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  1. There's a guy on Twitter who tweets photos from the vintage section as you said no one cares it's all Chelsea doesn't matter the original source.
  2. Could face each other this season if Trev keeps playing like this. Our first Trevor since Aylott who also scored on his debut and there the comparison ends 😆
  3. I could understand it if was his tweet or I'd broken copyright rules but wow talk about a sense of humour bypass. Apparently he'd been banned before.
  4. Well I'm glad he's banned bloody hell bit over the top for not saying a tweet wasn't mine.
  5. Cambridge and Barnsley 84 including a premier league manager on the pitch any guesses no cheating. I didn't have to mention it was Barnsley no other club could have had John Smith's in massive letters on their stand ay up 😆
  6. Absolutely I tried to post it as a link but it didn't work so I stole it it's a fair cop guv you got me 😆
  7. https://www.britishpathe.com/video/chelsea-get-them-young
  8. 1975 Roker Park a very lively day by all accounts. Few in the Shed 1970 and I've never seen the last one before. A mate sent me some good photos but they've got Alamy all over which ruins them so I won't post them which is a shame.
  9. Ambition to win things no we're spending nearly £100 million on one player cause obviously we're going to be in our annual dog fight against relegation. We were 9th in January and had a pretty good season in my book.
  10. Wow we're champions of Europe and fa cup finalists a game we should have won and people are saying we'll have a difficult season based on last night ? Us old school Chelsea fans are natural born pessimists but honestly just get behind the team and leave the naval gazing till at least 10 games in.
  11. Was common knowledge that he only stayed at Liverpool because of the threats to his family and not because of a wage rise Chelsea would have blown them out of the water when it came to money. And I'm not a fan of Grealish but he's a boyhood Villa fan so are his family so he was probably upset about leaving them I'm sure if me or you played for Chelsea we'd be upset to leave regardless of the money we'd be getting.
  12. https://talksport.com/football/842842/liverpool-chelsea-steven-gerrard-transfer-abramovich-yacht-death-threats-burnt-shirts-mourinho/
  13. Covid is beginning to hit and football has a difficult few years ahead. There is no market for our squad players for the contracts they are on most teams won't want them and can't afford them. Inter having a fire sale, Barca in financial trouble others will follow who's going to buy the likes of Baka, or Drinkwater etc at the moment obscene wages for average players going to be a lot of Winston Bogarde's at Chelsea and other clubs just running down their contracts
  14. The reason Gerrard didn't come to Chelsea was Liverpool fans put a Scouse fatwa out on him and said if he joined us it wouldn't be safe for any of his family in the city. Such a bunch of loveable rogues aren't they ?🤔
  15. Michael Fish was one of the groundsman who knew ! no wonder the pitch always looked waterlogged 😆
  16. I had a Pringle jumper I actually bought some conditioner for it as well I was only 16 first domestic type thing I probably ever bought. Wasn't a fan of diamond jumpers bit to Jimmy Tarbuck for me 😆
  17. Maine Rd 84 pretty sure the guy wearing the Fila is the same bloke who was photographed at Huddersfield getting searched he's wearing a diamond Pringle in that.
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