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  1. All the boys from the academy who scored. Fantastic 💙
  2. Kovacic getting a lot better with his creativity. That is what 3/4 assists this season already? Not just any assist as well. 2 of those assists have been of real quality.
  3. Guehi looks so good. Brilliant on the ball, fast, good in the air and looks a real player. If Palace had not put that bid in, I am pretty sure he would be starting a lot of games this season.
  4. Not really an accurate measure though is it? Against Palace, ok played the whole game. Since then he has only started 2 league games. One against City, where tbh we were just way too defensive and paid them way too much respect. The other start was against Southampton where he scored and should of had another one had it not been for VAR. Now the other league games he played was Arsenal where he came on in the 90th minute. Villa, he came on in the 82nd minute and then he played against Spurs where he came on in the 70th minute. I think it is fair to say to judge him this season when he has been given a run in the starting 11, rather than judging him based on appearances, which you seem to have done, because saying he has 1 goal in 6 league games this season doesn't pain the full picture at all.
  5. Amazing what confidence does. Before that goal against Southampton, he looks almost petrified of striking that ball in fear of it backfiring and him missing so he takes easy option and passes. Last night he had a keen eye for goal. Before he scored his first, he was constantly at it and had several shots, one of them hitting the post. 2 quality finishes and you can see much that goal against Southampton boosted him. It is good to see that he did not let Germany's last game against Romania affect him last night as against Romania he was criticised. Keep it up Timo!
  6. In a 3-4-2-1, the AM are more isolated. In a 4-2-3-1, there are 4 attackers in the team, that the defence need to worry about. Also we don't play the 3-4-3. We play the 3-4-2-1, so the attackers are more narrower and they are more tightly occupied. In a 4-2-3-1, the attacking midfielder and wingers have more fluidity to interchange etc. 3-4-2-1 helps shore up the defence for that reason as there is extra protection but on that part, you withdraw an attacker in a 4-2-3-1.
  7. Generally speaking, 3-4-2-1 formation is primarily to ensure defence is solid. 4-2-3-1, gets better out of attackers. Is it a coincidence or not that virtually all our attackers are struggling for consistency in current formation. 3-4-2-1, means there are more defenders than attackers and attackers are more tightly marked. I doubt we will see it, but it would be exciting to see us try 4-2-3-1 and try accommodate all our attackers.
  8. There are many top players who at the same age were not anywhere near the same level. Grealish for instance was playing in the Championship at same age. McGinn at same age was playing in the SPL for Hibernian. Vardy we all know where he was at same age. Havertz stats for Bayer Leverkusen at the age before he joined Chelsea was fantastic and is rare to find a player that impressive stats at same age. One of the worse mistakes we could do to give up on him. I can't actually believe this comment actually 😄
  9. No need to press the panic button yet, but sometimes it would be good to see Tuchel switch formation from time to time. Even when we are 1-0 down, we just stick with the same 3 at the back formation. Why not have more attackers and go 4-2-3-1? Because if we often switch up formation, may make it even more difficult to play against us due to our ability to change formation. It also seems to me that the 3-4-2-1 is not getting consistent performances from our attackers. Every single attacking midfielder/winger and striker seem to get lost and I am not saying it is purely down to formation, however I reckon they would look more fluid in a a natural attacking line up. Is it a coincidence that the defenders all seem to look very good in this formation but the attackers on other hand seem to struggle more? ...
  10. Last 2 games have shown how badly he is missed. His work rate, his runs with and without the ball and his ability to draw fouls is underestimated. Last 2 games we have looked lost for ideas offensively. His importance in the team is realised more when he is not playing. When he is out the team, we just look way too static. Mount is always looking to make things happen. Hope he is back ASAP.
  11. The system probably does bring the best out of his ability, but either way he has been brilliant and a major factor in our excellent defensive work. He defends well, drives with the ball and is a leader. If we are not going to reward a player because he is only playing good in one system, then that is wrong. He has been top class and yeah his flaws may be covered in our back 3 formation, but a lot of teams have played 3 at the back and not produced the defensive record we have. Maybe it just means that the team is better using 3 at the back and it is a trick we have been missing. As with Kante, he is on more than what Rudiger is requesting and Rudiger is couple years younger than Kante and one could argue he is more important to the team. He is the only player in that back three currently who has a guaranteed spot in the team, partly due to us not signing Kounde and selling Zouma. Also, I am sure we offered Kante more wages when we offered him his last contract and he was pretty much around the same age as Rudiger is now.
  12. Wow. Wow. Total dominance. That second half change worked wonders. Absolutely dominated after that change. Dominated the midfield. If Rudiger wants £200k p/w, I hope the club give it to him. He is a colossus. Thiago Silva was a boss. He is still one of the best CB in Europa at his age. Christensen was fantastic too. Alonso had another fantastic game, he was simply brilliant. He made a couple fantastic leaps and is able to stand his own against physical strikers. Kovacic again I will say had another fantastic game but he does not get the praise he warrants from the media and even Chelsea fans alike. I was worried about the team we put out as thought it was a bit too defensive and first half it was very 50/50, however that change second half helped us dominate the game. Will be interesting now to see if we go 5-3-2 against City. KTBFFH!
  13. Could be wrong but just feel the team looks way too defensive. Not enough pace for me and I feel we should be doing more to pose a threat to them offensively.
  14. Mount was used in all different positions too. Started the season at LW, then RW, then CM then AM. There are many other players who are top players by 27/28 who are no better stats wise than Mount was at same age.
  15. Feel for Werner and Chilwell. If there was one game to see Lukaku and Werner together, was tonight. Don't understand Chilwell not starting too. He has not played a game this season and I don't see him starting against Spurs, so a bit bemused about that. Although Ziyech was not that good against Villa, good to see Tuchel giving him another chance as these are type of games we really bought him for tbh to unlock those defences.
  16. The most underrated player in the league. I love watching him play. He glides past opposition players with the ball so easily. A real unsung hero. He oozes so much quality but is criticised for his lack of goals/assists. Well already 1 goal and 2 assists this season, eh. Not bad.
  17. Lukaku's fitness levels is incredible. He will play. We can't afford to gamble leaving him out for this game. Villa are a very good team. I would actually prefer if he was rested for Zenit game, but no doubt he will stay both.
  18. Only 1 game. It wasn't violent conduct so James will be back against Spurs.
  19. His passing range is one of his better qualities. He is very good as switching the ball to the other flanks and picking out a pass. It is just his consistency that needs to improve but it is difficult when you don't get a run in the team. He really needed football this season and would not be surprised to see him go on loan in January if we continue with the wing back formation as I don't see where his minutes will come from. Personally I would like to see him start at RWB against Villa. A game where we will be on offensive prowl, would like to see confidence given to him, the fact that now Tuchel has said he wants him here.
  20. I am shocked. The second half of the season did not fare so well for him at Villa but first half of the season he was brilliant and looked in line for an England recall. I remember when Villa battered Arsenal 3-0 away from home last season, he completed bossed that game. Scored a fantastic goal at Leciester too and showed he is good enough for majority of teams in the Prem. The high wages put teams off but even if some teams offered to pay half his wages, surely we would would have agreed.
  21. Thanks god for that. We just needed another CM. Was absolutely crucial. A good one we have too. It is just very risky and not helping ourselves to rely on Kovacic, Jorginho and Kante as our only 3 out and out CM in the squad. Man City have KDB, Rodri, Fernandinho, Gundogan as natural CM who can play that role. Kante on other hand is injury prone which means we sometimes are relying on only two natural CM. We are competing for PL, UCL, Fifa Club World Cup, FA Cup, Carabao Cup. We need the depth. Especially after loaning out Gallagher and Gilmour, you would think it is a no brainer. Very good transfer window but still annoyed it seems we will not be buying Kounde this summer. We have sold more than we have bought and for a 22 year old who is one of the best CB in Europe and is as accomplished as a CB you can get, you would think we would pay that little bit extra for him, especially now we have the money for Zouma. Who knows next year if Kounde even will join us. He would be also good for playing that LCB role as well as well as anyhwere else in backline. If we got Kounde, it would make it a perfect window as it means where we have sold, we have also bought replacements too. I mean if a late deal can happen for Kounde as it happened with Saul, then great. Very happy with the squad depth but just irritated we havent stumped up that extra cash for one of the best CB in Europe currently who is only 22 years of age and will only get better.
  22. This loan would be really beneficial for him. Because if he stays here this season, he is going to regress due to lack of minutes. The talent is there but he needs to go somewhere where he can play regularly. By the end of the season, one of our attackers will have to leave because there are too many to keep everyone happy. And doesn't seem TT is shifting or rotating formation anytime soon, and I can't imagine CHO wanting to be playing as a RWB.
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