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  1. Come on Chelsea! We are way better than this. No option but to roll up our sleeves now and fight which is what we needed to do from the start. If we can pull it back from 3-0 down against WBA we can still impact the result.
  2. Kepa is seriously being let off with no supporters attending. I’ve never been one to boo our own but suspect boos would have been heard all around the bridge after this performance. Fear a repeat of last season (Sheff Utd we threw away a 2-0 lead at this stage) with the exception we’re capable of scoring and that I can’t decide if credit to management or the club for the quality brought in. Kepa can not play, simple as. That’s got to be rule number one. Appreciate he’s a seventy million pound problem for the club and not just the team. He’s a weak link. This is not a surpri
  3. Second half performance just too relaxed with some poor key balls when in attacking positions. Up 1-0 at half time, we should and could have won. Werner a CF for me. If we don’t beat Palace and Southampton feels like we might be pressing the repeat button to last season.
  4. Liverpool exposed our weakest players last week and we shot ourselves in the foot today in style. Alonso joins the Kepa club, just too high risk to field. All in all a good come back. We’ve got some quality players but as a team, not happening yet. It will.
  5. Just got got home from the game and was pretty pissed off to be honest but I guess you win some, lose some with VAR. Tonight was certainly a VAR loss. Had VAR been around some years back we’d have had the justice we deserved in some pretty big CL games (at least I’d like to think). As a team we’ve got to be going something right with the amount of possession we keep having, surely. Emphasis falls on the club now to strengthen and clear out over the next few years. Just hope we can nick a European spot, without that signing the players at the level we need will be more difficult. Wi
  6. Certainly winnable and with a favourable kick off time for this fixture. Expect a cracking atmosphere. These muppets have beaten us twice already this season so it would be good to see we’ve learnt from those games. Teams below us chasing 4th have all strengthen their squads in the window and truly hope our decision to not strengthen is one we'll regret with Spurs at home in the same week. I am confident.
  7. Good call Frank. Dropping Kepa is a bold decision but fully justified.
  8. Chelsea being Chelsea we’d normally make this kind of fixture hard work - beat Spurs away only to then stutter at home to a team 4th from bottom. However, for me, not this time as players and management are fully aware our Bridge performances have been under par and will want the result/performance from last weekend to carry on and mean something. Normally not this confident but predict we’ll win comfortably.
  9. When we are the underdog (which on this occasion I think we might just be based on recent results) we generally show our worth. Think it will be tight but I am quietly confident we will nick a deserved win. Could even see us conceding first and coming back. I am not going to knock Sarri as he did pretty well for us last season in the end but this season we have the management who know the rivalry of this fixture and the importance of a win now.
  10. Annual defeat to Bournemouth - tick. Mourinho, Conte, Sarri and now Frank have fallen victim. We were the better team today but predictable in our attack. Just not our day. The goal had a freak feel to it imo.
  11. Very impressive last night for the most part. Rudiger and Jorginho form a formidable spine and Pulisic showed flashes of play similar to Hazard. A goal from a corner always welcome - honestly can't think the last time we scored from one. Fully deserve to be in the last 16 as we’ve played some good stuff throughout. Won’t lie, a number of teams I would ideally want to avoid at first but if we can tighten at the back between now and then who cares who we meet first.
  12. 0-0 at half time I can accept. Just hope we don’t do our usual second half collapse. If I am right this is where Emery won the final against Liverpool in 2016.
  13. Odd but the atmosphere reminds me of an away England qualifier when England have already qualified for a tournament.
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