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  1. Only downside is now we've played Spurs and Arsenal away, the games get a lot harder from here.
  2. Is there now a new TV protocol after the Euros where we could watch Eriksen getting CPR for 10 minutes and his wife crying by the side of the pitch but now can't see a bad injury?
  3. The Ronaldo w**kfest will be non-stop this season with most media hacks creaming themselves at the thought of him delivering the league. Watching them come up short again will be especially delightful.
  4. Everything going wrong at once. sh*t Newcastle keeper.
  5. Anthony Taylor. f**king clown who is clearly incompetent or has an agenda. He couldn't wait to give the penalty and red card.
  6. It is 10 years to the day Arsenal lost 8-2 at Man Utd apparently so you could say they're moving in the right direction. And I think they might get something from the 6 pointer with Norwich so I think they need to look a the positives.
  7. It was like a replay of the game we lost to Italy at the Euros in 2012. Sat back, couldn't keep the ball and hopeless at penalties. They missed 2 and we still bottled it. We're basically the Tottenham of international football. Good on black and white tv and f**k all since. Yes we beat a transitional Germany side (at home), that lost to North Macedonia in March, and thrashed sh*te Ukraine but we are not a great side. Sorry to be all doom and gloom but it's reality - we bottled it despite a favourable draw and being at home for 6/7 games. We will never get a better chance.
  8. That back 5 is awful. Not all of that is Southgate's fault but the selection at LB is bizarre. England might still have enough in attack to scrape a result though.
  9. I guess it's better he goes to Spurs than Man Utd where he is a lot more likely to be successful but can't help feel this is treachery. Another mercenary manager of modern football. I hope he fails miserably if he goes there.
  10. Cheers PEP for picking that team. London now only one European cup behind Manchester despite a 40 year head start.
  11. Love the line up. Need our Germans to come up big tonight. No Fernandinho or Rodri for City. I'm hoping that'll prove a f**k up by Pep.
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