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  1. Quick question, do we go straight to the Group Stage in the CL next year or do they still have the qualifying round for 4th place go get into the GS?
  2. Great effort today. Back line played really well. Mount and Giroud on their game. 66 points and Top 4, solid year for Super Frank in year one. So proud the way the lads responded today. Completely controlled the match. Willy also with a good game though not challenged a lot. He is just so less nervy. Yes! Blue Day! Come on you Chelsea!!
  3. How can you not love Olivier! Such a nose for the goal. Come on you Chelsea!!
  4. 11 months ago we would have been thrilled to be playing week 38 for a chance to make Top 4. It has been a very good season with a couple of short bad stretches. Let’s finish it off the right way. We have our opportunity. We need to seize the day. Jorginho is probably the key to how we attack and do or do not do today in midfield. Come on you Chelsea!!
  5. Just need one point from last two and we are top 4. Let’s go ahead and get it tonight!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  6. For what it is worth, United has had the easiest fixture list since the resumption of play. Not say they are utter ____, but a little overrated. Don't look now, but I believe the three clubs with the best record in the PL since the return to play are: Tottenham Arsenal Chelsea Come on you Chelsea!!
  7. That was a great day! Reminds how much I hated Herrera and Blind.
  8. There’s talk the drink breaks are here to stay. Oh, I hope not. They are just plain silly. Come on you Chelsea!!
  9. Caballero just looks so much more in charge than Kepa. He is confident in his decisions. Very good day today, with Leicester loss and the effort today at Wembley. Let’s celebrate my Chelsea mates!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  10. Giroud!! He just has such natural instinct in the box. A little disjointed match, but if we can get focused and keep United asleep, we can win this. Come on you Chelsea!!
  11. It’s a Chelsea Blue day so far with Leicester down 3-0 at the 90’ mark. Let’s finally beat this United squad this season. I am fine with the lineup. Come on you Chelsea!!
  12. The 3 matches vs United have been head scratchers so far. Don’t think we have even scored one goal on this lot. I feel Spurs, Leicester, and City are superior to United and yet we have failed to threaten them this year. Maybe this will be the match that changes everything. Come on you Chelsea!!

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