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  1. Today is clear for me. We dominate the first half ok we weren’t good enough in front of goal but what was Sarri’s team talk at half time? I mean no way were Everton going to play that badly in the second half. He’s out of his depth here he has to go now. I’m f****d off with the same tactics the same team the same slow play. Roman sort this now like you have done the other times!!!
  2. Dispossessed is completely different to passing the ball to the opposition. Which by the way I don’t have the stats but after being there and seeing him it was easily double figures. It’s not his fault it’s just like the manager both are out of their depth in the English Prem.
  3. Exactly. We must be the easiest team to prepare against in the prem. We all know how the team is going to play, sideways back sideways back. It makes me laugh how people on here say oh he changed the formation and we looked better. It was only for 20 mins and it’s the first time it’s happened. Playing with 3 defensive midfielders at home means you have no chance of breaking any team down especially when Sarri’s son spent most of the game giving the ball away.
  4. It’s simple, Zidane at RM = bye bye Eden Hazard. Plus even worse it means Sarri is staying
  5. Did you see the huddle before the pen shoot out and the desire in the players. I’m in the Sarri out camp but he was in the middle of that group and I was surprised at how together they all looked. I’m not buying the player power thing this time I think it’s just a simple case of Serie A is slower and easier than the Prem and Sarri is out of his depth here.
  6. This game is all about winning isn’t it?? So why doesn’t Sarri try to keep his job by playing a different formation see if we get results then use the transfer windows to build his way of playing. Ask the players how they want to play. He has to go after this we are a top club and can’t take this s**t every 3 days.
  7. Look on the bright side it’s not uncommon for the underdog to win in the FA Cup!
  8. How can anyone justify keeping this joker. He’s so out of his depth get rid and do the poor guy a favour.
  9. We can’t carry on like this...... nice to be 1-0 up but this as bad as normal. Pass pass pass and nothing. Surely Sarri can’t play this way in the next 4 games! Surely Kante will play CDM in some of them!
  10. Out........ Yesterday was hard to take but 4-0 away to Bournemouth was probably worse. Add the Spurs and Arsenal defeats and the manner they happened and for me there’s no coming back from that. We haven’t scored a goal away from home in 2019 that says a lot about our mentality and desire. We are Chelsea we change our manager to get success and our trophy cabinet proves it. It’s no different to any business who wants quick results. Get rid of Sarri get a new manger in and get the players playing in a formation that suits them and this last 6 weeks will be history.
  11. When will he listen..........play Kante CDM
  12. Sarri’s tactics and system are so predictable it must be easy for managers to play us. Look at the goals conceded mostly all cut backs to a player on the penalty spot. It was the same v Gooners second game in they just didn’t have a striker who could score. The writing has been on the wall since early on. Same line up same pass pass pass and f**k all end product.
  13. I’m done with this now.............what a load of s***e! The guy hasn’t got a clue. How can you be outrun by Bournemouth, they looked faster and picked us off at will. Get rid of Sarri he’s out of his depth in this league. I mean where is RLC and CHO from the start it’s a joke.
  14. Luiz was class tonight and although I love him I wish I was on here giving the MoM to a striker or in fact anyone who can stick the ball in the onion bag or at least help us create some clear cut chances.

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