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  1. The fact Palace wanted him to replace AWB should speak volumes of the level that hes placed himself at after his very successful Wigan loan. I dont think he'll replace Azp just yet but over time, with more first team training and the odd cup match, it is going to happen. I wouldnt blow my load after the performance last night because it was only a mediocre league 2 side he and the youths played but he has certainly shown at times hes more than capable of being the FB we desperately need on that side.
  2. The biggest issue was he missed a relatively easy chance, and then had another great chance from a header before the end of the half. The fact that he didnt even look up for Mount for the square ball is a worry because he has to score once hes taken the decision to be selfish, hes a decent finisher and will hopefully get better but he was a bit brain dead not looking up for a team mate in that situation. Willian is guilty of it nearly every game he plays, so the same criticism I'd give Willian, Tammy has to get also.
  3. Barkley has been utter, utter w**k in any competitive game this year for us. He had a good pre season and reverted to type, which is a decent player but nowhere near the standard required for a club with ambitions for top 4. Lamp and Azp have to shoulder as much blame as Barkley for missing that penalty though, every man and his dog knows that Jorginho is the best penalty taker in the club but the manager and captain allowed Barkley to boss the situation. Barkley deserves all the criticism he is getting but as a panto villian, Willian done his best last night to upset Barkley, Jorginho had the good grace to get out of his way but Willian was hovering over the ball like a vulture.
  4. Kepa is 100% at fault for the first goal IMO, the header didnt have massive power behind and he should know Tammy is on the post, he bloody put him there. 😄 So pushing it out to the side instead of stopping it, is something he has to work on. Hes got weak enough wrists, I mean hes got hi shands to penalties and shots in the past and they've still gone in, its not a major criticism but he cancertainly improve that part of his game. Cant fault Kepa for the 2nd though, first shot, if its more in the corner to his right hand side, it probably goes in first time so the rebound goal is nobody's fault really, maybe Alonso for allowing Doherthy to ghost in behind him if you really want to blame someone but if we win every game by 2 or 3 goals this season, I'd happily leave in a few goals at our end. 😄
  5. I'll start off by saying i really like Kepa, when a team is trying to play football like Chelsea, you need a keeper thats very good with their feet, can pass first time and not be afraid to leave their line to sweep up, sure Kepa could be a more dominant in the 6 yard box but he doesnt have the height or strength for it, Chelsea, for about 15 years before Kepa, were blessed with 2 absolute monsters in that regard in Courtois and Cech who are both well above 6'4 , Courtois was one of the most dominate GKs i've seen in claiming high balls but Kepa doesnt have that in his locker, he must be giving up about 3 inches or so to those guys so dominating the area is something he wont do or will ever do, IMO. He does however have fantastic reflexes and a great spring, a trade off for his size and physicality. I think given the circumstances in losing Courtois, we couldnt have asked for a better GK to play the type of football that Sarri and Lamps want to play, the only other GKs you'd want to play that style and that are currently better than him are Ederson, Ter Stegen, Alisson and none of them were available at the time, Alisson was but Liverpool beat us to him and TBH, hes had more in play mistakes last year than Kepa last year. Hes very similar to De gea, although his distribution is much better and if you compare both of their first seasons in PL football, Kepa has made the transition a lot more smoothly than De Gea did all those years ago and hes now Spains #1 GK, I think we'll be fine with Kepa long term as he adjusts to the PL even more.
  6. My main fear this season was goal scoring before we kicked a ball but now after seeing Mount and Tammy playing well, its shifted to the back line, im not confident in this back 4, in any of its make up, to keep a run of clean sheets going. I still think we'll be pushing for 4th but if we finished 5th-6th, with Lamps, a ban and losing Hazard, it would be a good season.
  7. I'd have no issue selling Alonso in Janaury or in the summer coming, he excelled as a WB in a very particular formation but as a FB, he makes a 30 odd yea old Ivanovic look like prime Dani Alves, hes just a shambles back there and looks every bit the type of player that has played for Bolton and Sunderland. Emerson has had a impressive start to the season and must be considered a nailed on starter at this stage, whether or not hes good enough long term remains to be seen but if he has a good season, I'd happily keep him for the future. Chilwell would be a great option at LB but youd be paying 50m+ for him in todays market and for a FB, I think thats madness.
  8. We paid a lot of money for Pulisic but im delighted we got him in when we did and beat the transfer ban as the kid can play. Himself and Odoi on the flanks for us going forward will be massive threats, both can play off either foot and are very quick across the ground. I cant see either of them getting 15-20 PL goals and matching Hazards figures, not just yet, but I've faith that they'll push on and be a force in the PL in the next 2 years.
  9. Luiz has played a blinder here. Hes managed to convince Emery to sign him AGAIN. I think long term Zouma & Rudiger will be the CB pairing but the fact Luiz wouldn't fight for a jersey shows you exactly what type of person you're dealing with. Hes had some real high points in the Chelsea shirt, including 3 European titles but leaving the club in the manner he has is a joke. Honestly, had it happened at the start of the window, I dont think anyone would have cared all that much but leaving the club when you're the senior CB, the next best CB is recovering from a knee issue and the other 3 still have question marks over their head, its a bit sh*t from Luiz. The sooner the Brazilian mafia are cut of the club the better and hopefully Willian follows him next year.
  10. The lad has joined up with the squad 9 days after the CONCACAF Gold Cup final. Shows hes willing to put in the work and make every session count. He gets nothing but respect for me for not taking a 2 week holiday and coming back late to pre season., it shows great desire to impress Lampard and the fans. Meanwhile, Willian is still in Brazil, granted hes got a minor knock but he should have come back to Cobham to work on it and not take an extended, unnecessary leave.
  11. If Odoi stays, he'll be the new Hazard here. If he leaves it will probably be the most bitter departure from Chelsea in as long as I can remember, Chelsea have done everything for Odoi and also, hes grabbed the opportunities hes had by performing but the club isnt penny pinching with the deal being offered to him. I'd hope at 18 it wasnt all about money, nor should we have to sell the idea of playing for Chelsea to him but its clear as day he'll be a starter when hes fit and that he's going to be a millionaire many times over with a good chance of success at Chelsea in the coming years. Bayern is a bit like going to PSG or Celtic, sure you'll win everything for years to come but theres no challenge for 95% of the games you play every week.
  12. Theres no way Odoi leaves IMO. Once back from injury, himself and Pulisic will be the starting wingers and at 18 and 20, they've got a decade at the top with the club. The only other options for Chelsea out wide are a useless Brazilian and an ageing Pedro.
  13. I think we'll finish top 4. It will be close though like last year and we could flop between 3rd and 4th, depending on which Spuds side shows up for the 38 games. I dont think Arsenal have enough to nick top 4 and Utd, despite having a decent squad on paper seem to be a bit of a shambles.
  14. 6th for me. The squad has improved with the loanees coming back but you cant begin to replace Hazards 30 goal contributions between these players. Even if we didnt have a transfer ban, we wouldnt have replaced what Hazard brings to the side so the squad improves but the quality of the starring XI has drastically gone down hill. GK : Kepa, Big Willy, Cumming or Blackman RB : Azp, James CB : Luiz, Zouma, Christensen, Rudiger, Tomori LB : Emerson, Alonso CM : Kante, RLC, Jorginho, Barkley, Mount, Bakayoko, Ampadu RW : Pedro, Willian LW : Pulisic, Odoi CF : Michy, Giroud, Abraham HG or U21 players dont need to be registered : Bold 15 of a maximum 17 non HG players in the above list. I've included Mount, Tomori and Ampadu but if theyre not going to play, I'd loan them out, especially Ampadu and Tomori who I dont think will break into the side at all. We need a 3rd choice GK with Green gone so might as well promote Cumming as Bulka is meant to be leaving but if we could give him a anew deal, I'd gladly make him 2nd choice.
  15. Bakayoko would certainly suit the 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1 formation better than he did in Contes 3-4-3, hes far too limited and exposed in a strictly 2 man CM than he would be in a 3 man CM. All things being equal, hes probably our 5th best CM currently on the books behind Kante, RLC, Jorginho and Barkley so I'd have no issue keeping him around but if a decent offer came in for him, i'd equally have no issue leaving him go. With the trransfer ban, we cant really be choosing his replacement from anyone outside of Chelsea anyway so we can park all that talk unfortunately. ?
  16. Emerson looks to have finally got his foopt in the door at LB. He ended the season pretty well and put in a great shift against Arsenal in the EL Final. I'm certainly more confident in him starting LB than Alonso, Emerson isnt the best LB we've seen in the last few years but hes certainly a better all rounder than Alonso for the FB positions.
  17. if we got 100m for him id sell him but anything less, no hope. If any manager is looking to play decent football, you need someone that can actually pass the ball. If we got in a good CF (no hope with the ban) Jorginho and the other CMs would flourish, Giroud is too static and Higuain just isnt going to cut it.
  18. 55-60k is probably the upper end of the scale anyway for most PL grounds. You only have to look at mega stadiums across Europe, like Camp Nou and the Bernabeu, both are very rarely full, the very latter stages of the CL or a Clasico is the only time they sell out.
  19. Ronaldo was a flashy show pony when he joined Utd who took a further 2 years before becoming more of an attacking goal threat for them. Odoi has all the technique and skill in the world but he does, at a similar age look to have more of an attacking intent to his game, beat a man get a shot off or a cross. What set Ronaldo apart down the line was his drive to become better every week, if Odoi, or any young player has even half of that drive and willing to reach the top, theyed become one of the greatest of their generation. If Hazard does leave the very best thing we can do is give Odoi the #10 jersey and play him from LW, then we'll see exactly what hes made of and I think the results would be insane from a goal/assist side of things.
  20. As long as Roman remains in exile, nothing major will change at the club. We're going to bob along threading water finishing 4th-6th until something drastically changes. The stadium development should be pretty much underway by this stage but the fact its been dumped on the scrap heap indefinitely, makes me really worried about the long term sustainability of the club. Spurs new stadium is impressive inside but its a copy and paste bowl that you see everywhere on the planet, if our development went ahead it would be one of the best looking stadiums in Europe.
  21. I think Pulisic being signed early was a back stop to (a) stop the FIFA ban having a huge effect and (b) if Hazard leaves, we'll already have a replacement. Pulisic wont be in competition with Odoi and together, if Odoi stays, they can carry the side forward for 5-7 years.
  22. I said awhile back hes got a great opportunity to make it at Chelsea. Himself and the 3 senior wingers have all got 18 months on their contracts left, Hazard could be gone in the summer and Pedro and Willian will be 32 and 31. If Odoi wants to make it Chelsea, he will get his opportunity sooner rather than later but its entirely up to him, theres never been a better time as a young Chelsea winger to get into the side long term, Kakuta and Musonda both looked great back in their day at 18/19 but their path was blocked by multiple players on top of their game or inflated squads, Odoi doesnt have any of that, his 2 main competitors are into their 30s and have 18 months left at the club.
  23. Good game from Emerson but I cant see Sarri dropping Alonso for long, unfortunately, Emerson is a much better FB than Alonso. Alonso, like Moses done a great job as a WB but as FB, hes far too limited in open play.
  24. Apologies if the cancer remark (re: Alonso) has upset people, it wasnt my intention. Its safe to say everyone has been affected by it at some stage either through a friend or family member suffering. Again, apologies for that loosely constructed analogy.
  25. I dont think its hyperbolic to suggest Alonso is the worst player that consistently starts for any side in the top 6. If Emerson cant get in over him, we have to move him on, FWIW, I'd play Emerson Thursday and if he performs well, leave him in the team, Alonso is doing nothing for us but killing us, hes a cancer in this side.
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