appear so into the game and care about their teammates. No one appears bigger than the club. Great effort today, again. Everyone was focused and do not think anyone has just a dog of a game. Thought Kovacic and Kante paired well. AND, my gosh, James is a physical one. He is hard to handle. And what about Loftus-Cheek when he returns? We seem so deep all of a sudden. This is a lovable team. We are starting to see less and less of the older players. Love Dave, but his time may diminish more and more unfortunately. I think Willian has been the perfect veteran to blend with the younger players. Pulisic continues to show more and more each week. He is pretty quick with the ball and his moves in the box are outstanding not to mention his passing prowess. I think we all loved Eden Hazard, but with this group and style, it is incredible how little he is missed. We are no longer one dimensional and endure death by a thousand passes. I was at the Bridge in April 2017 for the 1-2 loss to Palace. So incredibly frustrating that day. Of course, we beat City 5 days later and won the title, but the recent struggles with the likes of Palace have been maddening. Today was so refreshing! Come on you Chelsea!!
  2. I agree. This is becoming more and more a common theme. Even my Arsenal friends, yeah I know everyone has a few I guess, have just raved about our young squad and style and how well Frank has coached them.
  3. Well, we have to draw or win at Valencia to get through it would appear. Again, assuming everyone beat Lille. We lose at Valencia and best we can be is 10 points. Valencia beats us and Ajax beats Lille, Valencia and Ajax are level with 10 points, us with 7 and one match to go. If that happens, a draw between Ajax and Valencia magically gets both through with 11 points. If we can draw at Valencia, we would be tied with Valencia at 8 points and Ajax on 10. If this happens, we are through to next round with a win vs Lille regardless of the Ajax-Valencia result. If Ajax wins, we would be second. If Valencia wins, we would be second. If Ajax and Valencia draw, We would beat Ajax for the group winner in a tiebreaker. So, it’s really as simple as that. MUST draw or win at Valencia, otherwise almost impossible.
  4. I think you are correct. It may get changed. It was the slightest of touches.
  5. Well, that was huge. Jorginho calm and cool. Come on you Chelsea!!
  6. Make sure we get all three points and have fun! Be loud! Watching live in States now. Come on you Chelsea!!
  7. Well, Frank picks a consistent XI (for the most part). Alonso better going forward but a liability in defense a good bit. I consider this one a pretty important match in CL adventures this season. A win is a big step forward in getting through and perhaps even winning the group, which is hugely important as facing a second place group team as opposed to a group winner in the next round is preferred. We are the Bridge lads, come to play! Hope everyone attending is very loud tonight! Any Shed End mates there now? Come on you Chelsea!!
  8. This is a big match and hope the crowd can really get behind Frank and the lads! A win Tuesday and we should be in great shape to make it out of the Group Stage. Anything other than all three points gets tricky. For simplicity, let’s assume everyone beats Lille in their second leg match up. If we win Tuesday, we only need to beat Lille to make the Knockout Round. OR draw tomorrow and draw or win at Valencia (and beat Lille of course) and we are through. Easiest path is probably just win tomorrow night! Come on you Chelsea!!
  9. Hopefully they will sell those seats to Blues fans, perhaps some youngsters that rarely get in the Bridge. Hate to see reserved sections of empty seats. Maybe they will continue to have stewards on the aisles that separate the visiting fans just in case those empty seats get unruly 😉
  10. Sadly, I agree as well. One of my favorites. He does seem to have to really push it to keep up at times. It seems like just yesterday he bumped out Ashley Cole in first season of Jose part II.
  11. Nervy finish, but all three points, which is more than the other London clubs can say against this lot. Played well. Pen was probably a pen, but definitely lite and we have not gotten the same call a few times this year. Nice to win these type of games. Kepa with the nice save on Foster at the end. Come on you Chelsea!!
  12. Jorginho seems much more in control and at ease with his passing and overall game since Frank took over. His passing touch continues to be better and better.
  13. Yes indeed. Great pass from Jorginho and finish from Tammy!
  14. An early goal today would be really nice. Get out in front of this one will change their defensive minded strategy. Come on you Chelsea!!

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