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  1. Hopefully not a bad omen but all the away sides playing today have scored atleast a goal. So 2-1 to Chelsea
  2. Any chance we take a defender off for an attacker ?
  3. I have noticed that Tuchel prefers experience when it comes to important games.
  4. Tuchel said in his press conference that Pulisic will be in the squad for tomorrow.
  5. Thiago and possibly Pulisic (slight issue with his calf) out for tomorrow's match. But Abraham and Kai are available which is good. Looks like we are saving Thiago for Athletico.
  6. Really annoyed me as well with his constant pass back to the defense.
  7. Why are our players not passing through the centre ? Every time Reece gets the ball it goes straight back to Rudiger then Silva and repeat. Truly frustrating.
  8. As Ziyech and Cho are out I actually wouldn't mind a change to 3-4-3 with James and Chilwell higher up the pitch with Werner through the middle. Mendy Dave Zouma Thiago James Kovacic Kante Chilly Mount Pulisic Werner
  9. Just heard Lampard say in the press conference that Pulisic still has issues with his Hamstring so I doubt he will be going for International duty.
  10. Links to the game https://reddiit.soccerstreams.net/event/chelsea-rennes-live-stream/541260
  11. Looks like its a very minor injury and should be back soon but not fit for tomorrow. https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2020/11/03/lampard-delivers-an-update-on-pulisic-s-injury-ahead-of-rennes?fbclid=IwAR2KpXZVRs4_QhoIxh6Emi7r2_RmQm5R8F_auAlwvWeMoD5ccJuCUsQajb8
  12. Scores a nice goal for Germany.
  13. A pictorial view of the fixtures.
  14. try this one http://liveonscore.net/soccer-streams/sheffield-united-vs-chelsea/
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