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  1. Its complex. Abramovich the board players Abramovich left the club in the wrong hands - Marina. Call me old fashion, but football and woman not work well together. Tell me other clubs at high level that are run successful by a woman ? Right now this is what happen. I`m pretty sure she is good at the business part, but football is different. So bad decision made, and was absolutely unnecessary to shows who the boss is to Conte, just because he wanted more power in the club and to be the MAN. It was obvious this war will go bad and the hurt ones will be the team and the fans. And the last one of course is the players. But still the other 2 factors play role here, because they allow this from the very begining. It was obvious at one point it will happen and players will do what they want, when they want, knowing that manager is like a toilet paper. Why should i blame Sarri for anything ? We see the same with Conte. And let`s face it, we knew what we will get, when we appoint him. You don`t expect to play different, under such a manager. And result like 4-0 and 6-0, was meant to happen at some point. That is why i don`t like the idea of such football and style. It`s a one trick pony. I mean even the best attacking manager has such result, and with a greater team like Bayern Munich. They lost 4 or 5 nil to Real Madrid if i don`t recall wrong. In his first very season they lost big to Everton too. Some other matches i remember, they concede some big goals as well. I have always been for a football we played under Conte first season, and Ancelotti, even Mou at his first period here or our title run the second time. We played some good football. I don`t know why so much people was complaining about Conte style. In the very first season, everyone was copying us, Arsenal, Tottenham and even other team from other country was trying with wingbacks. We played great football and scored a lot of goals. We scored 85 goals, more then City, Liverpool, United, and only Tottenham scored with one goal more then us, because they scored like 20 goals in their last 5 matches with team fighting for none. Conte always said there need to be balance. The only match we really played defensively was the first match against the City, and that is it. In every other matches, we controlled the ball, not with 80%+ possession, but we domineer most of the teams and has plenty of clear chances. If you want to be successful you have to have balance between attacking and defending. That`s why i don`t like so much attacking oriented managers like Sarri, like Tuchel, and Emeri. You are prone to such results. I`m all for fast paces balanced football with moving the ball fast, not to just have the ball 80% of the time, but do slow attack and do nothing. As i said i don`t blame Sarri for anything, cause we started really well. He have done his part, he is trying hard, but he is limited with a bad squad, he missed pre season, and players again are doing s****. Dont forget we started with 5 clear wins, then we goes unbeaten in 12 matches in the league. And stop with this nonsenses that he isn`t changing anything and are stubborn and it`s doing the same thing. If anyone really thinks he isn`t trying and doing change, then he knows nothing in football. Every big team have analyst and the whole coaching team and players are watching every match we play probably few times, and our coaching team and analyst probably more to see what`s going wrong and what they can change. How someone can think, after such big loses, the manager goes and say, we go and play absolutely the same, change nothing, it`s simply beyond me. It`s a complete nonsenses. Just because you can`t see with your eyes, because you are not a "pro" doesn`t mean our coaching team isn`t changing things. So board choice to sacked Conte and to appoint Sarri with the idea of attacking football, and it was obvious we will need time. No team is assured and ensured to qualify for CL. With that rivals, you can always miss it. So even if we win nothing, and place 6, sacking of Sarri will be bad move, because he was their choice. They decided we will take this step. If they sack him it will be mean, they are doing s*** after s**** and are complete mess, that doesn`t have a vision plan.
  2. Didn`t i told you last season, that Pedro and Willian are not good enough anymore? But you attacked me that i know nothing of football, and how good they was for us. The problem is people are looking too much in the past and think that if the player perform well in x year, he can still perform that well now. This simply ain`t happening. I said it many time you can act smart on the market. If you see player/s start fading, and can`t keep going on the high level they perform so far, you should change them, while you can. We have 30m offer for Pedro if i remember right. And we have big, big offers for Willy, arround 60-70m. if i`m not wrong, and this was official offers. For two absolutely usless player that was finished with the big football, and that was happening last season, we give them new contracts, instead of selling them and get fresher recruitment, who will play with high motivation and will listen to the manager. You also have Cahill, that is finish with the big football. Christensen is so so. So many mistakes, that cost us a lot last season. Obviously not good enough this season. I say it year ago - Barkley, Drinkwater, Zapacostta, Emerson - not good enough. Told you Luiz is finished. And why in the blue hell you will want to keep trouble makers like Luiz and Willan in the team, if they was doing sh**** during previous manager ???? Olivier Giroud was decent backup striker, but for last year. He should have been gone. Ruben Loftus-Cheek, while have some very good quality, his finishing product is really bad. Hes shooting is bad as well. This team is washed and play on high level/motivation when they wanted. If the things don`t go their way, it`s over. They just stop playing, sh*** starting to happen, and it`s a manager fault. They are use to that. Marina is in charge for the transfers, and she`s done a terrible job so far. Missed good opportunity to sell washed players for good price, and refreshen the squad. Now we are in a big, big trouble. We need some of this old busy summer we have. You can`t change all of them in one season, but i think 6-7 players leaving with even more coming IN is what we really need. Right now we are miles behind City, we are behind Liverpool, behind United, behind Tottenham, because they stick with their manager for long time, and all are use to him. And i think we are infront of Arsenal. They are usless and with such a managers, they won`t do a s**** in the future. We can easily go infront of Tottenham, we just need Real Madrid to steal them Pochetino and we are straight infront of them. With the right players OUT and IN, and if Liverpool failed to get the title this year i think they will regress and the next season they won`t be as good, as they are now or last year for example. The case with United it`s complicated. It`s depend if they keep Solskjaer and if they spend big again in the summer. I don`t think he is much a manager and probably in the next season he will have the same problem Jose has. So it`s debatable, but in the start of the next season if we do everything right, we could start with a lead compare to them. As far as go for City, as long as Guardiola is there, we will behind. We have the manager that could rival him, and we sacked him.
  3. Chelsea fans are big time spoiled. They want their toy now, right at the moment. They can`t wait. This is so obvious and it`s happen again with 3 or 4 different manager. Forget this that say i have patient, but i don`t see progress, so sack him . That is a b.c. Simple garb..... People always complain, the same b.c., different manager, but the same complain ,he don`t know to choice hes best 11, why he didn`t change formation. Why he make sub so late. I can rot you thousand of such opinion last year, in Mou period and even in Carlo period. I see some fans starting to realize, this is not a fifa, and not everything can work out, but it`s like 20% of the forum. To the people they don`t see progress. There is one big thread, after the half season, go look at your opinion, and come back and check how different are they now. What exactly you was expecting ? To be Champions on that time or to seal top 4 ? United have stronger team then us, that is for sure. City, Liverpool, Tottenham have been better. So you can`t come and complain why we are below them. We are just 1 point behind to the forth and with same point with the 5th. We are still very much in the battle for top 4. Also we can have CL football, through LE. We are in a Cup Final, whether we win it or lose it. And there was definetely a progress, compare to last year. And it starts right away when the season begin. But right now we are in a bad period. Period every team in every league has. But some move through it faster then others. Some start to skid and there is a lot of bad result, and right we are skidding. And lastly you are fast to progress. The season is not a last 2-3 bad result. How fast you forget this quick start with 5 wins in a row. and 12 matches without a loss. We was playing great football in that time. The problem is the players. They always drops their level. As i said it many times, if we want to change for good, firstable we need better board then the current one. Need clear vision of how the club should be run. Also to stick to one style and appoint manager with similar to that philosophy of football. Look at Emanalo. He decided to quit. Goes to Monaco, and straight away was kicked out of there. And everyone knows my opinion on Marina.
  4. EdinburghBlue, get this straight once and for all. Untill we have such politics for managers, no one will develop and integrate youth into first team. Won`t happen, whatever the manager name is. Also you can put 6-7 academy players, only in fifa, otherwise, result will be a worst then City. Appoint Lamps or Terry, they will failed hard and it will be less then 6 months period, before getting sacked. I don`t want that to happen to legend like them.
  5. TrueBlueSeaFC87, wasnt the Sarri that manager? People here swear he can work with what he have. That he doesn`t care about transfers and that he best was to improve his squad drastically. I`m pretty sure 90% of the fanbase here was swear at this.
  6. Why should we look at someone else ? Are we not the best example of how wrong is that. And how this is a temporary solution and will get worst and worst. Because we are not evolving, we are not getting better with time, we are getting worst. When this cycles with managers starts. Mou has won 2 PL title, Roman decided to fired him, and the next three managers failed to deliver Pl title. We win PL title, 3 years after we sack Mou, and we win the title, because we get great manager as Ancelotti. But we have three years without a PL trophy. Yet Mou go to Inter and in his first year won Serie A, then next year he won treble. If Roman could not fired him, that very well could be us. So you can`t come and tell me this non-stop changing managers system is a good in a long run. It work in short term, if you have the best team in the league and if you spend more then the others. Otherwise this simply not work and will destroy the club. Isn`t it obvious we are going down ? How many times we need to finish outside top 4 ? What is our best result in CL recently ? People are saying changing managers works. It`s work only if you get the right one. And right now there isn`t such available. Also people forget to mention about the failure i mention before. Because we get a succesfull manager like Ancelotti to bring us another PL title, we failed with 3 different manager. So this is not working. After Ancelotti, how many years we needed to win another PL title ? How many managers change we need for that ? Again 3 different. Yeah someone can bring the CL title, but that was more of a luck and faith, not some sort of a plan that we have for winning it. And how we won our next PL title ? By appointing the manager, we should not fired at first place .... Then we finished 10th, because of player power, bad decision on the marker, not wanting to adapt manager and so on. And yet once again we was really lucky by picking the right manager, for the third time out of 10 or more probably. Young manager with great vision of the game, we played great football, he was proven winner and prove to us that he is, by winning the title in his very first season. Yet our board manage to f*** all, and here we go again in the hunt of the next big manager. But the problem is, year is not 2005 or 2010. It`s 2019. Right now there is better team then us, we are lacking big time compare to them. We are in very bad situation and it`s all because of impatient, bad decision and lack of football knowledge in our board. Yeah there maybe a good businessman, but their knowledge of football is lacking obviously. The right example are Liverpool and Tottenham. if you want to do a competive team, without spending as much as the top side, you have to devolp and integrate youth, you have to make right transfers, which mean good scout and good bound between manager and director of football, and most importantly you need the right manager for the job and to give him plenty of time to do his work. Both Pochettino and Klopp are successful, because they was given enough time to integrate the style they play and the football they want to see on the pitch, and everyone on the club knows they are the boss. And the difference between the two and why Klopp really challenge for the title this year is because Liverpool decided to spend big and bring the players Klopp wanted. And they decided to give more money, but buy quality, instead how they was before, less money - quanity. Right now we are doing the second. EdinburghBlue, we don`t see youth to the senior team, because we change coaches like a toilet paper. No one will put his head to devolop and integrate youth players, knowing few bad result can cost him the head. Also youth are not mentaly strong, so few result like this 4-0 6-0, may totally destroys them as a players. Also in the next few years we MAY not have a good enough youth to integrate into the team. The reality is, very little of the youth became a good players, and 0.01 become top players. Most of the youth develop and get better in lesser team. Expectation there is not as high and few bad performance, won`t ruin their career. Also they will get more time in there. And will be esay to shine with lesser players arround you. So even if we appoint JT or Lampard, i`m 100% sure we still won`t see youth integrated. For that you have to be angry at Abramovic for changing managers non-stop and every manager that come here, knows he have limited time and he work in a great stress. Klopp, Guardiola, Pochetino, they can integrate, but they have stability in their team and know that if they fail to deliver, the owners won`t show them the back door.
  7. Hello noble warrior. You see now the thing i said years ago, magically happen, exactly as i said it will ?
  8. This is what bias is. City still have better player then us in Guardiola first season. And if you forget, it was Conte first season. City was in the CL, because they have good enough team. Guardiola spend big from his very first season. And if we talk about striker, they still have the better one in Aguero side. And did you forget when Conte took us, we was 10th??? So the right comparison is to compare the same period. So Conte first year and Sarri first year. Conte also need time, simply because he wanted to play totally different football and system. He also take hits, but manage to change things arround, made 4-5 changes in the squad and turns the season into winning one. The second Conte season is irrelevant comparison to anything, simply because it was a well known he is gone from the very begining. Huge mess with the board, not getting what he wanted, constant s**** with boards and the player. As far as i recall most of you was saying that Sarri don`t care about transfer and new players, he was simply that good, he simply improve his squad. You remember this ? Most of you was swearing at him, and how good and better then Conte he is. How he is a world class manager. I respect you keep your opinion, and i stood by Sarri side, because it`s not his fault, he didn`t get enough players, he was not appointed as a manager at the right time, he missed the pre season and has to work with unmotivated, washed player that still think their the best and live in their fantasy world. Right now Chelsea is a nightmare for anyone with this blind and distance owner, as well as the board and player power. Our player have so high self-esteem, it`s just not real. As i said they live in a fantasy world. Their arent top notch anymore. Most of the squad need total change. We need bussy summer with 6-7 in and out transfers and to start fresh.
  9. Remember almost the same player f**** Conte, now fu*** again ? What will stop them to f**** the next one ? And once player motivation is gone, it`s gone. You can bring it for some months, but you can`t make them play at their best, if their best days are behind them, and their motivation at this club is gone. You can`t do a s*** about that. Also player aging, they don`t stay at their peak forever, and you change manager and he brings their best. Won`t happen, and if any of you think, that there is a manager out there, that can motivate this player better then Sarri, sorry but you are delusional. The problem not lies in Sarri, but in the players. Napoli players seems very motivated, when Sarri managed them. So 2 years in a row i see lack of motivation, definetely player problems. Their earn millions and in no way they should put performance like this or play with such low desire/motivation like that.
  10. Didnt i say this year ago ? :D Didn`t Conte kinda say the same things ? He have the same problems.
  11. Why you give Conte second season statistics ? Give the first one. Say he was the first and only one, who manage the do double over Guardiola in a league season. This is Sarri first year. Gives us Conte stats from first year.
  12. That is really dumb. It`s like Abramovic doesn`t give a s****. It really was the same s*** with Conte. Like he has no word, no power, and everything is in the hands of the board, understand - Marina. I`m just wondering, till when exactly, the manager will take the blame for all, and Roman will give money and money and money to replace them, and no sanction for the board, and players?
  13. Watch from 3:55. He is talking about Sarri, style and City board/owners, and why he choice to go there. He is simply saying he choice them, because they know his football need time and that they will back him, no matter what. That they believe in him. It`s like saying i know if i failed first season(he did) i won`t get fired, unlike in Chelsea, where i will. Just watch the press. He said the right things.
  14. Exactly. I have said that 1 year ago. People was slamming at me. Now the same people hide and change their opinion and it`s so funny. Once again and i hope it`s for last time. Sexy attacking football is working with a lot of given time to the manager and as well world class players. Otherwise you may play nice football, but result will missing and the whole point of the football. Also you have to got the right man for the job. And to be fair if we talk about fully attacking football, only Guardiola is real quality. Tuchel, Sarri, Emeri are not that quality. Far behind. There is a lot better lets said counter-attacking mided coaches out there. Like Max Alegri for example. Even Zidane in Real Madrid with all this good player, didn`t play dominating possession football. He was relying on fast pace counter attacking football. He did plenty of win against big side like that. Even vs Atletico on the CL finals he play like that. But the class of player there was different. You don`t need 80% ball possession to play good and eye pleasing football. That is completely wrong. Ancelotti first season and Conte first season to me was the perfect football we play. With Conte we scored a lot of goals, we wasn`t not in defensive position for the most of time, unlike with Jose, who goes totally off the bar with defese. We played great in Conte first season, scored a lot of goals, second season was bad, due to a lot of issue, and everyone already knows them. Some don`t want to admit it, but now it`s shows.

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