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  1. Ref was abysmal. It wasn’t for an equaliser, I’m pretty sure they were 2-0 down at the time. But no it wasn’t a clear offside but in the laws of the game, it was offside. Was quite harsh though but rules are rules!
  2. I’ve tried to give the games a go but today was just ridiculous. Englabd v Cameroon was an embarrassment. I know men dive and scuffle And play act. But what happened today tops the lot. Cameroon score, celebrate. Var review carried out and the build up deemed offside and the goal disallowed. Result.. the ENTIRE outfield 11 Cameroon players go absolute mental at the dugout area, refuse to keep playing and half of the women start balling their eyes out. ?
  3. @Munkworth nice bit of spreading about the squad numbers there to accommodate joey cole and Dennis wise haha. Forgot all about demba ba, que sera sera. Worst player to wear a number Is a great idea. I smell a thread coming lol
  4. So while we're all in limbo wondering the 'is he / isn't he coming' question with Super Frank, I thought why not fill the time with a little bit of fun. The aim of the thread - post your favourite Chelsea squad ever, based on squad number only. Premier League era only, seeing as this was when squad numbers became fixed for a player each season rather than possibly changed each game. You don't have to fill all numbers of course, but it would be interesting to see who is king of their respective squad number over the last 25 odd years once some replies mount up ? Numbers that I dont feel have been 'owned' enough have been left out, feel free to do the same! I'll start.. 1. Petr Cech, obv? Not much competition here.. 2. Ivanovic. I was a Petrescu fan but Branna's a ledge.. 3. Ashley Cole. Though Babayaro was a good servant so wouldn't be surprised to see him get some votes. 4. Claude Makelele. I'll go with Makelele, although there are some good shouts for this. Gullit, Fabregas, Luiz ?? 5. Essien for his 9 years of service. Labeouf anyone? 6. Carvalho - very tight though between him and Desailly imo. 7. Kante! - World class. Ramires was a good servant for us and even went for more than market value imo, but despite number 7 being a big number for most clubs, we've not had much success here. Bogarde, Mutu, Shevchenko, Deschamps even. The list goes on. 8. Lamps - Gus POyet & Oscar notable bearers of the shirt but there isn;t any arguements here lol 9. Torres - Loved Hasselbaink dont get me wrong. but i had a soft spot for torres despite the stick he gets. He was a good servant for us. Though, similar to the number 7, there are a lot of failures of this shirt. Chris Sutton , Kezman, Crespo (albeit perhaps not a failure, just didnt settle), Falcao, Higuain? 10. Eden - Joe Cole comes close, he was a top player for us in his prime and won player of the year award too. But Eden trumps it. Mark Hughes and Juan Mata notable number 10's. 11. Didier Drogba - Despite Dennis Wise's great service to the club and Damian Duffs good few years, even Pedro has been a good buy, but nobody can trump this legend for the number 11. 12. John Obi Mikel - One player who divided chelsea fans whenever mentioned, but a loyal servant for us. Not much competition for this number mind. Hopefully Ruben can change that! 13. Michael Ballack - Probably would have been Gallas if he hadn't joined Arsenal & Spurs in his career! Or Tibo if he hadn't turned into a t*sser the second he joined RM! 14. Graeme LeSaux - Finally somebody not of the Roman era! Not that there's much competition. Geremi closest to taking the shirt. Bakayoko anyone?? 15. Malouda - didn't finish well at the club but we had the best out of him for a few years. Top player during our title winning season in 2010. I'm not counting Drogba again!!! 16. Di Matteo - I'm going with Robbie because I love him, but Arjen Robben was a class player for us with this shirt! 17. Jose Bosingwa - Including him in the line up due to his champs league medal! 19. Diego Costa - Paulo Ferreira also a good servant of this number. 21. Nemanja Matic - Surely should be included in this squad? 22. Eidur Gudjohnsen - Loved the guy. Im not the biggest Willian fan but he might top some peoples 22! 23. Cudicini - Top GK and deserves a mention. Not much competition! 24. Gary Cahill - Great servant, well worth the money we spent on him and deserves his spot. Wright-Phillips probably his closest rival worth mentioning. 25. Zola - no explanation needed lol, the number was retired for a reason. 26. John Terry - no explanation needed here either! 39. Anelka - I'm dropping him a mention because he was a great servant for us and would be in my squad numbers squad!!!!!!
  5. I stopped reading after the line that says we’ve fallen behind tottenham ?!?! I quote; Why couldn’t Chelsea do this? They spent their way to success under Abramovich, yet have fallen behind Liverpool and even Tottenham Hotspur, clubs who have not always spent as big and certainly not as consistently as Chelsea.
  6. Yes but again it’s not about that year it’s about who he is, how he knows the club, the aura and good vibe that it would create and his assistant for his experience with the youth at this very club.
  7. To be fair jokanovic was touted for a period to be our manager before sarri. Not that he was ever a popular Chelsea player he was booed often! Yes we wouldn’t consider a manager of lampards managerial experience if it wasn’t lampard but that’s the point, what he can bring to the club on all levels not just a years managing experience.
  8. In order of your bolder comments : ’10th or 5th doesn’t really matter’.... well it does. Obviously europa league brings An opportunity for another European trophy as well as qualification into the champions league should our league season not Be going well... disagree with your hazard 6th best team comment but each to their own. That being said it isn’t always about the players. Look at the squad fergie won his last title with. 6th best team at best! Worst position under Roman... how about 3 years ago when we didn’t win the europa league or finish 3rd we won nothing and finished 10th!? Agree championship to prem / champs league is a big jump but what does that matter? Look at the great English players Rooney Owen beckham gerrard lampard terry were all these players loaned out to lower leagues for 5 years before being given a chance?? And im sorry but I completely disagree with your comment on Eddie Howe he’s not perfect but who is? How can you say he has inexperience at a big club, how exactly do managers get experience at a big club without being given a chance at one??
  9. Firstly, i don’t see why you automatically assume ‘blooding a load of youngsters’ will mean finishing 10th.. and also, I agree pep and zidane both inherited top sides however lamps wouldn’t exactly Be inheriting a mid table side if he were to take over here. This is a side that has just finished 3rd, got to league cup final, and won the europa league. Yes, we are losing our best player. BUT, we also have a group of young players most sides would dream of having coming through the ranks winning trophies as they come. I hardly think that this is a dire side and we have been in worse positions in the last 16 years imo. This transfer ban will be a blessing in disguise. If lamps doesnt want the job id call up Eddie Howe and ask him to pack his bags because he would be An ideal fit for our side at the moment.
  10. I know - ridiculous to consider. I mean, it didn’t work out when Barcelona took that chance with Pep or Real Madrid with Zidane. Bonkers... doesnt always pay off (giggs, shearer etc), but why not? Can’t be any worse than our usual short term plan of hire n fire. (Albeit sarri not fired) . What other options are there out there with a transfer ban and a season that we will be forced to filter in youth to make a success? A club legend who would gain immediate respect from these players and an assistant in Jody who has managed these exact players to great success for the last few years. We would be fools to not attempt to bring that team in and I think we will. I think the only thing that would stop that would be if frank decided it was too soon for him.

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