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  1. Surely this is a good time to post the classic McCreadie on Bremner missile dropkick?
  2. Won't be the same without the crowd for this one. Although it is f'ing hilarious that their first season back and their fans will be lucky to be able to go to a match at all. Will be even better if they go back down now. Hope we crush them.
  3. Completely missed the perfect hattrick aspect. Very rare. Great to see him start and do well. Hopefully he is used a little more now in the right moments. He absolutely has the quality to play a bigger role than he has so far.
  4. Very tough away fixture and we handled it with aplomb. Albeit Sevilla were very poor. Giroud dominated the smaller Sevilla centre halves. Great to see him among the goals and hopefully this means he plays more regularly. He certainly offers something different from Tammy and Werner. The right foot chip was just superb.
  5. Agreed Nibs. I think he's struggled with the increase in pace and the better, tighter defences. Has largely floated in and out of games. Mount doing a Drogba at the moment. In comes the big name signing and Mason has lifted his game to another level. Up to Kai to win back a role in the 11.
  6. Agreed. I think it's about options and strikers who suit particular games. Tammy largely is a guy who seems to score goals against more open defences where there is a bit of space. Giroud on the other hand suits a game like Spurs where there is no space, but he can create a focal point for others to play around. Neither are great finishers so it becomes more about who benefits the team most in particular situations. I would say that Tammy has better pressing legs than Giroud, which matters in the Lampard system.
  7. I think we saw again that we are perhaps still a little horse as far as the title race is concerned. Still positive signs. A clean sheet against a good team is nothing to sneeze at.
  8. Absolutely and he does that well
  9. He scored mountains from the same position last year. Plenty of the goals he has missed haven't been from the left hand side of the box they have been from the central striking position.
  10. Was it the FA Cup final against Pompey where he managed to hit the crossbar despite pretty much being in the goal?
  11. Didn't hear anyone saying this about Salomon Kalou when he was here!
  12. RIP. Here for a good time not a long time could have been his motto, so not overly surprising news.
  13. Exactly. People forget it's a long season. It's not going to be all high pressing and space in the midfield to do as we please as it has been recently. In the same way as Giroud needs to play a role in the bigger tighter games to come so will Kovacic when it is important to have someone who can dribble past someone to make space on midfield.
  14. Agreed. We'll really see what's what this year against Spurs. Jose has a habit of doing well against teams that play like us.
  15. I said before we bought him that this is his way. He scores lots and he misses lots. He needs to take a large volume of shots to be effective. Thankfully he has been getting lots of shots so far.
  16. Streaky performance but a win is a win. Shame to see the poor marking at corners return tonight. Nice to see Oli on the scoresheet, perhaps this will mean he can get some more minutes. As he was last year he will be more and more important in the tighter games to come after Christmas where there is more at stake and teams start to work out our current approach.
  17. Definite handball especially given how trigger happy VAR is towards penalties these days. That aside it's another big game that Rodgers has lost. Yet again proving a nearly man.
  18. Who voted for Emerson haha. That could actually top when a heap of people used to vote for Torres as MoM whenever he didn't tie his shoelaces together!
  19. Penalty FC at it again I see. Even when the keeper saves, it's no no let Manchester United take it again, it's very important to the Premier League that they remain relevant.
  20. It's not still alive loz. I'm not sure it was ever open, apart from with Sarri and his cult. Anyway Frank's comments today suggest they are managing him really carefully to stop the injuries and niggles. He was saying they've got to stop him at training because he only has one speed and will put up ridiculous numbers for distance run and sprints even in training after playing 2 games in a week. We're bloody lucky to have him. Hopefully we can keep him on the park regularly, because that'll make a lot of difference to us finishing high up the table.
  21. Top performance. Great to see Rudiger back and it gives me hope that Lampard has finally moved on from picking physically soft players who look the part but wilt at the first sign of pressure. Christensen well and truly on the outer now. Truth is we should have won by at least four. Werner again showing his streaky finishing but that assist at the end for Abraham was sublime. Well done to Mount, James and Kante who were all at the top of their game.
  22. Kante takes care of business again as the DM. Provided that shield which is so critical with Chilwell and James advanced. Not just that but he built up the play superbly. He just keeps proving people wrong and doing it with a smile on his face. Great player and we're lucky to have him at Chelsea.
  23. He's already a very good player and is still young. Probably more advanced than Lampard was when he first joined us, key is whether he can really take the next step to being elite like Frank did.
  24. Ah how about the stack of goals that carried us into the top four after lockdown last season? I'm not saying he should start, I just think it is bizarre that he barely gets on the pitch at all. Same thing this time last year and then Tammy fell off a cliff and he picked up the slack. He is certainly slower than Tammy which doesn't help with the press, but we're wasting him in my view.
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