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  1. 0-0 at half time I can accept. Just hope we don’t do our usual second half collapse. If I am right this is where Emery won the final against Liverpool in 2016.
  2. Odd but the atmosphere reminds me of an away England qualifier when England have already qualified for a tournament.
  3. Not as confident as I was having just seen Sarri’s reaction today. My concern is not with the players not being up for the game but the difference in the management sitting in the dugouts tomorrow, especially if/when changes are required. Emery has won this trophy three times and knows exactly what’s required to win. Sarri will just stick to Plan A and if it’s not working simply stick to the same game plan regardless. There is a large contrast in Emery’s ability to influence a game in play compared to Sarri. I suspect the players know this and know it’s up to them to perform and them only.
  4. Missing those guys is a big slap in the face but we could work it to our advantage. We just have to sit back more, absorb pressure and counter.
  5. On the coach to Leicester we watched the highlights of the 2012/13 season (when we won the Europa League against a lesser team than Arsenal!). What hit me about that season was how quick we were in attack and the strength of our midfield that season – Hazard, Mata, Lampard, Oscar, Moses and Ramires. How quickly we could break and each of those players ability to get in scoring positions and score. Something under Sarri we just don’t see and never will. Arsenals attacking strength is their main strength. They could hit three past us in ten minutes if we aren’t on our game. However, over the years I’ve learnt you never write off Chelsea, especially when underdogs and I think we will be underdogs on this occasion. For that reason, I think we’ll just about do enough to grind out a very hard fought victory.
  6. There needs to be a performance today with end results - goals. Three points an absolute must. Just hate these early Sunday kick off times. Always a little subdued in atmosphere and performance.
  7. Can’t see us keeping a clean sheet at the bridge I’m afraid.
  8. On the balance of it I’m disappointed. We are desperate for a CF with speed and strength to impact games. We could/should have scored a second maybe even a third. I think Frankfurt will score at the bridge. It’s a question of can we take our chances.
  9. What do we do? Sit back in the second and counter or go for it? Certainly Hazard straight from the off, surely?
  10. Game far from over but nights like this is when you look to your manager for leadership. We are better than this.
  11. Hazard on the bench! Not a good call imo. Away goals are critical tonight.
  12. I know nowt about them but a work colleague of my has mentioned them on a number of occasions. They were his tip for the Europa League early on. Apparently they are strong. I also recall coming back from one of the knock out games hearing a few supporters saying they were really good. Who knows, guess we’ll find out. I think we’ll do better away than at home to be honest. Don’t know why just a feeling. We’ll need to be aggressive and physical in our play. Not sure I’d start Giroud. More in favour of Higuain for this one (oddly). Fancy Barkley to bag a goal and possibly even an assist.

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