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  1. Arsenal celebrating their ‘invincibles day’ in true style. The hype around the pound land Pep might have to come down a notch or two now. 3 defeats in 4 for lego hair and his team.
  2. I hate VAR fundamentally because it sucks the life out of the game. Enjoying or for that despairing a goal going in is no longer the same. Could you imagine the Aguero goal happening now? Maybe it would be given after a 10 minute check but who knows. Football is now a bland and complicated experience with a lot of games tainted by an awful VAR decision or two. The cons outweigh the pros for me by far. Yes, we all enjoy seeing our rivals get f**ked over by it but that’s not football. You might as well have a Tottenham fan operate it for Chelsea games and vice versa and it wouldn’t be much worse
  3. Should have seen it coming, on the back of a European game, lots at stake and two teams respecting each other too much. Feels great to not feel a sense of panic whenever we’re being attacked. Hopefully Mendy and Thiago Silva can stay fit and once the attack clicks we’ll win a lot of games. Still early days for Havertz and Ziyech plus Werner has shown he’s good when he gets service unlike today so I’m optimistic. Reece James deserves praise today. I wonder if we’ll now see more of the wing back system this season.
  4. United have some confidence again now but are really only good when playing on the counter attack so we should do the same to them, sit deep and pick off their sh*t defence. It worked for Palace and Spurs so we can do the same if we’re smart enough to set up like that. Really can’t take the prospect of being turned over by the Norwegian Moyes once again. Can’t expect a clean sheet with our defence and as United will have their mandatory penalty, so I’m going 3-2 Chelsea.
  5. Maybe Liverpool were really desperate to see Solksjaer keep his job. Funny how without Mane, Henderson and their keeper the whole system they play comes crashing down. Mad season ahead.
  6. Evra trying to resign from Sky live on tv. What a bell end. He should stick to getting off with raw chicken.
  7. It's Spurs but this is still comedy gold. Unfortunately Solksjaer will have to be sacked after this and they will get someone half competent.
  8. Passive and weak second half and I’m nervous about Palace now. If the old owl Hodgson gets one over on Frank then the pressure will really be on. I still think we’ll beat them though. Nothing can possibly go wrong...
  9. The bald fraud is about to throw more cheques at that defence it seems. Looks like they need it. Get our act together and we can finish above them. Catching Liverpool on the other hand will be harder.
  10. Funny as it was as it was Spurs, referees, the pathetic attention seeking narcissists that they are, are using VAR to ruin/effect games as much as possible. Fingers crossed they don’t f**k us over too much this season. At least these incompetent twats are going to the pitch side monitors now.
  11. I’m not convinced Lampard is the manager a lot of Chelsea fans hope he is but at the same time he deserves a chance to get it right. Once the new signings are fit and bedded in we’ll see what he is made of. One thing for sure is if we’re sitting well off top 4 in a couple of months the owners will get shot. We finished on 66 points last season with 12 defeats, therefore with the outlay on transfers a realistic target is 80 points and 6 defeats, plus the quarters of the Champions League. I would be disappointed if we are just scraping top 4 again and would say that was underperforming and
  12. Weird how Silva did a tribute to Slippy G in the first half and then we did a Crystanbul while in a Palace looking kit.
  13. I want to see Werner up top not scrapping it out on the sidelines for loose balls.
  14. Most away goals conceded by any team since the start of last season according to Sky. We have literally a relegation quality defence.
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