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  1. He is better than Hazard or Pedro, who seem to be the only other options Sarri goes with right now. Cesc was better obviously, but gone.
  2. Some quick thoughts after gathering myself after utter disappointment. Jorginho was terrible today. I know, has been previously as well and I also not a new thought here either, BUT he was really bad. Dispossessed, bad passes, slow to track back, you name it. He really needs to sit awhile. We are much better with a 4-2-3-1, leaving Kante and Kovacic/RLC/Barkley behind Willian-Hazard-Pedro/Odoi and Higuain/Giroud up top. I have seen enough of Jorginho. Sell him for a bag of balls for all of me. As many have pointed out, finishing line up MUCH better than starting XI. Thought Emerson was poor today and looked out of sorts. Anyone other than Willian taking corners for us is poor. Just wasted chances when he is not in the game. Same holds true on free kicks, except Alonso, who I thought could have helped going forward to day. Though I am not going to blame Kepa for the fluke goal off of Dave, but he has not overly impressed this season. I honestly think Willy is better. Higuain’s hold up play and maintaining possession is much better than Morata, but he is as slow as Cesc and became statue-esque the final 10-15 minutes. Still in this Top Four race somehow I suppose. Need to get on a run. Going to have to beat United at Old Trafford next month to truly be in the mix. I will leave a couple of positives. Rudiger has been a real solid player and I believe he fights all 90 minutes for the shirt. Hazard’s goal was top class. Europa League could provide a path to CL, but PL may be better to find a way in the Top Four. Come on you Chelsea!!
  3. Suddenly, the table has gotten real interesting. Win tomorrow vs Wolves and at Everton, we are third in the PL next Sunday evening regardless of Arsenal-Man United result, if Tottenham-Palace match gets moved to later in season. These two and Leicester are the trickiest matches remaining as should be favored in each contest. Obviously at Liverpool and Man U we will be underdogs. Need to avenge earlier loss to these guys and move up in the table. Massive game for us. Come on you Chelsea!!
  4. Well, I have had about 12 hours to get past the utter crap that showed up to play City today. This pretty easy actually. Yes, the players have their own issues, but right now Sarri admits he cannot motivate and he clearly is not a genius at the touchline as plays 2016-17 PL player of the year Kante completely out of position and sticks with Jorginho who just gets killed in midfield. He stuck with the false nine way too long as well. He should return to banking or sacking groceries or something. He is in way over his head in the PL. Some have suggested the Bournemouth defeat was bad, it was. But I see this one as worse as there is no excuse for the players not to be motivated and up for this one. Clearly they were not. This summer will bring significant changes in the core of our team from the past 5-7 years. I believe Hazard, Willian, Luiz and Alonso may all exit. It will be a rebuild. And it is needed. Sarri has lost the locker room and everything else. Might as well send him on. Any hope of top four will require an injection of enthusiasm and style of play from somewhere else. Though not wanting Conte back, but the 3-4-3 with Moses and Alonso on the wings look pretty damn exhilarating going forward at the moment. We have played three PL away games in 2019. Three losses by a combined score of 12-0! Beginning with 11th of November 0-0 draw with Everton, we are 7-2-6 in our past 15 PL matches and outscored 21-18. won 23 out of 45 points. That is like about an 8th or 9th place club. Come on you Chelsea!!
  5. Well, I will jump into this as well. Here goes with random thoughts about the current mess. We know Sarri's reputation is to rotate only 11-13 players throughout the entire year for domestic league and Europe competitions. This was his rep at Napoli. He has also been known as incredibly stubborn. My speculation is that initially, Sarri was a huge welcome sign of relief for many of the players once Conte was out. Remember time between Sarri's arrival and the first PL match was incredibly short. The players were given a free, flowing style, and for the first 8-10 matches in the PL, we looked really open minded on the pitch. But then clearly something changed. Around that point, our forward play slowed tremendously. We drifted back to standing all around the box, passing so everyone gets a touch, overlap on the wings, then reverse back to the other side, very few runs into the box, more passing waiting for that precise play, only to have the opposition clear and then rinse and repeat. We have looked like Chelsea under Guus in late 2015-16 or late last year, struggling to find goals. The last 12-15 matches, there is very little hint of Sarri-Ball out there. It is difficult to watch. What has caused this? More speculation here. First, you have to think playing Kante and Hazard out of position has created a lot of issues, not just tactically. I will further conject Jorginho has not been accepted by the team and moving Kante out of his normal role compounds things. Kante is a very respected player by his teammates and Jorginho just showing up and given the keys by Sarri has caused some problems in my opinion. I have watched 95% of every minute played this season, and it is rare Jorginho looks like he is part of the team based on the way everyone reacts to him. Hazard does not like being the false nine. He has said as much. Playing him there is like playing with two men down, no number 9 and an ineffective Hazard. Combine this with Kante out of position and "no offense or defense Jorginho" at the moment and we are 4 guys down at the opening kickoff. Sarri is too hard headed to look for alternative approaches. We will continue to struggle offensively unless Sarri changes up the formation and some of the lineup. If not, he may not survive a 6th place PL finish. Lastly, he is correct in my eyes in his assessment, the players are struggling to be motivated, they do not show the hunger on the pitch needed. Why is this coach? Hmmm, maybe he should ask himself first. Going public shows his frustration and proves he is at wits end trying to reach the team. But bottom line, you don't go public with that comment. It is an act of desperation. Basically, he is just saying, "I cannot get them to behave" like a frustrated parent would say about their kids. Unfortunately, I think the comment publicly shows there have been things boiling in the locker room for some time now. And this coincides with our lack of goals the past 12 matches. All of this is magnified by the lack of a leader on this team, as many have mentioned. No Lampard or Terry here. There is not one player that just screams he loves this badge with all of his heart. I, for one, am ready to get this 3 or 4 year moodiness from the players behind us. If it means a few high profile players need to go, like Courtois over the summer, so be it. This team needs character. Lastly, unfortunately, I believe 70% - 75% of our losses 2015-16 to present (31) have been as much about attitude and lack of hunger from our players as it has been about the other teams just outclassing us with talent. So, in summary, I put the majority of this on Sarri and his decisions, but the lack of leadership within the players allows everything to just fall apart. Leaders could help us get through some of this, though it ultimately would have to be dealt with at year end. Regardless, I will always KTBFFH. Come on you Chelsea!!
  6. Well, not so much. Hmmm, well, better be extremely active today then. Come on you Chelsea!!
  7. I am like many on here, just do not have the confidence we will get the three points here. Watford is a scrappy bunch that most always plays very hard, much like Crystal Palace, especially when playing us. I just do not see them sitting back waiting on the counter. They usually go right at us. This could help us I suppose, open up our forward attack. Two matches I do not want to see us playing with the form we are in currently, at Watford and at Palace. Oh, wait, darn if those are not the next two fixtures. Timing could not be worse. If we get six points from these two, it says Sarri may have some secret sauce after all. Otherwise, one or two losses (or draws) and it is business as usual for the Chels. Just hope Sarri throws out something different that catches Watford unprepared. Could really help us. Come on you Chelsea!!
  8. Hmmm, well, That was quite the pitiful performance today. Yes, we are an embarrassment that we have no top striker, but honestly, the past few games I see no real difference on the pitch between last season (when they hated Conte) and this lot (when they supposedly like Sarri) as for effort and style, save the 2-0 win over City. As most know on this site, I am a very upbeat, optimistic type and rarely post much negative. But I feel I am seeing a trend now. Last 7 PL matches: 11/11/18 H Everton 0-0 DRAW 24/11/18 A Tottenham 3-1 LOSS 02/12/18 H Fulham 2-0 WIN 05/12/18 A Wolves 2-1 LOSS 08/12/18 H Man. City 2-0 WIN 16/12/18 A Brighton 1-2 WIN 22/12/18 H Leicester 0-1 LOSS This a fabulous 3-1-3 record with 10 out of 21 points. 8 Goals scored in the 7 games and 7 allowed. We were 3-2-1 in the prior 6 matches, so this puts us at 6-3-4 in our last 13 matches and only 21 from 39 possible points. That pace is mid table at absolute best. We earned 70 of 114 points last year under Conte (61%). We are 53% over this 13 game stretch and only 68% for the year. No excuse to have lost to Wolves or Spurs the way we did or Leicester today. The inability to score from last season has crept back in this year. As many point out, the lower level opposition just puts 11 in the box to defend and lets us pass around until we eventually misplay the ball. This is no different than last year. I think you would be hard pressed to find another big club that has a more difficult time breaking down a defensive set up like this. Costa could force his way through physically and get us some goals against these defensive fronts and we desperately need a similar player now. Just as clubs took away the excitement of Conte's 3-4-3, they have done the same with Sarri-ball. Other than the matches when we had Costa healthy, how similar do these matches look from the ones with Jose, Guus, Conte? With strikers such as Remy, Morata, Giroud, Batshuayi, etc, it is just the same old pass it around with Willian, Hazard, Pedro, etc. This post is not about how we need a big time striker, though we all know that is our number one priority, it that Sarri must go back to the drawing board and find the correct mix of players, and style of play, to beat this 11 in the box defense or he will suffer the same fate as the others as we finish 5th or 6th. We have a LOT of games now in January and February with the FA Cup, League Cup (two legs) and Europa League. Give others a chance. Otherwise, we will be exhausted and drop many more points. The biggest knock on Sarri at Napoli was his reluctance to play more than 13-14 players, much like Conte. I'll be the first to make the joke, bring back Jose!! Seriously though, have to find new ways to create or it is going to be a long boring stroll to the finish of the PL season for us. I do not want to see the same starting XI Boxing Day. Get Hazard out of the number 9 position. He hates it and it shows. Start Giroud and Cesc if we must to create. Play some youth. Do something to change it up. Please. Come on you Chelsea!!
  9. It's a massive priority for me because I don't fancy our chances of winning the League or the Europa, so let's go all out to win this and secure top 4, any other trophy will then be a bonus. I do think we have a very good shot at winning the Europa League (and top 4 as well). We have to be in the group of 3 or 4 favorites to win the EL along with Arsenal. Who really scares you in the last 32? Sure, we can play poorly and lose to anyone, but should be able to beat any of the remaining squads, A match up sometime with Napoli would be interesting.
  10. Is the Chels playing Wednesday? Yes, of course. Then it is important. Today's match is today's priority. Now, we can rest some key players, and I would like to see Pedro-Hazard-Willian all on the bench to start, but that probably does not work well. So, one likely must start (I'll go with Willian) alongside Giroud up top and CHO on the other side. Cesc and RLC see action I have to think in the starting XI. Truth be told, I have as much confidence in Willy as Kepa. I really have yet to see Kepa make a save that I was thinking, "wow, most keepers do not get that one", but I have seen a few goals where I thought, "ok, most keepers would stop that one". First, win, second hope to be drawn at home regardless the opponent, but preferably Burton. Do not want an away fixture to Citeh/Gooners/Spuds. Though a top 4 finish, and some silverware such as Carabao Cup, Europa League, etc, is our most true goals and ambition in this season of transition (though we are well beyond transition at game week 18) we are a 5 minute defensive lapse at Wolves and then take your pick of just one of our stupid draws (Liverpool, United, Everton, WHU), and those extra five points would have us just out of the top spot. The late Sturridge goal stills has me upset (should have won that one) as well as United. But all and all, solid start to Sarri ball. Next two weeks will tell us a lot. Cannot drop silly points. And let's stay in the Carabao Cup. Come on you Chelsea!!
  11. Up the Chels!! Glorious to see the Blues finish the final 55 minutes strong while controlling just about all aspects of the match during that period. Have not posted in a few matches, mainly due to work but also some poor performances. So very pleased with the effort today, especially to finish strong. We sat back a bit in the first half with absolutely nothing going forward but then a few offensive runs, and then, bang, Kante get in!! Tremendous effort from everyone. Luiz flipped the script. Dave shut down Sterling. Our midfield held and Kante showed some attacking prowess, which was fabulous today. This goes a long way to show what we can be under Sarri. First loss by City by 2 goals or more in nearly two years (January 2017). Great day to be a Blue. Enjoy your weekend Chelsea mates!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  12. Hello Chelsea mates! I have been watching every match, but have not had an opportunity to jump on here. Many have already commented on Palace's effectiveness against us in recent years. We need to take all 6 points from these guys this year, and it starts today. Starting to see a little depth developing as we begin the run into the festive season and all the matches to come the next 60 days. Barkley and RLC give us midfield options. It is interesting Maurizio has effectively ended the PL match starting days for Zappa, Cahill, Christensen, Moses and Bakayoko is gone. Those are five of our typical starting eleven last season under Conte. Throw in Courtois' exit and we only are playing five of last season's starting eleven. So, is it a change in coaching, players or a mix of players/coaching. Have to think both, but it is interesting how much has changed. Combine that with the continued lack of goals from our center forward and it is truly amazing we are still undefeated. Put Diego Costa on this squad and we might be perfect at this juncture. Not saying we want him back, just highlighting lack of goals from the position and yet we keep on winning. Barkley, Jorginho and RLC have been great surprises. Don't forget Kouvacic either. Barkley has impressed with his fitness and desire. Really thought he was a waste of cash last year, but is really impressing so far. Let's take care of these guys at the Bridge today. For those going, be in full voice. Come on you Chelsea!!
  13. You are spot on. I was at the Bridge for the April 2017 loss 1-2 to Palace. Fortunately, we rebounded a few days later to take City 2-1 and on our way to the title. Got to see both matches that trip over from the States. But the Palace loss should not have happened. So, hopefully Maurizio continues to keep the lads focused and we take care of business later today. Come on you Chelsea!!
  14. Hmm, well, uh, you pretty much nailed it spot on. If I try to add anything, it will just take away from your thoughts. Five stalks of celery post mate! Come on you Chelsea!!
  15. Did not get a chance to post after taking care of business against Cardiff. Well pleased with that result so let's see more of the same here. I do think we need to rotate 3/4 players certainly. I just cannot see starting Hazard, Giroud, Jorginho or Kante. I would also let Willy play here. Pedro and Willian are somewhat interchangeable so who ever starts here, does not start Sunday vs. West Ham, which I believe will be tough fight at their place. We certainly should be able to take this group and it should start with a solid win here. Outside of the PL, this has to be the most important competition for us, so let's make a statement and go for it. But again, in these early group matches, we should be able to win with not a full strength XI in my opinion. I will note that I have added the Spanish bonus channels (10 extra Spanish language channels, mostly sports, for minimal extra cost) on DirecTV here in the States just so I can get three Europa matches per week. There are ZERO English speaking network telecasts in the US for Europa matches this year, except for the final, now that the contract has moved from Fox Sports to TBS/BR Live. You can stream all the games for a fee on BR Live, but its not large screen HD. Our game tomorrow will be on UniMasTV in Spanish, so I will be learning some Spanish while watching Chelsea. Come on you Chelsea!!

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