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  1. “Preordained” 😂 😂 😂 I can’t believe it!!!! Pinching myself Was it really that easy too?? Shoulda been 3-0!
  2. I think we will finally be challenging next season. I wonder if City could surprise by disappointing. They and Pep aren’t all that consistent and have a tendency to take their foot off the pedal ever so slightly after big seasons. As another potential sort of surprise (not the same level as Leicester winning the league or anything), how feasible is a title race between us and United? United is a weird one. Nobody seems to talk of them as a contender (all the talk is still about Liverpool and City) yet they did come second pretty comfortably . This will suit them. I can’t work them or Sokskjaer out. Haven’t watched much tbh. Did he get a bit lucky this season or is he the “baby faced assassin” as a manager too? How do we rate their squad vs City, Liverpool, us? They may well have the best player in the league right now (Fernandes), no? We’re pretty interesting too. Kind of an unknown quantity still. I think we’re going to look a lot better next season but the unknown quantity factor means I could easily see myself being wrong.
  3. I love Dave. Such a dependable, intelligent player both in defence and attack. Rarely makes a mistake, almost always makes the right decision, and on occasion pops up with a key goal or reminds us he has some sublime ball skills too (THAT moment in the second leg vs Real). The Grealish incident made me love Dave even more. I think he’s been a great captain. Us not winning stuff comes down to us not being as good as during the glory days. Simple as that. I’m not sure having a more charismatic (or whatever some people think it is that Dave lacks) captain would have changed much.
  4. Yep - got it now! I also think a lot will come down to the performance / effort.
  5. Axman you have said elsewhere that in terms of strength of squads it’s 70:30 in favour of City. So if they were to win this, why would it not be about the better team winning rather than us bottling it?
  6. Similar here, though for the hell of it I’m going to predict upgrades next season as follows: Havertz to 9.5 - next season’s POTY Werner to 8 - still misses a lot but scores 15 goals in the league Ziyech to 7.5 - still a bit hot and cold, but has a couple of worldies, with a few more crucial goals and assists vs this season.
  7. Fair. Other examples - Mourinho’s Porto (though they had been to latter rounds not that long before iirc), Greece Euros 2004... obvs I want to be wrong 🙂
  8. Ok so I’ve said a few times I think our chances of winning our really slim, despite being optimistic about where we are going in general. I’ve thought for a while that it’s City’s year. It’s preordained. But this is more than blind superstition. I think what it’s based on is a notion that to win the BIG ones you have to knock on the door first. (Applies to World Cups and Euros too. For example, France beaten finalists in euros in 2016, then winners of the WC in 2018.) We’ve been in the wilderness for a decade as far as the CL concerned. It’s pretty rare for a team to come out of nowhere and go all the way. This is a big difference vs 2012 when we had a team full of players that had gone close in recent memory, been in finals, semis, and that’s why I don’t agree with the 2012 comps. Back then it seemed preordained that we would win after THAT Barca semi.. ok, so City have hardly covered themselves in glory in the CL. But they’ve gone a lot closer than us. Lots of QFs. It’s a big reason I think they will win. Anyone share this view, or think this is nonsense and got some counter examples? Obviously I would be more over the moon than I can possibly imagine if Chelsea go and make a mockery of this notion on Saturday.
  9. Hasn’t thought of that but sure. So - I make a donation to the forum if, say, we don’t finish top 2 or top 3 (but within 10 pts of first place - tbd) with Kova playing at least 50% games/minutes? You make a donation in most other scenarios? Unforeseen events such as long term injury or sale would void it I guess. Is that what you mean? Feel free to tweak the parameters as you see fit and then maybe we can agree and track it. Might be fun.
  10. To be fair, that Croatia midfield was pretty hard to get into, whether he was injured or not. Modric and Rakitic (in his prime) were shoo-ins for Kovacic’s most suited role, and then Brozovic and Perisic were no slouches.
  11. Ok will be interesting to see. My view is that a proper striker plus the improvement I expect from the likes of Havertz, Werner, James, Mount... should be enough for us to be challenging as soon as next season. Kova by implication would be playing regularly in such a set up. I’m open to setting some parameters for a sportsman’s bet on this if you are...
  12. As I said in the match thread, we certainly rode our luck yesterday but on balance have achieved top 4 on merit, and Tuchel has bettered it on a pro rata basis. You can’t argue with the numbers. That said, we peaked for this season probably around the Real second leg. This is something beyond anyone’s control. The players are knackered and things aren’t clicking these last few games. Last four games have been bad. We are going to lose the CL final. I would love to see a good performance but am not holding my breath. I’m very positive on next season though. A few of my reasons: I really like what I’ve seen from TT and don’t think there’s a better manager for us right now. There are shortcomings but one of the main reasons i like him is nobody is more aware of these shortcomings than he is. His assessments about, eg, our inability to create clear cut chances and score goals are very frank. If you think you’ve spotted something you don’t like, the chances are he’s spotted it before you. I believe he will do his utmost to address these shortcomings because he clearly has good analytical skills, a lot of energy and a work ethic that he has instilled in the players (of our various problems, this is not one of them - the players have given their all). Roman is a lot richer than 12 months ago and will be looking to address some of our shortcomings on the transfer market. His stake in Evraz alone has increased threefold over the past 12 months or so (about $2 bln). This can all evaporate in a nasty market selloff over the summer but it’s also possible we are in a new commodity bull market and this is good for Roman and good for Chelsea (I can elaborate elsewhere on the forum and nearly did the other day but - time!) Our squad is better than we think. Let’s say we fail to bring anyone in. Not great, but it needn’t be a disaster. We have a lot of players who have massive room to improve and haven’t even begun entering their prime - Havertz (we ain’t seen nothing yet), Werner, Mount, James, Christensen, Chilwell... TT will have time to and is capable in my view of improving our players and maybe finding creative solutions with our current personnel should we fail to bring in other players. He has an experimental side and is a lot less rigid than he’s given credit for - taking off Kova and Jorginho yesterday was a bold move that should really have paid off. all I have time for!
  13. So if we DO challenge for the league with Kovacic a regular in the starting lineup, you will hold your hand up and say “I was wrong”?
  14. His assist tally would be much better if we had forwards that could finish. Your entitled to your view but I think “bang average” is trite and borderline trolling :). His performance yesterday is not representative. Yet you are pouncing on it to vent your bias. Would be interested to hear your assessment after a good performance. That’s all
  15. He does have the ability to play a killer pass, and has done so in many games. You’re entitled to your view but why not wait till he’s back to full fitness and then criticise, say after a good game? Easy to do it now when he’s clearly not 100%.
  16. Let’s revisit this next season
  17. That’s not true of Kovacic and they are not the same type of player. Resistance to the press is one of his strengths. He did indeed make some mistakes and look rusty last couple of games but this was for the simple reason that he was out for a pretty long spell. See above re Kante. Kova was offering a lot before the injury and justifiably getting rave reviews. Maybe give him a chance to get back to full fitness. He should be entering his prime next season.
  18. Going to hit his stride in a big way next season I think. The signs are good.
  19. Yeah seems like he lost the ball every time he got it. I think he gets dropped for the final for Havertz or Ziyech.
  20. Will need a few more bitcoins for haaland after this weekend 🙂
  21. I think the rustiness two games in after so many out is par for the course. Kante was also a bit rusty coming back from injury back in feb or March (can’t remember exactly) and wasn’t cut enough slack. Same situation here imo.
  22. That WILL be it for this season, I’m afraid and I think we need to take it on the chin now. Would love to be wrong but I doubt it. Madrid second leg was the peak for this season. The off/preseason is a chance to regenerate/rebuild...maybe learn how to score:). I’ve got one eye on next season already. V optimistic on that as I’ve said countless times, but this season is over.
  23. 2 points. 1. On selection. Maybe but most were happy with the selection. 2. He made pretty radical changes in the second half essentially getting rid of the midfield. That was pretty bold and it nearly worked.
  24. On balance, I don’t think we were lucky to get top 4. Today - yes. All in all - no.
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