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  1. I had a spam fritter a few years ago really horrible tasteless and greasy how we ate that crap back in the day. 😆 Crisps I liked as a kid I find repugnant now Frazzles are one but the worst in my opinion are Quavers which taste like cardboard that someone has rubbed their feet on.
  2. Cardiff 84 not seen these ones before hell of a day on and off the pitch and bloody freezing on that open terrace.
  3. One thing every house had growing up was stale bread and beans were cheap so it made economic sense. It's funny Italian food is some of the best in the world not that I'm an expert but in the 70's and 80's nearly every greasy spoon in London was run by Italians I think they stayed after the war. Must of been weird for them going from fresh pasta, olive oil etc to black pudding and HP sauce.
  4. Was funny during the Euro's opposition fans taking the piss out of English food as if it's some sort of national embarrassment and something we care about. The Italians had a banner with you put pineapple on pizza and after we beat Denmark the guy who played Hannibal tweeted just lost to the beans on toast lot.😆
  5. Absolutely pissed down that night never seen anything like it home or away I wasn't at Tromso 😁. If we won we would have qualified for Europe which didn't matter as a few weeks later Heysel happened. If it wasn't the last game of the season it would have been called off as the above picture shows and why the final game of the season was midweek I have no idea.
  6. Bit tenuous to start a thread just because of what an ex Chelsea player said if Deschamps or Giroud said it would the thread have been started.?
  7. You can add Bradley Walsh to the ubiquitous list he's starring in a remake tonight of that fluffy bollocks The Darling buds of May.
  8. Exactly Munk but put a full English in front of anyone and they will put sauce on it as a chef you know this but has to brown sauce a little bit of cheeky mustard on the bangers oh yes. PS fried eggs should be banned from a full English there I said it don't hate me.
  9. Anyone who puts red sauce and not brown on a full English is a wrong un 😆
  10. Watched Midnight Mass on Netflix heavily influenced by Salem's Lot and there's a lot of religious dogma but is pretty good say a three and a half out of five.
  11. Him, Romesh and Rylan are on everything tv and radio. Romesh is pretty funny but he's spreading himself so thin he's going to be the new host of The Weakest Link as well.
  12. We were the first fans to sit home and away others followed, this for a couple of years was the only place to watch Chelsea.
  13. Hoddle laid the foundations but Gullit brought us to a different level. You can see here the buzz when we bought him. https://www.facebook.com/GillinghamFootballClubOfficial/videos/gills-1-3-chelsea-1995/744052503014443/
  14. I agree but Gullit was a megastar who gave Chelsea worldwide appeal and attention. Hoddle only got us to I think without googling a highest position of 11th Gullit took over Vialli, Zola, Lebeouf, Di Matteo all came Gullit had far better contacts abroad then Hoddle and also managed to get Poyet and Flo for just 300.000 which even 25 years ago was remarkable.
  15. I read Eddie Mac's book a few years ago can't remember if he got so disillusioned with football he turned his back on it completely because he did a good job with limited resources is an understatement. He certainly dressed straight from the 70's manager copybook and I'm sure he would have been offered a job elsewhere had he decided to stay involved in the game. Terrible day WHL 75 in my opinion was the start of the real dark days which lasted 20 years yes we had 83-84 and we did well the following season but on the whole it wasn't great everything changed the day we bought Gullit.
  16. You were outed as a Spurs fan and we all know who won the double in 61 better luck next time which no doubt there will be
  17. Your just not bright enough to cover your tracks mate it's obvious you used to be @cfcwomble and then @Dointhejtdouble you need help mate.
  18. Baking hot as well and I brought a jacket I was only 11 felt really ill on the bus home.
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