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  1. That back 5 is awful. Not all of that is Southgate's fault but the selection at LB is bizarre. England might still have enough in attack to scrape a result though.
  2. I guess it's better he goes to Spurs than Man Utd where he is a lot more likely to be successful but can't help feel this is treachery. Another mercenary manager of modern football. I hope he fails miserably if he goes there.
  3. Cheers PEP for picking that team. London now only one European cup behind Manchester despite a 40 year head start.
  4. Love the line up. Need our Germans to come up big tonight. No Fernandinho or Rodri for City. I'm hoping that'll prove a f**k up by Pep.
  5. Can only hope the last few performances were designed to lull City into a false sense of confidence for the final. I just hope Kante and Mendy are fit for next week or we are screwed.
  6. Why is Burnley away hyped as tough game? They roll over for any top 6 side. Useless.
  7. f**k sake. Sunday league quality goals in this game.
  8. Shocked at the news a guy who shags his brother's wife for years turns out to be a low life.
  9. We're out. It will be interesting to see how it comes crashing down now.
  10. I don't think they understand the tribal rivalries within each country is what drives most of the interest in football. Seeing Chelsea play Barcelona or Juventus is great from time to time but would soon become boring. The same teams play each other in Europe enough as it is but I realise this sh*te is aimed at fans outside of the UK and the broadcast revenue that comes with it. And what the end game is here. In time, one or two of the Super League clubs will dominate that league too and then those clubs will demand more from the rest. It feels like they want to get to a point where Real
  11. Considering they got 96 points the fall seems worse. 6 games at home in a row and barely scoring a goal is arguably the most embarrassing title defence ever. Embarrassing for Klopp too getting schooled by someone in that coat.
  12. Liverpool starting to make our 15/16 title defence look decent.
  13. So glad there wasn't an English clown ref on VAR tonight. They would have no doubt robbed us of that goal. And Olivier Giroud - what a goal it was.
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