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  1. Maybe he is the answer we need. Save our Rice Money, give Lampard Baka back...;)
  2. Hey Coco you f*ck*d up the date and start time again Jeez... 😉
  3. We need to change something, him with the freedom of a 10 is key imo. Many of us praise Mount for his pressing and work ethic, I can see him doing excellent when asked to sit deep and pick long passes and take on the odd long shot.
  4. No need to bring James back for this one, I would also be tempted to use this game to allow some players a break. Mendy Azpi Tomori Silva Emerson Jorginho Kovacic Ziyech Havertz CHO Werner Not likely i know however here is why. Think Chilwell and James could do with the extend breather. We should see a lot of the ball, so Silva especially and Tomori to a degree are good on the ball and Tomori has speed to cover back. Kovacic job is to harass them on the ball, get it back
  5. He scored, so let him start up to vs Fulham with Havertz behind him.
  6. Performing should be rewarded. He did today, he should start on Friday. If dumped for Pulisic, as talented as he is, it sends the wrong message.
  7. Got the make the most of your key personnel and making Havertz key as a number 10 is crucial imo. Mount needs to adapt to a deeper, more defensive role which will allow him more time and space when on the ball to take on longer passes and shouts which he is capable of and given us a good presser of the ball when we dont have it. The right partner for him would make all the difference. Maybe that is where Rice would come in.
  8. Like a few on here am disappointed that 4 of the 5 youth players that were training with the first team are not even on the bench. Looks as strong a team, if not stronger, as we picked for Spurs in the league cup. Make of that what you will. A few on here wanted a strong line up, you got it.
  9. Was expecting that. He is the obvious name to be linked. Why not get him ahead of Lamps last season though?
  10. Have to disagree there is right at his shin and is millimeters away from a bad injury.
  11. That would be a shame, they certainly would not want that to happen. Imagine if that happened to them against a london rival in 2 separate finals with the same bent ref.
  12. So the Arsenal kid that VAR saved from a red card sends them through in the cup. Lucky man thar Arteta. If only Frank could get some of that luck, or better yet, some of Oles
  13. Both of them are significantly better on the ball than Zouma imo.
  14. I have read that Livramento and Lawrence can comfortably play either side fullback and midfield. So one at RB and the other at LB alongside Rudiger and Tomori sounds a good idea to me. Sounds like Bate, Anjorin and Bell could be featuring too.
  15. Now I am not one to deny that I have said some dumb things over the years, some of them on here. However asking that question is not one of them. Have you, in your entire time as football fan, never heard another football fan of any team ever say anything like "I hope we lose this weekend so we can get rid of that useless w*nk*r"? Or "I hope he keeps picking players x and a, his favorites, cause their sh*t and they will get him out the door faster and we can get a proper manager in"? If not, then count yourself lucky because I have heard it from fans of various teams, including ours,
  16. Bit harsh that Brutos. I would keep him as number 2 for sure if we can get a top level goalkeeper.
  17. 100 % this. Sadly his body let him down. He could have been a really special player.
  18. Almost sounds like you would be happy to see him fail to prove a point to those who still believe in and support Lampard.
  19. Their bias is not hid. They are United fans and former team mates of Ole. They will back him and support him as Frank's ex team mates would do too. Whereas the United fanbase was likely split like our own is currently.
  20. Our current personnel - many of whom are not good enough if you want us to be a title challenging team imo. Only our main fullbacks look like title winners to me
  21. Yeah sadly I think that last injury really did a number on him. A real shame as he was looking such a threat from midfield with his ability to drive forward with the ball and physical presence. We lost most likely our best academy player since JT because of injuries.
  22. City appear to have fixed their defence that cost them last season. Though Liverpools exceptional form would have had them beat to the title anyway. Cancelo and Diaz have been huge for them.
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