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  1. Good to see him playing well, hopefully means he gets signed permanently by them and we can offload another player off our still massive loan army
  2. Ake is on a similar level to them, so wouldnt exactly upgrade our options by buying him. What we need to do is buy someone like a Skrnier or Romagnoli and get rid of some of our CB options who are pretty poor and havent proved themselves enough given the countless chances
  3. I watch a lot of football, probably more than you champ. Don't think we should be signing a young bum from a bummy league, no chance he makes it into our first team and there's a 99% chance he'll be out on loan if he joins us. We shouldn't be making trash signings like this again... We have been doing the same crap for over a decade now and on the whole it has been a massive failure. This pattern of us signing a young player who gets sent out on loan to a crappy team in a crappier league because he showed a bit of potential is ludicrous. How has that worked for the current players we
  4. And throw in potentially getting Dybala too, think he'd be a fantastic signing. Too bad I can't really see him leaving Juve atm, especially as Ronaldo has been awful as of late
  5. Not sure how I feel about Christensen. I feel like if he was playing under a manager like Pep everyone would be calling him one of the best in the world because of his control on the ball and distribution. Looking at it purely from a defensive point of view, hes nothing overly special, but I still rate him higher than Zouma, though Kurt has been good in the past few weeks. Certainly better than Tomori has been anyway
  6. Center Back: Incoming: World Class CB like Romagnoli or Koulibaly and maybe Ake as well Outgoing: Zouma, Rudiger Left Back: Incoming: Chilwell? Not ideal, but can't really think of many other signings at the moment, 70m is very steep though. Emerson is a good backup option to have. Outgoing: Alonso. Center Midfield: Incoming: We don't need anyone coming in. Outgoing: Barkley Wingers: Incoming: Sancho, Neres, Ziyech (Not all 3, but if we can get Sancho + 1 of the other 2 that'll be perfect) Outgoing: Willian, Pedro Forwards: Inco
  7. a half season wonder? Nowhere near proven enough, will need to wait until next year imo.
  8. Think its a bit unfair to all of a sudden call him terrible and complain after just 1 bad performance, almost every other game we've seen him this season he has been great. Though it does raise some concerns, im sure he can bounce back as hes shown he does have the quality but today was definitely poor. Not sure if signing Chilwell is the answer as well, sure he looks good for Leicester but that doesn't necessarily mean he'll be a perfect fit for us. Think Dave at LB would have had a better game than Emerson, and I think RJ is more than ready to be starting games regularly now
  9. Not sure why a couple different people keep throwing accusations in my direction, I havent even been here that long
  10. Yeah fair enough, I just thought that after James' performance against Zaha the other week, he would be prove useful against the City attack. But Azpi's experience is also key so im not overly bothered about it. Midfield was the main concern for me as I thought Frank was going to carry on playing Mount, but thankfully he put in kante
  11. Just the team I was hoping to see! Jorginho-Kante-Kovacic midfield.... My goodness this should be good. (Except maybe RJ over Azpi)
  12. No idea what you're on about but okay. Something does stink in here though, stinks of n***ery
  13. Yep, probably more than you have as well Mr Armchair
  14. "You could even argue Willian has played better than him". Willian has absolutely played better than him. Why it is a surprise is beyond me...CHO is a young boy. Well its a bit of a surprise given how things ended last season. CHO was playing much better than Willian and was one of our outstanding players towards the end. But the beginning of the this season, things have flipped on its head
  15. Seen enough to know if we sign him, he'll be straight sent into the loan system
  16. Yeah as of late, but lets not forget how dire he was last season and towards the end when CHO was regularly outperforming him. If anything the post you quoted, I was in support of Willian
  17. Technically he's still our player, but the transfer is to go through in January. As far as names go, most the usual culprits have been named already so I thought I'd chime in with a name we haven't seen yet - Jimmy Floyd Hasselbank! 15m at the time, and went on to score 88 goals in 177 appearances
  18. Definitely agree with you there, we have had far too many years of signing players based on a little bit of potential or the types that will come good in several years time (which they don't even end up reaching those heights) We need to sign world class players if we need to upgrade a position. Not sign players on the level of Zappacosta for example. Sure he's a good back up player, but we need to sign players who will slot straight into the 1st team
  19. Remember the last player we signed from Genk? This guy won't be anywhere near as good, lets avoid names like these and actually go for proven world class players. Gone are the days where we sign young fraudsters with nothing but a bit of potential based on half a season
  20. But would any 2 of those be happy with not playing many CL/PL games and only getting cup games?
  21. Without a doubt, the guy just scores goals. The only issue I have with them is his glass body as hes very injury prone. The reason City have even been this successful in the past few years is mainly because of Aguero. If they never signed him, they wouldn't be anywhere near the level they are at now.
  22. What did I say that was wrong? Are you telling me that CHO has been fantastic the past few games? Im just making an observation that he has been quite poor as of late, with even Willian playing better which is in stark contrast to last season when he was easily one of the best players on the pitch when he played,
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