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  1. Missed the first half and by the sounds of it, I did not miss anything other than change of tactics 😀 Second half and especially the last 30+ minutes, we dominated the game. Lampety’s pass through to Tammy should have been a goal. Not sure why he took so long to shoot and allow Luiz time to get over for the block. Overall, Lamptey was solid and fast. Looked better than Emerson. We attacked well in the second half and went right at them. You can tell the lads were focused and giving it their all. Very happy Tammy got his goal later. What a blue celebration at the Emirates. Love SFL’s reaction. It’s as if he is still on the pitch. Nice to win at Spurs and Arsenal within 7 days. Just have to do something about those home matches vs relegation fodder. Its another Blue weekend in London mates!! Celebrate!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  2. Best.......Christmas........gift......in a long time. Up the Chels!! Loved Frank’s emotional cheer leading in front of our fans after the match. Frank had the lineup and tactics spot on. He out coached Jose all the way back to his bus. Really thrilled for the lads and the fans in attendance. Safe to say, we will never have a coach that cares about the badge then SFL!! Merry Christmas to all my Chelsea mates out there!! We will see you Boxing Day. I will have a Blues Christmas, thank you Frank. Come on you Chelsea!!
  3. Let’s finish these guys off. Would be a huge 3 points!!
  4. Better than missing Arsenal match. Look at positive 😉
  5. Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Willian!! See this one out lads. 2-0 to the Blues. Come on you Chelsea!!
  6. Wow!! William, get in there mate!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  7. I have been quiet on here the past few weeks with some real disappointing results. We have struggled in our away fixtures to Spurs for quite sometime, not counting the ones at Wembley which were more like neutral sites. Really dislike this bunch and any result here would be a good one. Frank needs to get the squad turned around and playing focused. Rudiger at the back helps tremendously but no more silly passes from Kepa please! I do like the XI chosen. Let’s see how they do. Come on you Chelsea!!
  8. Some early thoughts on the knockout stage opponent, given we beat Lille, we most likely get a Group Winner. The only way we win the group would be if Ajax and Valencia draw (should Ajax win today over Lille as expected). If this holds true, we would appear to get one of the following: PSG, Bayern Munich, Juventus (Sarri), Barcelona/Dortmund, RB Leipzig, Napoli (if they beat Liverpool tonight). Tired of seeing PSG, though they are beatable perhaps this year. It will be a tough 2 legs regardless, but better than playing Young Boys or Basil in the Europa League. Come on you Chelsea!!
  9. I am ready for Rudiger’s return. Need his stability and soon.
  10. Would agree. Plus looked very lead footed in the end. I realize most were gassed but he looked flat out on his feet. BUT, still love this kid. I think he will have a long Chelsea career.
  11. Oh my, what a pitiful display of refereeing a match. Most shambolic display since when, that Barcelona UCL match at Stamford Bridge? Obviously a lot less riding on this one, but unbelievable nonetheless. Did everything they could to give Valencia the match. Dreadful. The style of officiating other European leagues bleeds into these UCL matches and it ruins so many games. And not to mention 7 extra minutes!! The 4-4 draw with Ajax that has several goals and VAR reviews and a pen only had 4. These two games were reversed of what they should have been. Very fortunate Valencia could not finish there many sitters. Really struggled playing out from the back. Kepa pulls a few stunners here and there. Zouma is shaky as well. Kepa with an awesome save on the Pen. Second Valencia goal was just one of those goals you cannot do much with. Pulisic with a terrific flick. Kovacic had an awesome game and glad to see him score. Very nervy, but got the result we needed. Just need to win at home vs Lille. Come on you Chelsea!!
  12. And we need to win those games. And honestly, Wednesday’s match with Valencia is greater in importance than City today, as we are not catching Liverpool and no one else is either. Come on you Chelsea!!

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