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  1. Would be such a pointless signing. We are so stacked in midfield already. Jorginho, Kante, Kovacic, RLC, Mount, Barkley.. Let alone the players we have out on loan like Bakayoko and Drinkwater. Van Ginkel as well.. The only case I see where we end up signing Savic is we were to offload a bunch of these players. There are always rumours of Kante leaving as well, either to Madrid or Juventus atm and if he goes then id be okay with us signing Savic. Leaves us with: Jorginho, Kovacic, Savic, RLC, Mount and offload/sell Barkley, Baka, Stan, Van Ginkel, Kante
  2. But is it worth paying that much for someone who im fairly sure won't start most games?
  3. Still can't believe he's only 19?! Built like a tank and plays like he has years of experience
  4. Blanked for a reason, Cahill was garbage towards the end
  5. Hmm, Id say its definitely above the Carabao cup, probably on par with FA cup I think. The Europa does have some decent teams that compete in it, but only really in the latter stages, but the decent teams are pretty much all teams that had just dropped down from the UCL.
  6. Yep, as much as its great to have another european trophy in the cabinet. The one that matters is the UCL. Winning Europa is like winning the FA or Carabao cup
  7. Hands down a good CL run, Europa is a 2nd tier competition. (Although winning it would still be nice, but its not worth the thursdays night games which would undoubtedly affect our prem games)
  8. Yeah I mean, the signings we made in the past year (Pulisic, Kovacic and Jorginho) have been excellent signings, but aside from those 3, the transfer windows we had before that were truly awful. I think the Conte era signings were probably the worst we've ever had as a club, and Jose before that (outside of Costa and Cesc) wasnt great either
  9. Yeah fair point in that regard then, but not sure Chilwell is the man for the job. Im happy to have Emerson as the 1st choice as he's proving to be great, and signing Chilwell for that sort of fee will only end up benching him, and he'll most likely end up leaving for Juventus
  10. I can understand your point, but we have Emerson and Azpi (who's shown he actually plays better as LB than RB after that Ajax game) and thats if we even end up selling Alonso, so whats the need to go and buy a another LB when it'll probably be more beneficial to us to promote a youth player who can get some minutes here and there?
  11. At his very best, he is the best of the 3. Problem is, he rarely plays upto that level. I think if Tomori can carry on improving he can reach a higher level than Christensen, but Zouma atm is playing his best, especially the past few games
  12. Wow... May as well just cut our losses and sign a replacement tbh, he's very injury prone and im not sure if he'll even get back to his best. Hell, not even sure he'll be a regular starter for us the way things are atm
  13. I'd have the same. Tbh I dont think I can even think of many other good signings in that entire time frame (not taking into account the past year)
  14. Pretty reasonable if you ask me, schmuck. Giroud and Pedro are pretty much already on their way out in january. Alonso, Barkley are sub par and should leave and I can see them barely getting a look in once our injury problems are solved. Sancho and Ake deals looking more and more likely to go through, and if they do it makes Christensen and Willian's chances of staying much slimmer. If we do bring in Jovic (who seems unhappy at Madrid) then that affectively ends Bats' chances of playing for us, and us bringing in a top class CB like Romagnoli means Zouma won't really get a shout
  15. We could always promote an academy player, or guy someone versatile like Ake who can play in many positions. But buying another player for that position almost seems pointless as for the majority of the season they are barely going to even play a game, and a lot of them won't be happy benchwarming
  16. Yeah thats a good shout. We could even bring up a good academy prospect as a LB if we do have one thats of a similar standard to RJ at RB at least, but im not sure if we do atm.
  17. Literally is lol, it was never really mentioned until recently and now thats all I ever here.. As if stats tend to reflect games when they hardly ever do
  18. Okay maybe not a decade, but top 5 in the past half-decade undoubtedly.
  19. Think we will finish top 4 like this season. I can see us finishing 3rd this season, and same next year as well.
  20. Top 5 best signings in the past decade or so Id say
  21. Get rid: Alonso, Barkley, Pedro, Christensen, Zouma, Giroud, Bats, Willian Bring in: Sancho, Romagnoli, Ake, Jovic Do this just for our first team, and its already miles better than our current squad overall.
  22. Easily one of the best RB's we've ever had, especially at the beginning stages. But his dropoff towards the end was incredible, he was just dire in the last season or 2
  23. Sneaking back in where? Im confused. Try to stay on topic, this is about mini Barkley who has been a ghost in the past few games and almost done nothing of note since the earlier parts of the season :)
  24. Your* Your grammar deserves correction
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