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  1. I'm trying to put rivalry aside as this is much bigger issue and tomorrow we might hear Chelsea are doing exactly the same thing so I'm wary of having a go at certain clubs and it is luck of the draw who your club's owners are and their ethics. Ken Bates would probably have had the staff furloughed weeks ago. That said, Liverpool's title (assuming the league is finished), is tainted forever by this and they will no longer be able to sing their sentimental dirge You'll Never Walk Alone with a straight face. Perhaps give the NHS the title instead. It will be interesting to see how player pay cuts will play out now, seeing as they are refusing it. That's all well and good but some clubs are going to soon start running out of cash if they don't, so instead of a 30% cut they might find themselves having to take more.
  2. So it seems ‘we’re Scouse not English’ only applies when they’re not sponging off the UK tax payers’ money. I really hope Chelsea don’t go down this road but it’s a football club so I’m not counting on principal or ethics. Either way, I hope the government is smart enough to recoup this money with interest by applying a huge windfall tax to future the income of these vile clubs on future television income. The way these clubs are acting I am giving less and less of a f**k about football returning.
  3. Not a fan of the idea of playing the remaining games behind closed doors in a short space of time. Surely the only motive for that is pure greed. And it will still leave the final standings with an asterisk next to them. If they are going to finish the season, just wait until it's safe for supporters to return and play as normal even if that's in the autumn or winter. Either that or void the season and just wait as long as it takes to start the new season.
  4. That's an absolute collapse and bottle job from Liverpool there. Like the last few weeks in fact.
  5. Sky was for 20 years a propaganda channel for Man Utd so old habits die hard. I just mute them and get alternative commentary elsewhere. Their coverage always focuses on the most minor of controversies rather than any decent football in order to trigger people. It’s just Talksport with a bigger budget and twats in suits.
  6. At least these results keep the Norwegian Gollum in his job for a while longer. f**king despise the w**kfest over United playing some of the most lucky, turgid football ever seen. They always seem to play teams at the right time like City who clearly only give a f**k about the Madrid game now. I’m not too concerned as we play better football and have better players. Do our job and their luck will eventually run out.
  7. City playing a local derby with all the passion you’d expect from a financially doped team of mercenaries. What annoys me is United are crap, play sh*te football and have refs in their pocket. Still there for the taking if City show some balls.
  8. I’ve finally been at the Bridge to witness us win at home this season so I’m thinking these wins are like London buses right? I watched Everton v Man Utd and thought they deserved the win. Average group of players although Richarlison, Gomes and Calvert-Lewin are decent and a threat. Ancellotti has shown even in his autumn years he’s both tactically and in terms of man management way ahead of a lot of the numpties of the Prem. I’m banking on the dad’s army of Giroud, Pedro and Willian to do the business. With the injuries at least Frank has an easy selection. I’d play Gilmour again after his display against Liverpool. He deserves it.
  9. I was actually yelling shoot. And he did thank god. Great atmosphere at the bridge last night even in the upper west. It was a difference out-singing the away fans for once, who ironically came in more numbers for this game. Lots of plastic scousers who are quieter than their usual lot maybe. I thought they were crap on and off the pitch. Surprisingly soft in the center with Fabinho particularly awful, getting the run around from a 5’5” 18 year old. Scotland spanking Brazil for a change. I felt relaxed watching it, thinking they were sh*t apart from the odd Mane turn or run by Robertson. Everton and Ancelotti will be a much harder test in a strange way. We won’t be able to play on the counter so it will be a tough match especially with the injuries. Fancy us to sneak it though.
  10. Cheerio invincibles. Arsenal fans can still dine out on that one.
  11. If Liverpool don’t go unbeaten from here in the worst Premier League in a long time they’d have bottled it. At least losing at City I could understand. It could be wheels coming off if we knock the out of the cup and Atlético get past them.
  12. With this group of players a point at a relegation threatened side is decent. Shows how far we’ve fallen. So many players need to be bombed out in the summer. Ross Barkley being near the top of this list. Looked like a competition winner against Bayern and again today.
  13. We’re a painfully average side. The worry is we are one with no momentum or confidence. United and the teams below us have much more of both right now. Beating a sh*t Spurs side papered over some mighty cracks.
  14. So a win tomorrow and we can get within 3 of third place. Just shows the league really is crap this year and with VAR, the corona virus and global warming I say it should be annulled with no winner and everyone comes back in August to start again.
  15. Hahaha. f**k off Arsenal. An even more embarrassing club than Spurs.

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