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  1. A shambles with no identity or leaders. Apart from that all is well.
  2. Liverpool always bottle a close title race. Last year was an aberration like Leicester or Blackburn.
  3. Despite the doom and gloom I think we can give Morecambe a really good game in the cup and at home we might sneak through.
  4. Where can I sing the petition for the season to be cancelled due to Covid?
  5. 11 points worse off than Sarri during 18/19 at this stage if we lose this. I struggle to see where a moment of good football let alone a good performance is coming from.
  6. If it is because of parties then these w**kers should forfeit the match. Other clubs have had to field teams when players or managers have had covid but there seems to a different rule for City? Also, Scottish FA banned players for covid breaches so why doesn’t ours? This season is becoming a total joke. Bad enough already without fans but now with these cancellations and certain clubs are taking the piss.
  7. Amazing what confidence can do for a side. Let’s hope we can get a much needed dose of it by beating Man City.
  8. What is the point of West Brom? Utter sh*te but seem to get promoted again and again. I hope they get flushed for good this time.
  9. A choice between Liverpool and Man Utd to win the league currently. I hope City overtake both as that is the only bearable outcome. The idea of Solskjaer lifting the premier league and his smug little face fills me with dread.
  10. Liverpool right now don’t look like they have the creativity to win the league especially away from home. I could see both Manc clubs overtaking them at this rate.
  11. I’m assuming the City game won’t be going ahead now seeing as they have crafted themselves a little winter break so that Kyle Walker can host Covid Sex Parties?
  12. This has been a horrendous set of games. When will their luck finally run out?
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