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  1. First Chelsea Hero: Lampard/Drogba - Too hard to pick between them for me Club Signing That Excited You The Most: Shevchenko.... I remember seeing him at Milan and he was unreal and one of the best players in the world, won the ballon d'or in 04 and I thought we were still signing the same guy, but sadly he was way past it when we bought him (despite still scoring some brilliant goals here and there) Opposition Player You Wish Chelsea Signed: Based on the recent news that JT voted against signing, it would have been Aguero. Guy is just a goal machine, and I'm
  2. I too am beginning to lose the hype towards him, he has been quite poor as of late, similar to Mount but at least Mount runs and works hard. At one point last season towards the end, he was easily our best player on the pitch and so crucial to us, now he's one of the worst compared to how the rest of the team is playing. You could even argue that Willian has been playing better than CHO
  3. He seems to be integral to Atalanta atm, I can see him moving there permanently soon
  4. Boga and Musonda both have a higher ceiling than mount, too bad they weren't just a few years younger to have been with us for the youth revolution at Chelsea. I know Musonda still technically is with us, but I feel his ship has probably sailed at this point
  5. Oh for sure yeah, I mean I definitely don't think we should sell Kante when he's one of the best midfielders in the world. Out of the midfielders we have currently in our first team, Barkley needs to be sold as he just isn't upto it. RLC seems really injury prone so im just unsure on his future now - But when hes playing at his best, hes a beast. We are definitely stacked in midfield, even with quality youth prospects coming through like Gilmour and Gallagher, not to mention Mount currently (though hes fallen off in recent weeks) As you said, defence needs a bit of work, and some qua
  6. I agree with Barkley, but Kovacic is easily one of the best players in our team. Id have him almost on par with Jorginho, and thats saying something
  7. With Pedro and Willian both likely to be heading out, replacing them with Sancho and Ziyech is a good shout imo. It'll be hard to give CHO, Sancho, Pulisic and Ziyech enough minutes though
  8. I guess, but lets face it... He supports Chelsea, grew up with a bunch of our youth players and are actually really good friends. At this point I really can't see him going anywhere other than Chelsea tbh. Im probably getting ahead of myself but yeah haha! Lets wait until January or next year to see what happens though, but the next couple of windows should be very interesting ones
  9. On current form, yes. But CHO is coming back from a lengthy injury and we're yet to see the best of him. Him at the end of last season was one of the main reasons that our season literally turned around, I have no doubt he will reach that form again well before the end of the season
  10. I dont think he will, I believe the estimated prices given his contract nearly being up is something around 90m.. Its crazy money but in this day and age for someone as young as he is? Its not a bad amount to spend
  11. I hope they both do leave if that means we can sign Sancho, what a player he is
  12. Sorry I don't click on any dodgy links, might be a virus
  13. Worth a try imo, hes world class already. Imagine getting him and Sancho with CHO and Tammy already here? Sorted for the next 10 years
  14. lmao no thanks, much rather go for a proven star like Dybala instead of a nobody
  15. I guess, but lets be honest in the past couple years Kante has been more than good enough at going forward! Though I do agree about RLC, and whether he'll be the same player once he's back fro injury
  16. I can see our overall squad being up there with Liverpool, but City's are still ahead. Which is to nobody's surprise as they have just outspent everyone in that regard. Id say our strongest lineup without injuries would be: Kepa RJ-Tomori-Rudiger-Emerson Kovacic-Jorginho-Kante Willian-Tammy-Pulisic Mount has started a lot of games this season, but thats down to Kante and RLC both being injured, if they were both fit I cant see Mount starting ahead of them. Id say RLC and Mount both actually play fairly similar roles, but RLC is ahead of him in almost every regard
  17. well im new here, im not aware of any past-banned members am I
  18. With the injuries that City currently have and the form they're in compared with our form at this current stage there's a really good chance we can get something from this game. Glad Jorginho had a rest over the weekend as he'll be fresh for this game. Would pair up Kovacic and Kante with him in the midfield 3. Emerson and RJ as our fullbacks with the standard CB/GK situation. Pulisic-Tammy-Willian front 3. Won't be easy though, City always bounce back very strongly after a loss. I'd be happy with a draw as we're playing away but if we can get all 3 points, not only is it a boos
  19. Not quite sure I understand this reference, care to elaborate?
  20. Definitely has, but so has Jonny Evans.... Im not sure whether they just suit that Leicester system or if they genuinely are just really good. Can even make the argument for Maguire who was brilliant at Leicester, and well not that impressive for Utd
  21. Yep, how Emery lost out on the league title there is beyond me. Though, I suppose you could argue that was the year that Monaco also got bought out by rich owners, so it was a pretty level playing field between them and PSG
  22. I just dont want us falling into the trap of spending big on a player who we're not even sure can perform at the highest level. I mean you dont need to look that far into the past to see how awful some of these signings have been, and us dropping 70m just seems like too much. CM isnt even somewhere we need to strengthen anyway, like you said there are definitely other priority positions. I would say our first concern should be a world class CB, and next a world class winger like Sancho perhaps. Striker next, though Im happy with how Tammy is performing at the moment.
  23. Managing PSG is the easiest job in world football, its a guaranteed league title every season without even trying
  24. My point exactly. If it was a CB that automatically would be our 1st choice, then thats fair enough. But buying a defender who is no better than what we currently have is pointless. Though I think the best thing that Ake brings is his versatility in being able to play in several different positions, which I think can definitely prove useful. But even if we do sign Ake, we will need to offload a CB to accommodate him
  25. 70m is frankly just too steep tbh, we need to stay away from these kind of signings.
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