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As yet unconfirmed but reported as below


he has been spotted / photographed at Huddersfields Training Facility and looks like a promising link up with Kasey Palmer who has established himself as a regular in their side


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Thanks for letting us have another excellent young player. Looked good on his debut today and linked up well with Palmer

Clear sign that Chelsea are delighted with how much we have improved Palmer during the last 6 months to drag Izzy away from Rotherham and send him to a nicer part of Yorkshire 

We'll take Costa next :good2:

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20 hours ago, MissouriBlue said:

Wonder what his long term chances are of making first team (not intended to sound sarcastic or cynical).

Who knows though personally of all our youth prospects I (still) think Izzy may have the best chance. Will be interesting to see how he adapts to the PL if presumably he goes on loan to Brighton.

I believe he has the talent, for me it's a question of whether he has the mentality to become the next Thomas Müller.

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When you look at the group he's come through with, the likes of him, Loftus-Cheek, Baker, Solanke, Baker, etc... He strikes me as one who gets on with things a bit more quietly. If he gets a new contract it'll be interesting to see how he develops, i don't think he'll ever be amazing, but he could be a decent squad option, like Walcott at Arsenal.


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17 hours ago, terryble things said:

Good luck to him, suggests Tomori will stay with us, what with the one-interprem-loan / team. 

That means we've got 4 serious English prospects playing in the PL for next season.

Palmer at Huddersfield
Abraham at Swansea
RLC at Palace
and Brown in Brighton.

Plus Zouma at Stoke

       Ugbo at Barnsley

      Aina at Hull

   & Da Silva at Charlton



Gotta say our loan people have outdone themselves in terms of quality of loans.

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