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  1. Get a new no.2 who knows how to set the team up to defend of Frank is finished. It was clear we needed defenders not strikers. We let 54 goals in Last season but we finished in the Top 4 , scoring wasn’t a major problem. It’s a joke
  2. For me this isn’t all about Frank and if he’s good enough yet to get us challenging for the title. He needs a better no.2. I’m not saying get rid of Jody because it made perfect sense for him to stay working with this group of young players, after all he got a lot of them to the fringes of the first team squad but Frank needs a Stevie Holland type figure. I’m not sure defending is Franks strong point but if he had the support of a real good experienced no.2 it would change everything. Look at the staff Jose had that follow him everywhere but he always had a solid no.2. Personally I think a bet
  3. Could be worse we could still have Thibaut😲
  4. The last 15 years we have won loads of trophies and if you look at football it runs in cycles. Liverpool late 70s 80s Utd in the 90s and then us. I’m so buzzed up by Super Frank leading our club through this changed I wouldn’t want anyone else to do it. Whatever happens this season the young players will of got valuable experience in the prem and CL and so will Frank. Big Roman can give him a couple of hundred million of loose change off his bed side table next summer to strengthen then we will be back and we can stick all these s**te comments from Souness and Sherwood right up their a***s!
  5. How is it i’m more optimistic now about the team than in the last 2 seasons?? I’m fully behind Frank. For the first time in 2 seasons I was excited the way we moved the ball and attacked Utd. Last season was the worst football I’ve seen in 40 years as a fan. What ever position we finish in we have to stick with Frank and our young stars he will learn so much this season and could be a blues manager for years to come. Plus let’s see how Ole gets on at Utd when the big stars start falling out. I would say he’s more of a favourite to lose his job than Super Frank.
  6. Great player not quite legend status for me but now time to move on. It hurt when Dixon, Wise, Zola, Lamps, JT left but Chelsea is still here and there will be more like them to idolise at our club.
  7. That 2nd kick of the cap was quite impressive........ shame he can’t show Higuain how to be as accurate in front of goal.
  8. I agree with your point on full/wing backs. Our crossing has been terrible this season and we have played the ball out to Dave and Alonso/Emerson loads. Look at Liverpool and the 2 young kids they play in that position, they weren’t big money signings just fast and playing with no fear. Get Reece James in the team and start creating chances. I’m not a Borginho fan but you might be right that his limited options out wide have made him look even worse!
  9. Out. OSticking with my original view. Seems to be lots of short memories on here. Passing teams to death but no cutting edge, getting hammered 4-0 by Bournemouth (without doubt the worst defeat of the season in my view). Same subs week after week and the main point he’s only started playing CHO and RLC in the last quarter of the season. Out of his depth got to go.
  10. You only need to look at our record v the top 6 to know where this game is going.
  11. How can anyone defend Sarri and want him to stay at our club. That second half showed everything that’s wrong about him. What do you think that half time team talk would of been like in Jose or Contes reign?? Burnley are 15th it doesn’t take a top manager to work out if you move the ball quicker they wouldn’t of coped with us. Terrible manager terrible tactics has to go and should of done months ago.
  12. Dispossessed is completely different to passing the ball to the opposition. Which by the way I don’t have the stats but after being there and seeing him it was easily double figures. It’s not his fault it’s just like the manager both are out of their depth in the English Prem.
  13. Exactly. We must be the easiest team to prepare against in the prem. We all know how the team is going to play, sideways back sideways back. It makes me laugh how people on here say oh he changed the formation and we looked better. It was only for 20 mins and it’s the first time it’s happened. Playing with 3 defensive midfielders at home means you have no chance of breaking any team down especially when Sarri’s son spent most of the game giving the ball away.
  14. It’s simple, Zidane at RM = bye bye Eden Hazard. Plus even worse it means Sarri is staying
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