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  1. Possibly, but it’s all Arsenal have got to crow about unlike Liverpool. Plus I don’t pay attention to non-scouse glory hunters who are the ones likely to go on about it.
  2. On the upside if Liverpool do go unbeaten we won’t have to hear from Arsenal fans who’ve been dining out on that for years.
  3. That result certainly took the edge off the disappointment from last night. Now it's maybe Spurs we have to worry about. If by some miracle we can win the next three games that should be enough.
  4. Gollum’s last stand tonight you would think unless they pull off a miracle comeback. I’m hoping he’s still manager come our game with United but it looks unlikely now.
  5. Burnley better not be giving me hope only to collapse in the second half. Seen this scenario before only for United to make a come back even in their post Fergie sh*te days. Get in Pukki.
  6. I was at the game last night and it was weird one. A flat atmosphere for a week night derby game, but some of that was due to the flat play. We also gave that shower from North London an excuse to enjoy themselves. A point at Stamford Bridge against the worst Chelsea side in some time is the stuff of their dreams apparently. It shows how low the bar is set over there. Chelsea played better against 11 than against 10, creating next to nothing of note whereas Arsenal scored from both their chances. It was cross after cross, corner after corner. I think statistically, we are one of the worst for chance conversion (lots of half chances rather than clear cut ones seems the problem) and also one of the worst for conceding from chances for the opposition. We’re crying out for creativity, a leader at the back and probably a new gk and until that is sorted prepare for more results like this and the doom and gloom that follows. The game against United next month is massive now and not yet a must win but with Leicester away next it might be.
  7. Really have no idea what to expect tonight. What Chelsea or what Arsenal turn up is hard to say. Both sides with obvious flaws. We should be confident though as they’re missing their best striker and their defence isn’t great. If Arteta is smart he’ll have them sit in and not go toe to toe with us but it’s not easy for Arsenal to play like Southampton even if that’s their level now. I’m going for 2-1 to the Blues.
  8. For no rational reason whatsoever I think United might get something here. Queue 3-0 Liverpool.
  9. We simply don’t have the technical ability to break defensive teams down and it keeps biting us on the arse. The next three games are season defining now to say the least.
  10. Win this and the pressure is really on United, who I don't expect to pull off a miracle at Anfield but you never know with those lucky arseholes. Even though they're sh*te they manage to get a big win occasionally. Have to beat Newcastle with Arsenal, United and Spurs coming up. I think at least a draw tomorrow but defend properly from set pieces and we can win this one comfortably.

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