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  1. Went for CHO. Ok maybe wasn’t our best (crowded field) but I don’t think I’ve seen him play a better game for us.
  2. Could have had a good few even in the games where he didn’t play that well. In other words he tends to produce something pretty much every time he plays. This criticism of no end product was invalidated a while back imo but it can take a long time for first impressions to fade.
  3. Kudos to @axman2526 who iirc called a goal fest and took some (v good natured) flak
  4. 🤔 I wonder how we might improve our attack? Not playing great this season but might Ziyech have made a difference? Was it a mistake to sell Abraham? We probably should have kept Broja around really, right?. Barkley might be more of a goal threat so maybe he should have come on today? Really scratching my head as to how we might improve our attack assuming all players injured, loaned out, sold were available to us. 🤔 can you help us out @USATim
  5. Lucky win, but I’ll take it, especially with such a shaky defence. That’s a short-term issue so not worried. Lukaku a longer-term concern though?
  6. Though I agreed with it at the time, as he wasnt contributing much, taking kova off wasn’t a good move in hindsight. I agree with Gary Neville on that. When 2 of your back 3 are this shaky, there’s a premium on the composure he brings
  7. Taylor probably felt a minute over was about the most he could get away with in light of the scrutiny
  8. Fair enough, and decent arguments, but this is a very small sample.
  9. Indeed. I think this is a good thing though. Would rather approach it like this than all complacent. Also their impressive start has caught the attention of the media… maybe enough to inhibit them to a degree and redistribute some of the pressure from us onto them. Let’s win this!
  10. Though I posted about it, I don’t necessarily want it. Was just wondering if, with RLC and Barkley back in contention, there may be a rationale for it in certain games. I’m inclined to agree with you (and disagree with @Gol15 )that not beating big teams this season has nothing to do with formation and everything to do with the fact that they’re, well, good teams that we don’t have a right to beat every time. After all, we beat said teams many times last season using 3 at the back.
  11. You’d never guess it reading the match threads
  12. Lampard trying it and it not working doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t work now given several factors I probably don’t need to spell out. I guess the trouble is, though, if he does change the formation, it kind of HAS to succeed immediately. If he changes it and we lose, everyone will blame it on that and it will be straight back to the back 3. There will be zero tolerance there from the fans, the board. Unless of course the change were brought about by a poor run of form with 3 at the back… which none of us would want of course.
  13. Yeah I’m liking these positive comments. The fans broadly clearly have his back. Having watched the highlights yesterday, I don’t think he was even guilty of any egregious misses. Too much context to some of the criticism being levelled at him on the match thread, i thought (we’re used to him missing so every time he doesn’t score we think “same old timo” even if the chance isn’t remotely clear cut or he’s denied by a great save). In general, we should be more willing to give players a chance to shake off their reputation, and to that end it can be a useful exercise to imagine you’re watching a player / the team for the first time, devoid of any context. If we do that with yesterday’s game, what sort of appraisal does Timo get: I’d say something along the lines of: energetic forward with pace, a great work rate, an eye for goal and pretty clinical with the opportunities he gets. After all, he scored two perfectly legit goals yesterday.
  14. Good point. Am just thinking aloud how to accommodate the midfielders. But did he not use back 4 at previous clubs? Has his preference for a back 3 at Chelsea not been dictated to an extent by the available personnel?
  15. Does our current roster swing things in favour of trying 4-3-3 at least in some games? @Gol15. With RLC and Barkley back in contention, it seems to make sense. And the set-up, as far as I understand this stuff, would be two “8”s - RLC, Kova, Barkley in contention there - and a CDM instead of “double 6”. Ok, we lose some defensive strength but we bolster the midfield by using Kante (obvs) as CDM/ spoiler. E.g. Mendy Azpi Christensen Rudiger Chilwell RLC Kante Kova Mount Lukaku Werner select away according to your bias, and by all means Silva, Chalobah, James are worthy contenders, but I suppose no place for Alonso in this system, while Jorginho’s talents may not be best suited to it? Barkley probably not doing enough to start yet but a good option off the bench for Kova (as we all hanker for those days so much) or RLC. Front 3 selects itself imo until proven otherwise. I thought Werner gave us a lot and Mount is Mount. Might TT try something like this? He does seem quite committed to back 3.
  16. Yeah I think whatever criticisms one can have about TT, hard to argue that he’s not fair or has any sort of agenda / favourites. Havertz and Ziyech don’t deliver. So they get dropped and TT offers constructive criticism. RLC gets a chance, takes it, gets selected… how it should be.
  17. Good to have come through and won that. Always going to be shaky after back to back losses. Let’s hope that was just a setback and we can put it behind us. Seems TT and the team, including several surprise actors that we never thought would be in contention, are still finding their way. Had we not won today it wouldn’t have necessarily meant as much as some of you think. I’m staying positive.
  18. I see the score is 3-1. Can someone verify?
  19. Damn I can’t get any stream to work. Such a Luddite.
  20. Good assessment. Though I didn’t watch the match I did watch the last half hour as I’d recorded it and was kind of curious. I know this was the part of the game where we’d come out of our shell, but I was still bracing myself as the comments on the thread were pretty negative. I was pleasantly surprised. We weren’t that bad. obviously it was too little too late vs a city on top form and they had the clearer cut chances but that’s to be expected as we were chasing. RLC was a real positive. Deserves a start in a big game soon.
  21. Mendy Christensen Silva Rudiger Azpi RLC Kante Kovacic Alonso Havertz Lukaku I’m surprised so many of you think Jorginho should start. I am no hater and have defended him many times, but if we’re being meritocratic about it, is he doing enough to deserve to start? Why not Loftus Cheek who’s such a favourite AND playing well. Is it a CL thing? I agree about bringing Mount back into the fold, but maybe off the bench if coming back from injury.
  22. I don’t know. I just don’t see the parallels. Things went wrong pretty quickly under those other managers iirc. The historical patterns you mention are valid but are there to be broken and I find looking for the breaks rather than the repeats to be quite a useful life (not just football) hack. Insofar as there’s a culture of player power, I don’t disagree but don’t think this is Chelsea-specific but more a feature of the top of the modern game, with the obscene paycheques etc. going back to the initial point about the trend, it’s still very much a favourable one. One day that will change, and maybe the players will rebel, who knows… but we’re not there yet (in my view we are just getting started but that’s just me), so we should just enjoy the ride and not worry about any of this stuff yet.
  23. During his tenure, after every setback, TT and the team have emerged stronger. You have to respect this trend till proven otherwise. Yet doubts are immediately raised after one slim loss to City (is this worse than losing to villa or drawing with Brentford? Relax, Liverpool aren’t running away with anything yet). Ah but it’s the manner of the loss, the performance. Tuchel agrees with you! He didn’t want us to not attack and said so himself. As for Roman, @axman2526, he might consider having a word with TT… if he WEREN’T the cold / ruthless guy he is. If he were the panicky, anxious sort, sure he’d be calling TT asking for “reasons” after one bad day at the office. He’s anything but though. After all, those aren’t the attributes required to come out on top in the resource wars in Russia in the 90s. As well as being ruthless, Roman is a savvy operator with an excelllent read of the trend, a great intuitive feel for when to hold and when to fold. If you look at all the sackings bar Ancelotti, they were done when the weight of evidence pointed firmly in that direction. Hardly the case now. Look where we were when he got rid of AVB or Scolari vs where we are now. Not even close. It will take a lot more than this for questions to be raised and I’d be surprised if he even flinched on this result.
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