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  1. Great day. The past month or so you can definitively see the changing of the Blue guard has taken place from what was a 5+ year era of Hazard-Pedro-Willian-striker of the month to this new young talented group, except Giroud and Silva (lol). Last year was a good transition year, but now with the additions, we are starting to find the chemistry that is needed and all the youth gives us incredible pace and open play going forward. We are really starting to find depth, two deep at most positions , that gives us interchangeable parts for different matchups and Europe vs Domestic play. Th
  2. Olivier Giroud is the consummate professional. He does not complain, plays hard every game no matter the score and always seem to smile and enjoy the game. Has to be one of my favorites. To think, two of my recent favorites on the team are former Arsenal men, Cesc and Olivier. Hope we find a way to keep him past January. We need the depth and experience. He can do things Timo and Tammy cannot. Here is to Giroud!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  3. Watched it all live earlier today, just getting a chance with the internet. Really enjoying watching this team play and come together. Obviously not the toughest competition today, but we took of business as we should instead of needing an extra time strike to win or tie. If we can get Pulisic heathy and on the pitch with Ziyech, we should be really rolling on the front door. Having Abraham and Werner together has worked well too. Ziyech has been quite the pickup. If we can get Kai up to the level of expectation we could be very good. Mendy has been a calming force to
  4. I like this lineup. Hate to hear Pulisic’s continual injury issues, but hopeful just a precaution. I hope Mendy continues to perform well. Seems to have natural instincts that Kepa lacks. Ziyech with a nice left foot. Let’s take care of business here today. Come on you Chelsea!!
  5. Pulisic must stay health. Pulisic makes a tremendous different with this team and makes everyone else better. I know, everyone realizes this. LOL
  6. Game has clearly changed since Mount and Pulisic came on.
  7. Finally someone that knows how to bury a penalty. Werner!! Come on you Chelsea!!
  8. Peculiar efforts thus far this season. I feel we have upgraded the talent this season, the pounds spent would prove that out, but yet we seem to have lacked a lot of flow and movement offensively. Last year at this point in the season, we were very active around the goal and going forward. Its as if we have gone back to the Hazard-Pedro-Willian strategy of slowing the pace, letting the defense get set, and pass the ball around waiting for the perfect pass, which this group has not quite been able to pull off. Clearly we have better movement with Mount and Pulisic on the pitch and to some
  9. Quick question, do we go straight to the Group Stage in the CL next year or do they still have the qualifying round for 4th place go get into the GS?
  10. Great effort today. Back line played really well. Mount and Giroud on their game. 66 points and Top 4, solid year for Super Frank in year one. So proud the way the lads responded today. Completely controlled the match. Willy also with a good game though not challenged a lot. He is just so less nervy. Yes! Blue Day! Come on you Chelsea!!
  11. How can you not love Olivier! Such a nose for the goal. Come on you Chelsea!!
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